The “Father” Rarebreed

Hi again, MrPhase here. After you read this, I wanted to know if you would like me to continue making “Rarebreed” stories such as this. I wrote this one quite hastily and poorly edited it, which I apologize for, but future ones will contain a better feel to it, and most likely, more grumose details on things Zero-Gens have done. Let me know your opinion in the comments~

As always, enjoy~


When you see “rarebreed” you won’t think of the same thing as myself. So, let me inform you of which I speak of. There are many species on Earth. Humans are one of the most dominant ones, as they like to believe at the very least. Rarebreeds are that of what you could call “evolved” humans. Although, it is impossible for a normal human to become one. It’s not known how they came into existence or even how they are born. But, enough with this rambling.

A rarebreed, we’ll refer to them as Rares from now on, are as what I said, evolved humans. Despite a body of a Rare and a human are mostly the same, Rares vary from 10-100 times the strength of an average human. They show increased intellect and thinking capabilities that go well beyond that of any genius you could name. There are many things that I could compare that a Rare are better or more skilled at, but there are things Rares have that humans can’t hope to obtain. Abilities.

Each Rare has its set of abilities. Rares are split into 7 different generations. 0-6. 1-3 are considered the dominant Rares with capabilities of having five or more abilities, typically up to ten at max. 4-5 usually have five at max, if they’re lucky. 6 can have abilities, all Rares have at least one, but they’re abilities are very weak. Now, the Zero-Gen Rares. Unlike 1-6, 0’s can not be born or created in any manner. A Zero-Gen Rare is the strongest of the bunch. While 1 is considered the dominant, it is only because there are very few 0’s and a 0 will only live in the shadows.

Abilities can range from Quickening, allowing fast gain of knowledge on anything and everything, to Universal abilities. An example is “Favor of the Universe”. This ability causes everything to go in one’s favor no matter the situation, however unless controlled, the ability will turn better to worse. Every ability does this, but imagine the universe itself hating you. 1-6 all share certain abilities and talents, however, 0’s have their own abilities that are unique to each Rare. In this document, I will be talking about one either known as the King or Father Rarebreed. The Father is a Zero-Gen, the first Rare to ever exist, and the reason others exist now.


Subjects known name(s): Father/King
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Gen: Zero
Number: 001
Date Discovered: 01/17/97
Abilities: Doomsday, Hivemind, Controlling Dominance, Evil Eye, Creators Touch, several other unknown.
Physical Characteristics: [classified]

The rest of that gets a bit tedious, so let’s move on.

The King Rarebreed was discovered on 17/01/97 while investigating what seemed to be an evolved human. The King was originally named “Carrier” due to the fact it seemed to be carrying unique blood cells that marked him different from any other human in existence. His blood was a pure midnight black as a result. These cells also increased his healing factor a hundred fold that of any human. Experiments were done on The King for several years before he “Awoke”. The first time he used his abilities seemed to shock everyone but him, leading people to believe he already knew he had such talents. The King was restraint in a heavily guarded room behind 25ft thick walls of the strongest metal known to man. However, those were meaningless to him. He broke through his restraints through sheer straight and than proceeded to slaughter the guards and medical staff on his current floor. Very few people were let go from his grasp. All were women. They described his eyes to be “pulsating with a dark flame that just went over his head” and his body to have a “dark ora a outlining his presence”. He showed no remorse as he slaughtered those who kept him captive either. Each death being more brutal than the next. At one point, he used another guys intestines to hang another guy that he than cut open alive just moments before he died of being hung. He did relatively the same thing to the next person with the previous, just, far too brutal to explain with words.

After escaping the compound keeping him locked up, The King wasn’t heard of till years later. An incident that was caused by someone able to levitate and manipulate “corpse’s” was reported to the Global Control Specialist Team, or GCST for short. Their job is to handle that of which no manner of police or military can handle. Only due to The King were the public told about them.

The GCST tries to recapture The King, but soon after they arrived, he had already killed approximately 100 people in a short few moments. He looked at the GCST when they arrived and simply said “These were defects that would have done the same.” The King never killed a single GCST member, and it was later found out that all personal killed by him were humans that shared characteristics of a Rare. Kind of like Demi-Humans if you will.

