The Shapeshifter

Have you ever had the feeling… of someone watching you when nobody is home.

How about feeling like if you look in the mirror and see your reflection, it isn’t the same face you’re making.

What about going downstairs in the dark and as you run back up. You feel like someone is behind you, like a shadow… but nobody is there.

Feeling like someone will pull you back down… or the feeling of falling into the dark. Not able to get back up. Scary isn’t it?

Let me tell you about me. My name is Marcus, age 14. Blue eyes and medium length black hair. I love games and music.  Kind of Simple really, lets keep this short. As you’re probably guessing, I am to tell you… about the Shapeshifter. Lets jump right in.

It all started on a Wednesday afternoon. it was quite cloudy that day. I had just walked outside, enjoying the nature around me.

My parents weren’t home, they were both on a trip for one week in London. They leave me a lot, but they trust me enough to be by myself. I don’t have any siblings, but its fine really enjoying the comforts of being alone. Not worrying about school, it was the first week of summer break.

Going back on topic, I took a short walk as my headphones were playing my favorite playlist making me feel cheerful.

As I started walking back home, I had seen a little fox walk close to me, “Aw, what a cute fox!” I said smiling.

Oh how wrong I was.

Right after, its face turned into something horrid. I freaked out as its face was so aggressive… Horrible.

The little fox eyes were completely filled black with a small pupil, its teeth slowly grew larger each second as blood dripped out of its mouth. Growling deeply with a dark aura. I was immensely petrified.

As I was sure it was ready to pounce on me, I swiftly ran back into the house and shut the door. I heard one last growl before it turned evanescent and the fox left.

Phew… I thought to myself. Why did that fox look like that? Am I insane? I’m just gonna stop worrying.

It was now night-time, and I heard the TV on in the basement. What the heck? I never turned it on, I haven’t even went down there!

Scared, I gulped and slowly went down the stairs hearing a creak from each step. As I turned off the TV, it was completely dark. It just felt like someone was watching me, it made me tremble at the thought of this.

I finally ran upstairs having the extreme feeling that someone was chasing me, or just a shadow following behind me.

I ran upstairs in my room panting heavily.

“T-this is just a bad day… I’m just gonna get some rest,” I whispered to myself before heading to bed.

I had a strange dream. It was me laying in bed awake in the dark. I then heard my name very faintly.


It was definitely a male voice saying this. I trembled as I faintly saw a thin black shadow in front of me. Humanoid like, it stood there extremely thin. I saw its large claws dripping some type of black goo. I was terrified of this creature.

Then I woke up from the horrible nightmare.

It was still night-time, and I realized that the nightmare was no more than 3 minutes. But it felt eternal.

“What is going on with me…” I thought to myself. I then realized that I was in the exact same position as the dream, laying down in bed with covers. Looking forward I heard my name


Just like the dream. I was scared to death.

I knew what I was about to see. Yes, it was him again. The Shapeshifter. But this time instead of appearing, he rose out of the ground causing black goo to leak everywhere on the floor. I can’t even tell you the exact details of how he looked, I couldn’t tell myself because of the darkness around me. I am certain that he is some type of… shadow. I screamed being scared for my life.

This didn’t feel like a dream… It was more real than ever… Horrifying.

Suddenly the creatures thin body started waving in a swift motion, and kind of glitchy. It didn’t move, but just waved.

I didn’t know what to do. Then I had heard a snap. It was from the creature. Its humanoid like head just tilted and looked like it fell on its shoulders. I gasped and still stayed there frightened.

Its neck snapped, seemed to be broken… What the heck?

I then blinked and the creature was gone. I stood up and saw a little ball on the floor. A strange aura was around it. could that have been the Shapeshifter?

Whatever it was, I was brave enough to run out of my room and grab a good-sized box. I quickly ran back to my room and gulped before grabbing the ball and putting it in the box. I shut it and sat on it. Am I alright now? Nope.

The box started to have noises in it. Like dark screeching and someone scratching a door with one claw.

I started to tremble Thinking that I wont be okay. I looked down to see a thin sheet of paper slide out of the opening part of the box. Only thin paper can fit through the small crack In the box… nothing else.

I resisted at first, but I took the paper. It read

“Marcus, nobody in your area can save you. You are too late. Say goodbye.”

-end of note-

I couldn’t believe what I had read.

I had finally gathered enough courage to run downstairs and try to open the door. The Shapeshifter’s shadow was in every mirror. I saw him as I was running. As I opened the door I ran outside thinking I could get away. Oh how I was wrong… again.

My body was flung backwards and I crashed into the mirror, making glass shards fall onto the floor and a bit cut me.

The door shut… locked… by itself.

I heard footsteps on the stairs.

He was the most terrifying creature I have ever seen in my entire life.

Oh… one more thing. I am not alive Anymore. I am dead. If you’re reading this, you are not safe. I hope you wont be Shapeshifter’s next victim. I wasn’t able to make it, I hope you can.

And remember,

Not all stories have happy endings.

  • Rose Morrison

    Good premise, but sadly let down by poor spelling, grammar, punctuation and random tense changes. An edit is badly needed. If fixed, the story would flow much better, and not leave the reader struggling a little to make sense of some sentences. Will be a good story when tidied up.

  • Samson Horne

    No complaints here, great premise and description

  • DaddyRevslittle84

    Very good story, however it needs to be eddited.

  • Konner

    By like 2/3 through it got difficult to read. Besides that. It’s pretty neat

  • Solied Flapjacks

    I’m not a fan of the lack of quotation marks where they should be, along with other grammatical errors. Overall, I enjoyed and understood it well enough to be fairly spooked.