Windy from Hell – Part 4

It’s been a week since my aunt killed herself. And I don’t know why she was never the one to be suicidal she was never the type to commit a most sinful deeds

She had to have a reason to do what she did. And I think I found why. I was going through her things after the funeral to find a clue. To find what drove her to do this and I did. I had found a file full of papers and on the files were marked windy. So I decided to thumb through them to see what my aunt was researching

And what I found was astonishing. They were reports and photos. Of multiple accidents and missing persons. What was my aunt researching before she died what was she looking for. And that’s when something caught my eye photographs of words scrawled on walls in a black gooey substance. That said come play with me.

Whatever my aunt found she must have got in too deep. And possibly found something that she wasn’t supposed to find. What could it be I wonder.

After I packed up a few things of hers I went home. Where my loving family was waiting for me to return. When I was going through the next red light almost to my home. Something compelled me to stop so I did. Almost as a little girl’s voice was telling me to pull over and to get out of my car.

So I did then the voice was telling me to walk straight into the woods by the side of the road. So I headed out towards the woods and started walking deeper and deeper. Until I found myself standing at the edge of an old abandoned house

It wasn’t a house it appear to be nebandan restaurant. And I was thinking to myself who in the hell wood built a restaurant way out in the woods. I was wondering to myself why. Why did voice leave me here and that’s when I heard it again. Telling me to go inside.

So I did almost as I did not have a choice as I got inside. It was as I expected it to be abandoned torn down as no one has ever been in this place in ages. So since I was there I might as well look around as I was looking around. Noticed some newspaper clippings on one of the tables.

One of the clippings was about a young man. Named Christopher who supposedly ran away from home. But nobody of his was found. And another clipping caught my eye it was a news report about a gas leak and one of Windy’s restaurant. Which they called it gas leak incident.

Many people had died that day but quite a few had lived as well. They interview the young man who survived the incident and all he could say was. She is real she will find you. And that’s all they got out of the young boy. So I put clippings back down on the table and continued my search. Around this place no telling what I would find.

And that’s when I found myself in the kitchen or what used to be the kitchen and that’s when I heard. A little girl giggling. I nearly jumped out of my skin at that point and shout it out who is there I know someone is in here with me. There was no answer so I chalked it up to paranoia and continued my search for whatever the hell it was I was looking for.

Looking around finding nothing. That’s when I heard the giggling again followed by voice. Have you come to play with me.

I turned around. And came face-to-face with a little girl. In a blue dress with stuff hands that were red and white stripe. And her hair was crimson red all tied up in pigtails. And freckles that covered her whole face. Almost as they were dots of blood. I looked at her and respond with a hello there. And she giggled and said hi. I asked what is your name little girl. She gives me a sinister-looking smile and responded with. My name is Windy do you want to play with me mister.

After I heard her say this my whole body cringed with fear. This can’t be the same person my aunt had researched about it just couldn’t be. It just can’t. And that’s when the little girl spoke again. But this time in a perverted tone. Do you want to play with me or not. I slowly backed away.

And told her not to come near me. But she kept getting closer. And this angered her as I turn around and started to run. Towards the door and get the hell out of Dodge. And that’s when I heard the voice again but more demonic this time. You will play with me or you will be punished just like the rest where

I was like f**k this. And head towards my car as I got into my car stomp down on the gas pedal and spun out of there.

And that’s when I realize my aunt did not kill herself on purpose she killed herself to get away from this thing. She got too close to finding the truth and it found her.

So now I’m at home writing this down. Hoping to get some f*****g answers to what this thing is. So I sent my family away for the night so I can make sure that everything is safe. I’ll have to get off of here now. But I will keep you updated that is if that monster hasn’t found me yet.

So, so long for now. And always watch your back because you don’t know what is lurking behind you.

  • Brandon Barrett

    There is a magical thing called proofreading. I mean seriously dude, do you even check for mistakes? There are way too many grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.

    • hillbilly creeper

      don’t you have better things to do than criticize people

      • Brandon Barrett

        Honestly, if you’d notice your errors and correct them before putting your stories on the internet I’d actually leave a positive remark, but I was leaving constructive criticism so you can learn from the previous mistakes in this series so when you right your next story it actually makes sense.

        • hillbilly creeper

          Didn’t occur to you that I might have dyslexia because of my spelling errors and all of that

          • Brandon Barrett

            Did it occur to you that this is the internet and that people are going to be critical over what you write? Did it also occur to you that there are plenty of sites or apps that would correct your mistakes for free? Honestly, I could careless if you have dyslexia, you won’t get my pity.

          • hillbilly creeper

            Yeah but I like to write in my own style and in my own unique way if I write just like everyone else I would just be a robot