The “Shadow” Rarebreed

Subjects known name(s): Shadow, Quinn, Darkness.

Age: 27
Gender: Female
Gen: Zero
Special Type(?): Fury
Number:  006
Date Discovered: Mid 2018

Tier 7 Dissolve
Tier 3 Hivemind
Tier 4 Seep
Tier 4 Sleeping Pollen
Tier 6 Favour of the Universe
Tier 1-2 Subset abilities.

Physical Characteristics:
In most cases, Shadow can only be seen as what can only be described as just that, a shadow on the wall. However while in normal form she resembles an average teenager. Long red hair, red eyes, slim build, above average height (unmeasured) nearing that of The King. Other features are unknown and/or not open for public disclosure.

Places of Residence:
Found commonly near The King’s “castle”.
Places that are constantly shrouded in darkness near the castle should be avoided.

Danger Level:
(Estimated level of power vs. a King Takedown Elite Operative)


Rarebreeds were common knowledge to any average person who didn’t live under a rock. It was split down the middle of who truly believed in them and who didn’t, despite incidents involving The Father. Among Rares, there are the few original Rarebreeds that are unknown of how they came into existence, known as Zero Type Generations. These Rares are all connected with The Father and are very rarely seen. Well, this Rare is much more active than any other, you might even be right next to her without knowing it right now. Quinn “Shadow” Thomas was given her name for a very good reason. She can alter her own body to dissolve into black unknown particles and blend into shadows or dark areas, making it easy to travel anywhere. It is still unknown as to how much she can do it or if she has any limits on her ability at all. She is the only Rare on record with such am ability, making us believe it is one of her personal Zero-Gen abilities granted from The Father.

As stated, she is very active in comparison to other Rares and Zero-Gen’s. This leads up to believe she is a part of The Father’s own personal team he formed two years ago, called The Father’s Kin. Her most recent activities involve potentially relaying info from traitors and Rares inside the Organization. She has also been accused of murdering fellow Rares. The Father has done this many times before for unknown reason, even though he himself said he desired peace among humans and rarebreeds. Multiple Zero-Gens have been accused of doing this, but she was accused of mass murdering 126 individuals, all Rares, while destroying a small part of a town. The Anti-King squad, formed to take on The Father is needs be, fended her off. It was too late though. Motivates are still being investigated.

Relating to that incident, both Shadow and The Father appeared on national television by hijacking thousands of broadcasts. The Father only talked and said one simple statement before disappearing agin “The killing done was indeed under my orders, but it was to save more lives. Those were not Rarebreeds you’d want living in your world, they were defectives and forsaken’s.” Investigation of this can be found under Level 10 clearance only.

Before The Father approached us, we were led to believe Shadow could also possibly be The Mother/Queen. However, that was false. We do not yet have enough information on The Mother to say much, but he made it clear Shadow was close to him, but not The Mother.

Shadow was also the one to infiltrate a compound holding and testing on Rares. She “liberated” several Rares. We had Rares who were on our side and we’re working with our teams in the compound. They were trustworthy. However, among the fighting, Shadow seemed to stop in the middle of the fight and shout “Obey” as if using The Father’s Hivemind ability. She only got control of a few Rares and seemed to struggle doing so compared to The Father. The Father controlled over 100 at a time without even the remote sign of struggling, while Shadow seemed to struggle holding onto the connections and at one point nearly collapsed holding her head in what looked like pain. She however did manage to bring them with her along with most of the subjects.

There have been other incidences where a unseen figure or unknown presence shrouded in darkness was involved, but compared to The Father she isn’t brutal in any way and hasn’t killed any humans by her own hands. At least on record that is. There was one event that took place underground involving her though.

There are certain Rares known as Special Typed Rarebreeds, ones who can’t only be categorized with a simple generation. Shadow was logged as a “Fury”. A Fury is a Rare who, when angered to a point, will unleash powers equal or greater than what we have seen from The Father. We are unsure of what provoked Shadow to this point, but there were reports of a dangerous rarebreed being detected in one of the union’s. She was going on a rampage in an abandoned city where people well below the poverty line resided. The Anti-King squad was deployed once learning who it was, however, they couldn’t even get close to her. What they reported was astonishing though.

