A Killer from a Snuff Film is After Me

Oh God, where do I even begin with this?

I have always been a horror movie fan for as long as I can remember. I was mostly into slasher flicks because of their unique killers in them like Chucky, Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, Freddy Krueger, etc. Even the cheesy ones I liked such as Leprechaun and GingerDead Man. But, what I just watched was far from what these movies were. It lacked all the fun in other slashers. It all began like this…

I was going yard sailing looking for some movies and maybe even some video games when I went to this particular yard sale where someone was selling movies. I saw a DVD that looked like a bootleg with the title “Slasher” written on the cover and disc. The rest of the cover was just white. Since I was curious to see what this was, I asked how much it was. The guy selling it said it was 25 cents and sounded like he just really wanted to just get rid of it. So, I gave him a quarter and went home with the DVD. I really wanted to see what this was so the first thing I did when I got home was pop the disc in my DVD player.

The DVD just went straight to the menu screen with a bloody axe and a play button. No special features or even chapter select were on the menu. What was even weirder was that there was no title anywhere on the menu. I hit play and the movie just started, no opening credits at all! The first thing I saw was the same bloody axe that was on the menu being picked up. Now let me tell you that the video quality of this “movie” was really terrible. I felt like I was watching a YouTube video instead of a full-feature length film. The thing was that the KILLER was holding the camera and a weapon at the same time so the camera was almost always wobbly. There was no plot whatsoever, you just see a guy carrying a weapon killing people while also recording it, that’s it. No rhyme or reason at all. It was getting ready for the first kill which was a lady that looked about to be in her late 20s. I saw the guy raise the axe and strike it down on the lady’s face. They must have hired really good actors though, because that lady knew how to scream unlike those really lame screams in other horror movies. I was starting to get bored with this film. Now the second kill was coming which was a young male teenager. The guy swung his axe and chopped his head clean off. Now I started to notice that there was no editing in this and, the blood… It did not look like fake blood, but looked really realistic. Now I was getting scared and I didn’t want to watch more of it, but I had to see what was coming next. I was then sure that I was watching a SNUFF FILM! The guy who made this is really crazy and needs to seek help!

The movie went on for 30 minutes longer and I was getting sick to my stomach. I couldn’t believe what I was watching and I didn’t want to see anymore of this. It was near the end and I noticed the guy was now walking to a familiar looking house. The address was so similar to mine. In fact, IT WAS MY HOUSE AND ADDRESS! The “film” then ended there. That was it, the guy just walked to the door and stopped recording after saying “This will be my next stop real shortly.” Plus, there were no end credits.

I had to get rid of that DVD so I threw it in my trash and would burn it the next morning. I couldn’t sleep at all that night because I couldn’t believe what I saw and I was feeling paranoid. Why did this guy just end the movie right at my house and also why did he say that? Then I had an idea why. I was probably his next victim! Then I started hearing noises outside my front door. Like someone was trying to break it down. However, I thought it was only my imagination since I was so paranoid. The noise then stopped.

I heard footsteps around the house, like someone was looking for something, or someone. It got closer to the stairs and I now was starting to face facts. SOMEONE WAS IN MY HOUSE! I called the police and they sent someone out. They told me to stay on the line, so I did. Footsteps were right outside my bedroom door by then, and the doorknob turned…

The door opened and I threw the phone at the intruder real hard, who then yelled in pain and fell to the floor. As he fell, I took this time to run outside the room. When I ran out I noticed two things in this guy’s hands, an axe in one and a camera in the other!

The guy got up with a deep moan. He then started chasing me and tried to run, but was too slow to catch me because of the items in his hands. I ran downstairs to the bathroom to wait for the cops. I locked the door and hid in the tub behind the curtains. Now loud footsteps were moving all over the place. In the living room, dining room, and then the kitchen. Finally they stopped outside the bathroom door. The doorknob tried to turn but then couldn’t because of it being locked. Then there was banging on the door, then chopping sounds until the door finally broke open.

There was nothing but silence and a few footsteps coming towards me. “I know you’re behind the curtains,” the guy yelled out. I thought it was over, that I was going to die. He threw the curtains open and starting raising his axe about to kill me. But, then there was a miracle, police car sirens. I heard them right out my front door. “Oh crap,” the guy mumbled to himself as he lowered his axe. The police came in and caught him. They arrested him and now he is where he belongs in a mental institution. As they brought him out to the police car, he shot me one the scariest looks I have ever seen in my life, that’s when I finally noticed that it was the guy that sold me the DVD!

Now I am relaxed, but still paranoid a little. The morning after this all have happened I burnt the DVD to nothing but ashes. I am just glad it is all over and hope it will never happen again to me or to anyone else. All I could think is, why would somebody do this? Now I know that there could be a lot of sick people out there.

  • Ayemdee Music

    Well that was pretty entertaining.

  • nia m

    why didnt he give the police the dvd

    • Horrormoviefanlgdm

      Because in my stories people are dumbasses and make wrong decisions.

  • Kony√©

    Great story, bad ending. But the story kept me there and that’s all I needed for the o****m…just kidding. But the story was good