Attacked by The Faceless Man


Washington State

We are heading towards a location close by the events that happened to me in 2009.

It’s a goldmine owned by one of my fathers friends.

It’s abandoned and can be restored but costs too much. There’s a nice trailer house big enough for me 16 my dad 41 my neighbor 44 his step son 16 whom of which is my best friend. His son, me, and my best friend loved going here for the quading there’s so much land and forests and more mine shacks just begging me to discover them. No bears but some cougars, we know of the abandoned gold mine village located deeper into the woods farther away from the main road. This place is almost as if to be kept out of plain site and it was snowing at this time, it’s Turkey season. I ask for a knife for protection before entering the abandoned village, I was handed a decent size fold knife from the gold mines owner that he has had in his possession his whole life. So I kept it safeguarded in my twisted pocket.

We’re walking from the trailer house to the village and halfway there the knife is missing from my pocket and I realize this only 2 minutes later. I tell my friend and man. My friend has saved my a*s so many times and he magically found it deep in the snow along our footprints. I almost began to cry until found it. The gold mine owner is dead now and I didn’t want him following me too. We arrive at the village and we inspect the little houses first then the warehouse, and finally the big one. This house resembled that somebody wanted to live there, its 3 stories tall has an attic and had beds. I’ve never watched a single ghost documentation before this or how things can manifest themselves or voices or hallucinations or the cold wind or anything.

My dad always said to convince myself it’s not real and to not acknowledge existence. So I knew that at least which is pretty much the biggest thing. Sometimes… I opened the attic, and we never asked if anybody died there but were pretty sure people in the mine did. Some of these shafts and show signs of forcible closure and stuffing of the caves. We still found 1 earlier though but we didn’t want to descend on expired rope. As our search is nearing an end nothing seems to be found except the common creepy newspapers that are very old. I am at the last place. The attic of the creepiest place abandoned I know. But I am young and oblivious. I slowly walk up to the attic with my friend behind me I look in with my flashlight and I just saw a dark black wet circle in the middle of the wall at the other end of the attic and I jump down. Nothing happened but.. I did stare into that circle.

That night we drink very very heavily. I get this idea of going back to the village a little later in the night but my friend then nah lets we have only ever punched each other in the face as hard as we could once before this and I knew he was stronger already. I agree and we are outside and there’s another element I can use to help me. There’s many ice puddles in this area I tell him this has to be the octagon. So we begin. Drunk as hell, slipping on the ice would be my only advantage. So I think it’s a friendly boxing match when he gets the first hit on my stomach, this sucked because I felt like I slipped into it… it knocks me down and my friend freaks out and asserted himself I’m probably just weak. But he did feel remorse and he fights with all his friends when he’s drunk so he can prepare himself for the bar I bet.

Me and my friend go out hunting the next day and he promises me the first kill. He’s never lied to me and that’s a pretty nice thing to do because I know he didn’t get anything last year. We walk past the village where I hear whispers of girls ranging from 7 years old to probably 18 that I can’t make any words out except for 1 being help. My buddy is having a bad hangover and having trouble being stealthy. My buddy is gonna need to take a break soon. We walk a mile into the woods at this random area we never quaded to since it would disturb any wildlife if we did so.

We sit at this nice hollowed out tree that’s perfect for keeping posture while sitting and my buddy passed out between 2 logs. My eyes start to glow more than normal like I’m seeing an effect from watery eyes or too much light. I hear my name in the distance but it’s a little girl saying it and its stretched out and it flows throughout the whole forest. I only know of something I’d heard on TV. That has the ability to shapeshift and can talk to you and sound like a person you know even yourself. I kept my watch put for any small critters. My buddy’s fast asleep is snoring and this is when I accept I don’t even care about hunting right now. Something from the underworld is playing with fire.