Shadow was indeed on a rampage of blood, carnage, and destruction but seemed to only target Rares. She harmed humans yes, but not a single one was killed.

Shadow was reported to have tendrils coming out of her back, four red long tendrils. They looked as if triple her height in length. Her face was shrouded in black but the rest of her body was uncovered. She was wearing her typical clothes. With her tendrils, she would pierce the center of a body than hang them in the air for a few moments, seemingly dripping the blood down her tendrils and onto her arms than onto her face. A few body’s were mutilated beyond description, but with each one she would take out the heart and brutally slurp back the remains of it. She was cannibalizing other Rares. The Anti-King squad tried their best to put her down, but her tendrils would block and bullets, reflecting them everywhere. Explosives seemed ineffective also. CQC was out of the question already. The only time a Zero-Gen has ever killed a human is once they engaged in CQC with the subject. If Shadow was that powerful and rampant, they would surely die.

The next part is the astonishing part.

During her rampage, killing dozens of Rares and injuring even more humans, a dark cloud formed over the entire area. Calling it dark would be an understatement actually. It was pitch black midnight. It looked as if the entire sky turned black itself. Suddenly, a spiral of cloud came down just feet away from Shadow. As the spiral dissipated, a figure could be seen. After a few seconds, they realized who it was standing there. In full black clothing and a heavy dark trench coat, was none other than The Father himself. Shadow just seemed to look at him, waiting for something. The Father cracked his neck, along with his fingers, than looked toward the Anti-Kong squad and spoke. “For a team devised to take me out, you sure seem to be struggling with handling the ladies. Let a gent show you how it’s done.” After that, Shadow actually tried attacking him. She threw a tendril at him fill force while screeching. He grabbed hold of it with no problem, after it just seemed to fall apart. It looked as if flower petals were falling to the ground. Following that, the three remaining ones did the same. Shadow continued screeching what can only be described as demonic sounds. The Father walked up to her, and all he did was hug her. The darkness on her face went away revealing that of a sobbing Shadow. A dark cloud spiral came down upon them and afterwords, they were gone.

The Father’s voice echoed into the squads heads for a few moments after “Missing anyone?”. Once it stopped, they found that two of their members were out of place. They turned around to find the two members body’s pinned to the wall by black spearheads. Upon closer inspection, each limb was torn off the torso and pinned back on. The faces looked straight out of a horror movie, burned and disfigured. The worst part was, the heads were still connected on the torso. They could hear faint moans and cries of pain coming from the dying breaths of their former comrades.

After this, mountains of investigations started on multiple subjects and topics regarding the events of that day. The Anti-King squad lost its only rarebreed members, and was reformed and planned to make far better and enhanced to match the real power of the rarebreeds deserving the name “King” and “Darkness”.

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  • Mr. Phase

    Current list of Rarebreeds:
    King/Father (to be remastered)
    Shadow (published)
    Leviathan (not published, editing)
    Jester (planned)
    Chaos (planned)
    Executioner (not published, editing)

    Also other creepypasta’s I have planned:
    A Night in Daycare
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  • Netor Ananab

    Wow, Im glad you wrote another Rarebreed story like I asked! This one was a bit boring, but I still enjoyed it. Keep up the good work! 😸

    • Mr. Phase

      Thanks. Hopefully my next one, Leviathan, will be a bit more interesting. I’m either doing that or finishing the ‘remastered’ version of The Father.

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    How …. how do you know my name …. and why can I remember all this so clearly…… what’s happening to me

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      As awesome as it is to be Quinn, you’re not her, sorry mate. Enjoyed the comment though.

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    This was good too, and oh hell A Night In Daycare caught my attention that sounds really interesting (as do the others but that one sounds really creepy).

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