Another incident occurred in a central public bank exactly one year later. The King was seen standing in the middle of the bank. Doing just that until an officer made the mistake of being the first one to approach him. The King snapped the officer in half, and somehow turned his body into something resembling a tree, around thirty feet high. The King forcefully closed all doors and escape routes, than proceeded to kill all officers within the building. Given, they did attack first.

After that, he cut open the tree with his own hands. Black liquid poured out like a gushing waterfall. After hitting the ground, it evaporated and turned into a gas form. It spread throughout the entire bank, and seeped into nearby buildings. This all happened within a ten minute time span. Everyone within these buildings was forced to breath in this gas. This changed their bloods cells from red to black, matching that of The King. The special new team put together to stop The King himself arrived moments later. The gas disappeared and the tree seemed to wither away like flower petals.

The entire team devised to put an end to The King was wiped out. The King used what is now known as “Hivemind” to make the quote on quote infected people do his biding. He even shouted “Obey” before doing so. What was created that day were then Generation One’s. Each one escaped and started a new life. Teacher gave birth to children, which turned into either Gen-Ones or new Gen-Twos. As of that month, The King became The Father.

A new, what was assumed to be, Rare was found. She was named “The Mother” after evidence showed she had a strong relationship with The Father. However, she didn’t match any physically properties of a Rare and used no abilities or talents when approached by the GCST. Instead, when attacked and after she took a gunshot, The Father appeared out of nowhere. Darkness itself seemed to gather into a single place, forming his body. After appearing and seeing his beloved hurt, it was a repeat of years ago in the compound.

Each death was worse than the previous. He started out with decapitating them than using their heads as weapons against the others, like bowling balls and pins. He than started getting physical. His first hand to hand combat situation was… gruesome to say the least. With a single hand, he spread a full-grown and fit male apart like nothing. He used both hands to pry through the innards of the poor man. He than forcefully fed several of that man’s the contents of the inside of the man, than ripping our their throats to only force other teammates inside them. The entire time, he seemed to enjoy it in a sense. He seemed to get pleasure from doing actions as this. You could see the joy he took in shoving dead remains down what would soon be the same. Although, as he continued, you cod see him slowly lose himself. His eyes started twitching and he laughed a couple of times like a mad man. He had to forcefully stop himself from getting worse.

This event proved his killing tactics to still be as brutal as ever and that he shows no mercy for anyone that threatens The Mother.

Several other events like the bank happened across the globe. Soon, Rarebreeds could be seen in many places, bust most had the knowledge to just blend in with society and live as normal humans do.

However, through events I don’t even know myself, information on how Rares were created through The Father were obtained from The Father himself.

Each time he “gave birth” to a Rare or a new Gen, he had complete control how they would work. He could access their body’s on a level like you’d expect a God to. He physically edited everything about them. He explained it as if he was creating new life forms on the screen of a computer. He even explained why the blood was turned black. The gene’s that of a Rare were complete different from a humans, but still used human gene’s as a basis of creation, which led to them still looking and having the same bodies.

He was also the one to reveal the Zero-Gens, the Rares that weren’t created by himself. He said he and every other Rarebreed know how they are created, but can’t tell anyone that information. He did however say “If there were to be a God, I would say you have him and the Devil mixed up. God was certainly not my creator, but the creator in a sense was.” This was confusing but still revealed a lot of information.

Later, both The Father and Mother appeared over national television. They hijacked basically every TV network out there. The Father revealed that the only reason he gave information about himself and other Rares was for one reason, a ceasefire between Rares and humans. And to stop experiments being conducted on Rares. The Mother didn’t say much though. More of just supported things The Father said. He ended the broadcast with a singular sentence. “If a rarebreed does not have the ability to have human rights, than humans do not have a right to that of a rarebreed, this includes the right of life itself.”

Now, you may have wondered who I am. I am not human. I, am a Rarebreed. A Zero-Gen, but one created by The Father. I was given an ability that you could only dream of. “Date Rearrange” which allows me to replace one date of time with another. You might call this a version of time travel, but I do not actually go back or forgot. I share this with you on 08/19/2037, but the date I shared this with you will be replaced with one more suiting to your timeline.

I merely warn you, do not vote yes for that special team in 5 years. You will not like the outcome. You are the ones who made The King into The Father. The brutal King of all Rares, one who seemingly can’t die and can kill anything in an instant, to one who gave new life and destroyed the others.

You, are the ones who gave birth to The Father. The one who will retake your mistake of a birth.

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