The Forgotten

Notes from the author: Hey guys this is my first creepypasta that I’m publishing so forgive me if it’s not too good. Would also appreciate some constructive criticism 


Ever get that feeling that something is about to touch you? Like if you hover a pencil right between your eyebrows and you get that tingling sensation? I know the feeling. I feel it everywhere now. I can’t shake it. Even as I write this, I feel as if It is about to touch me with its gruesome hands, that It is going to do to me what it did to the others. We shouldn’t have gone there. Heed my warning, don’t follow this path. Leave it alone and maybe just maybe, you will be spared like I was.

“Cmon Jerry just because the locals say it’s haunted doesn’t mean –”

“Yeah Yeah I know Carl it’s just– it’s just I can’t shake the feeling that there’s something wrong with this place.” Said Jerry still very unnerved about the forest.

“Put a sock in it all three of you. You’re scaring all the game away with your damn talking.”

These three cheery fellas were my best friends and most reliable hunting partners I could’ve asked for. They were smart, crafty, and the perfect blend of courageous and cocky. We were hunting in supposedly “haunted” forest in Britain because it’s said the best hunting game reside in that forest. We walked for what seemed like hours on a long forgotten trail making our mile long hike seem like a 5K marathon. When we reached our destination, the dusk casted an ominous presence upon the forest, and specifically, a formation of rocks in a nearby clearing.

“Hey guys does that look like anything to you?” I asked slightly out of fear and more so out of curiosity.

“We’re here to hunt not to admire the scenery.” Cameron told me harshly, but in a joking fashion.

We all set up our hunting equipment but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something out there. It was also odd how we haven’t heard or seen anything animal related save for the occasional bird call. We popped our tents up and set up some hunting equipment just in case there were animals out there and they only came at night.

We made small talk and a fire to keep ourselves warm from this odd cold in the forest. It was the middle of September so it really shouldn’t have been cold at all. We laughed, told some old stories and had a generally good time.

Until we heard a rustle of leaves out in the forest.

“Hello?” I called in my confusion. Everyone else stopped and listened for anything that may indicate what was out there. All we could hear was the faint crackle of the fire and all we could see were our frightened faces as we waited. We grabbed our guns not to use, but as reassurance. Nothing happened in what seemed like hours so we eventually let it go spooked, but nonetheless more easy. We all said our good night’s and crawled in our tents for a nights sleep hoping for better luck tommorow.

When we awoke the forest had a colder feel to it than the previous night. We murmured in hushed voices due to the intensity of the cold going straight to our bones. We scoured the forest floor for any tracks or signs of an animal in this damn forest. Defeated, we checked the cameras for any deer overnight. What we saw instead brought imminent fear straight to all of us. The cameras played the normal forest up until 3 am in the morning. All of us were asleep and as of the forest, no activity was seen that is until the camera showed the campsite. In front of our tents stood a man, he looked normal save for the orientation of his skin. It looked like it was stretched on, almost like a mask of some sort,except it was for his whole body. He wore plaid clothing and jeans with holes in them. He had black hair. He stood watching our tents not moving a muscle until the sun came up. He more dragged his feet through the leaves and brush to the point where he disappeared from view. We switched to a different camera on the opposite side and there he was. Inches away and staring straight into the camera, and more so staring straight into our souls. It was almost like he was standing there, in real life and right behind us. His peircing eyes were a deep crimson color, no iris, no pupil, just straight crimson. Instinctively we all looked, guns at the ready, only to find nothing but our dissatisfied faces. We looked back at the camera and the man was gone. We were speechless and we debated heavily on whether we should just leave or not. We decided to pack up in the morning because it would be dangerous to travel in the dark in unfamiliar paths. We slept in pairs leaving our guns off safety and ready to grab in our tents. The night went smoothly, that is, until morning came.

