Oz Ch.4 The Good Witch

Dorothy’s thoughts swirl in a daze, a light pain massages the back of her head. In the midst of trying to regain her composure, distraught voices could be heard somewhere close.

“Bring her to me!” the voice sweet but stern.

Dorothy feels her skin clenched under sharp nails, suddenly her body is pulled across the rickety boards. Managing to pull one leg free she kicks someone before dragging away finally getting a glance at her captors. They almost looked human, but at the same time they had troll like features. Pointed ears and yellow eyes, snarled mouths exposing meth mouths, all short with different skin colors.

Standing in the center was a woman with dirty blonde hair, a glowing white crown adorned her head, a bright pink dress reached past her feet resting upon the yellow road. She had a unique beauty to her, almost an alluring trance when she smiled softly, again her lips formed a sentence “Bring her to me.”

Dorothy turns to make her way to her feet and trips over something sticking out, hitting her knees across the bricks she winces and looks back under her legs. Two deformed legs were visible from beneath the house, mangled exposing a knee cap on one leg, the other leg separated at the thigh. Two sparkling red shoes were the most unusual visual about this mess.

The troll like figures grab her forcing her up, pushing back she’s dragged to the woman. A sweet smell of vanilla tingles her nose. The woman looks down at Dorothy and narrows her eyes “And who are you? Another witch?”

“What a witch? No please I don’t know where I am, what is this place? Who are you?”

“Where you are shouldn’t be your main concern, you just killed my sister, the witch of the East. Granted she was a b***h, but family nonetheless. So a better question is, what do we do with you?”

Dorothy tears up as she begs “Please don’t hurt me I didn’t mean to! I swear it! I’ll do anything you ask!”

The trolls begin to clamor and yell “Skin her skin her!”

The witch raises a hand, suddenly the land is quiet and calm again. “You said you’ll do anything, is that so?” she asks, “Let her go, I think we can work out an agreement.”

The creatures relinquish their grasp as Dorothy pulls her arms in, slightly rubbing her hands against the sore red marks the claws left indentions in. “Come with me” the woman says while turning her back. Dorothy follows without speaking, too afraid of what could happen if she did.

She follows the woman up over a hill, a yellow brick road paved the way to the top reaching down into the valley disappearing between a thicket of trees. The air around was thick and difficult to breath in as they walked. Dorothy felt her lungs squeeze with a slight panic attack coming on, she fought to ignore and continued on walking past the dead grass and withered plants displayed on the sides of the road.

“Before we continue let me introduce myself, my name is Glinda, sometimes referred to as Glinda the good witch. These creatures you see around are the munchkins. Forgive me for scaring you earlier, but you did kill my sister after all. To answer your earlier question you’re in Oz my dear, a wonderful land of magic and danger. Where are you from?”

Dorothy stares ahead while walking, her stomach in knots she replies “I’m from Kansas, and I’m sorry about your sister. You said you’re a witch?”

“Yes I did, and she was an evil being. Which brings us to our present situation again, I spared your life. If my munchkins had their way, you would of been skinned alive and slow roasted with lemon juice. In case you’re confused, the witch you killed has been destroying this land, along with her sister.”

The thought of being cooked alive was enough to keep Dorothy quiet, she simply nodded her head to let Glinda know she had her full attention.

“I came to try to work out an agreement, which wasn’t going very well on my end. Before we could finish, our conversation was cut short when your house fell on her. The munchkins are simple minded, they follow whoever is in power. When you killed my sister, they automatically turned to me answering my commands. Which gave me an idea, instead of letting them have you for dinner I’m gonna let you do a deed for me.”

“What will you have me do?”

Coming to a stop at the top of a hill, Glinda and Dorothy look upon the twisted world that lay before them.

Glinda looks over towards Dorothy “You’re going to kill my other sister for me.”

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    Brilliant, as always.

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