I grab the binoculars and start to view into the deep forest which everything I looked at through the binoculars forced to manifest itself instantly. I hear whispers again. It sounds more cheerful this time like justice will be prevailed. I had my phone on me and took video since the pictures were so bad in 2009. And I’m seeing the same thing I did through the binoculars on my phone. When the objects manifested themselves they appeared to be  similar looking women resembling pretty similar face structure and clothing of sailor moon falling from cloudy yet sunny sky without eyes and open mouths. Some were stationary on the ground as well. looked all around me and I found what had manifested itself into the grim reaper except… it wasn’t. He didn’t have a skeleton but instead a blank face. He looks like a statue. He’s 20 feet away.

He was a tree but a dry dead piece of wood that looked like one of those wood carving sculptures that are like 3 feet tall. I grab my shotgun and I aim it at the head of this, terrible being then I declared my bullets won’t hurt you. Then I decide to burn the log and the surrounding roots. Every single piece. I do all this right next to my friend and the log burned very quickly. I then proceed to grab fistfuls of dirt, brush, sticks and rocks and bury the ashes. Even grabbed bigger rocks to hold it down like a square. I looked through the binoculars and I had found the Angel’s mouths closed almost resembling a smile, but with no eyes. I told my friend about everything and he said I probably could have just moved him. We finish hunting. Getting nothing, not  a single trace. With the same phone as I’m home I’m taking random pictures and altering them. Mirroring them and I always have a fresh name to give the alien like figures and symbols. I came across the alteration of that of the faceless man. Or just a faceless face. Had the same exact shape and it was just a head. I named him the collector of souls on the spot. I don’t ever tell anybody about this and my mind would soon block it or im hesitant to tell anybody. The contacts of all these pictures and videos of Angel’s were taken with this old 2009 phone when somebody broke into my car last month taken all my loose change and the phone I still hung onto for some dumb reason… I’m only remembering these experiences since 2 days ago. Was I suppose to destroy the phone? That would have probably helped my quietness I obtained almost immediately following these events…

I just now did my research on fallen Angel’s and damn I guess I had to encounter so many. I don’t know if they tricked me.

Or did the sailor moon squad take out Slenderman.

Sailor moon was the first animation show I watched and I’d seen the whole thing at a young age and this whole day I had the feeling of when in one of the movies there was a big ship luring sleeping children to sleep walk into the ship and to be taken to another dimension. This is how I based my decision. immediately had the feeling this Slenderman got caught taking children somewhere in the world and it was animating the whole scene in front of me. Why me? Why should I have been given this impossible decision with very very lack of knowledge… I grew up wanting to be a police officer so I could prevent every disaster I could ever possibly prevent even to the extent and I decided to join the army instead and I’m back from Iraq even too, I joined the infantry while back and I’m slowly attaining the best skills I can to be the most effective rescue officer I can be. I focused the most on night time land navigation, and ambushes.

I don’t even think people knew of Slenderman in 2009.

I’ve had very many encounter with the faceless man. I would scream and cuss at him but he was always swimming above my ceiling creeping in with his head getting worse every night. Giving me lucid dreams of me fighting him with a bayonet. He followed me to the first day of senior high school after I hadn’t slept for 4 or 5 days. Being careful remembering to drink water, stretch, and to be active throughout the day to hopefully grow tired and fall asleep at any point of the day but I never once grew tired I rested my eyes many many times throughout the days but this man went leave me alone. At school the first 10 minutes. I’m heading to the little building outside and I was viciously pushed into the fence and my head hit the rail and I blacked out hitting my face on the ground once again. My brain had most likely shut down. The security guard took me to the office and there I’d be suspended for being drunk where it wasn’t until later that year somebody confessed to me they saw what happened. I’d portrayed what looked like a fast vehicle had hit me and sent my body flying 10 feet into the fence.

I’d later go to the hospital and I’m sent to a psych ward. The drugs I had to take solved the problem temporarily. I had schizophrenia and I’d feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I couldn’t be in public because I felt everyone holding a gun at me.

I’d been living in the separate 2 story garage in the backyard for 2 years now but after the hospital he told me he didn’t feel right about the garage and that I’d be moved back in immediately.

I liked living there because it gave me freedom.