We awoke and pack up quickly and with haste. We didn’t take any of the cameras for we feared what was on them. As we were packing up our tents we saw markings on them. They were drawn crudely with what looked like a few fingers. They looked like figures of some sort and we’re horribly drawn. Disconnected pieces and parts that shouldn’t be where they were. That’s when we realized, that they were drawn on the inside of the tent. We made them out from the new angle and they looked like….they looked like us. Arms, legs, all twisted and configured in such ways some would deem supernatural and unreal.

We ran fast trying to escape that place, getting an itchy trigger finger on every sound that appeared. Jerry had to pissed so we made a triangle around him our guns at the ready facing outward. Seconds passed of pure silence until we heard a large pop hit the ground. It was Jerry, he was contorted in the same way the picture shown. His arms were ripped off and placed where his feet were supposed to be and his feet were where his head was, and his head… it was up with It in a fork of a tree being crunched and mutilated as it smiled with its razor sharp teeth.

We all ran away in shock, and it followed us at a leisurely and steady pace. We occasionally took shots at it as it would grimace when it took one, but just as soon it the hole formed, it closed showing a tar like substance in place of blood. Each time we tripped, we would pick each other up as quick as lightning and continue our agonizing trek to safety. Carl, who was lagging behind due to exhaustion, slipped on a moist rock out of nowhere. The creature took its chance and grabbed him by the foot as he screamed for us to help him. We continued shooting with our rifles which seemingly had no effect on it. In a matter of seconds, the creature made quick work of Carl and left him mangled next to a tree. We puked, a mix from exhaustion, and from the arterial squirts shooting from several places in Carl’s body.

We were close I could feel it, we ran and dropped our guns for they had no use against this thing. We saw the end of the forest and the start of pavement appear as we neared safety away from this thing. I fell on a rock and couldn’t get up due to my exhaustion, I screamed for help from Cameron, and he came, but he couldn’t lift me up. It grabbed my foot, effectively crushing my ankle with its powerful grip. I yelled and grabbed on to the gravel on the trail until I grabbed a tree and wrapped around it. I kicked with my free foot trying my best to get free but to no avail. Cameron came rushing in and hit the thing in the head with a heavy branch he found, effectively freeing me.”C’mon get up and lets leave.” With newfound strength I managed to limp back up and get to the edge if the forest. I looked back once I heard a large snap, hoping that it was Cameron stepping on a branch, only to see that Cameron’s lifeless body now hung in two pieces far away. I made it out and onto the pavement and got far way from the forest only to look back at it and and see that thing standing there. Holding up my mutilated friends with unseen hands in the air as trophies.

I ran and nobody believed me save a select few. I never recovered and most days I want to lay down and cry myself to stay awake to stop the nightmares, but I fall asleep anyways. I looked up that man and much to my dismay, he went in that forest and when they recovered his body, it was practically in the same gruesome way, much the same as my friends.

  • Dylanjack

    This was great Tap!

  • D

    Amazing!! I loved every second of my adrenaline rush and the creepypasta. If you told me this, I’d believe you!! If you want inspiration, go to YouTube and search up CreepsMcPasta. He posts the best creepypastas. The first one you should listen to is “11 Miles”.

  • Hi_there

    Pretty good expect it was a little predictable

    • Tap62

      I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the feedback

      • Hi_there

        Your welcome

  • Tap62

    Thanks guys for the feedback! It means a lot to me 😙

  • zac

    It had a good concept. The kills were original and I like how it didn’t drag out like most creepy pastas do. But I never felt starched to the characters. The only character you really gave a much dialog to was the heroic friend at the end. And it came across that you were actually mocking him for sacrificing himself. But I liked it. You just need more practice as a lot of the phrases and descriptions have been a bit over used. Keep it up! You have potential.

    • Tap62

      Yeah I kind of felt like that to but thanks for the comment. It will help me when I write some more stories!

  • MegaCatDragon

    I really enjoy this!!! Good story Tap.

    • Tap62

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Ray Ramirez

    This was really good I liked it