A Little Girl To A Monster…


Hey before we get to the story i’m Izzy! Well…..i once was known as Isabella…..anyways i’m 14 but behind this one blue eye you see….there is more behind it from this girl’s story to what seems. Hope you like the story and for comments i might be known as Elizabeth The Killer. Now on to the story!




I was walking down the hall with my “docter” next to me. She said she was taking me to a special room. I smiled up at her wondering what would be in the room. I was in my little girly dress that was a hot pink color with the name “Izzy” stitched into it with black thread. I was holding my teddy that had its ear sewed on. I walked to big double doors and above it was a sign that said “Lab”. I shrugged as the doors were opened and i walked inside. My doctor helped me onto a hospital bed where she tied me down. I thought we were playing a game. From what i can see through the window was my sister Elizabeth, I tried waving but it didn’t work well. Eliza understood i was trying to wave and she waved back with a sad little smile but I thought nothing of it. The doctors started filling needles up with weird glowing things. I started getting worried and struggled trying to break free. I was held down and as they injected the needle into my arm I let out a horrifying scream. I felt pain rushing through me. I kept screaming out in pain as they injected more chemicals into me. I kicked and struggled and started panicking. My sister was just watching through the window not doing anything about it. I started feeling funny as the pain got worse. The doctors kept putting more needles in me. I couldn’t stay calm, I broke free and my mind went blank. Standing up i clawed at all the doctors,killing them one by one. I teared their necks open eating their body..I looked into a mirror what i say made me grin in an insane way. I had demon wings,claws that were sharp to rip skin open like a knife. I had razor-sharp metal teeth,they were stained by the blood..I moved away some of my hair in front of one of my eyes and saw an empty black socket and I watched as acid started pouring out of it. I sat in the middle of the room playing with my now dead toys before exiting the room when I was bored. I walked out of the doors with my teddy and started heading into the woods. I saw a tall black slender figure and he told to walk to him. I obeyed and went to the strange man as he held out his hand. I hesitated before taking it and I started hearing a deep voice in my head saying “Greetings little one…..I think i know a perfect home for you with me…..I won’t hurt you….just come with me”. I looked up at the man. He had no face and i gave him a grin as he picked me up and we vanished into the woods to my new home.