The Purple Eyed Creature

Everyday am I afraid to look outside windows at night. Having that feeling that strange creature will someday come back. Coming back standing outside staring at me through the windows with those fearful eyes. It’s like it will give me endless nightmares when thinking back how that thing looked like. Meeting it face to face I realize that whatever this is, it can’t be human. No human can move like that. That night I saw this thing I hope it won’t be repeated.

I watched from the top of the stairs, the door to my father’s room slowly opened a crack. My mom passed away when I was five so I only live with my dad. For a brief moment, I saw something strange in there. I quickly went back to my bed. Sitting in my bed, shaking with fear. It’s just paranoia, right? Footsteps, creeping quietly across the floorboards. Could try to defend myself, though I don’t think I stand a chance. But I couldn’t just sit here scared. As quietly as I can, I stood back up. I walked slowly towards my dad’s room. I could feel something staring at me, makes my back shiver a little. The front door is wide open, letting in the cool night air. I step inside the room.

There is a figure the shape and size of a young woman standing over dad’s bed while he is sleeping. She turns around when she hears me enter and stares at me without saying a word. I’m pretty freaked out. Huge eyeballs just staring right into my eyes. Completely wide open and have no pupils. My heart was beating so fast of fear I almost thought I was about to pass out. She slowly went closer to me. I was shaking as I walked backwards. I stumbled on my own feet and fell on the floor. I can’t quite remember what happened after I fell on the floor, but for sure she was no longer to be seen. Maybe I were just imagining it? I have had many nightmares of her, but never been able to truly know what she is or see clearly what she looks like. It was always just a blur.

I have done a lot of research on it the last couple of weeks, but I haven’t found one single thing that describes this creature or anything at all. All I’m able to remember was it being an impossibly pale woman, big eyes and had no pupils. I say impossibly because no human could move like that nor having no pupils, it’s just not goddamn natural. The reason I’m trying to research about this is because in all those years, she is back in my dreams. But still a blur like it always have been. But then, I could never look at it long enough without feeling uneasy. I usually just walked in other directions or something in my dreams or nightmares, I would always wake up before I could get a clear look. Well, the search provided me with something called “White-eyed Demons”. White-eyed Demons? It doesn’t quite feel right. I don’t think this is a White-eyed Demon because those eyes weren’t completely white, there was possibly a little purple but I could maybe have just seen wrong because purple eyes are far away as a natural eye color.

My room has been getting cold recently, really cold. Idk what’s happening. I went outside for the first time in a week today. I thought maybe my delusions were coming from being cooped up and spending too much time scaring myself reading about this White-eyed crap. I was walking through the woods, trying to take in the as much fresh air as possible. Suddenly did I stumble across a piece of paper. It looked like it was old but didn’t seem like to have been laying there for too long, perhaps a couple of hours or longer. I picked it up and turned it over. It was a drawing. A drawing of an eye with real blood dripping from the eye and instead of the pupil in the middle of the eye is there an X in the middle. The clouds quickly darkened. I best get home quick before the rain hits, I thought to myself. Now I’m home, sitting staring at this drawing hanging on my wall. The blood in this drawing, so damn fresh that it’s almost dripping. But how so fresh when the paper looks old? Staring into the bloody eye, almost driving my f*****g mind nuts. I can’t tell what sick f**k drew this and just left it outside, but probably sick enough that this could possibly be some sort of psycho which has drawn this. Or maybe this could just be some kid’s prank. Oh well, I’ll go to bed, I don’t want to stay awake for too long.

She was in my dream again. It seemed so real, I was in my bed in the dream, and I had woken up and seen her standing there, in the corner of my room. Those eyes, I seriously hate staring into her eyes it’s so freaky to look at. I tried to scream, move, do anything. But I couldn’t. I had to look right at her. I could see the eyes more clear this time and now I can clearly see they are actually purple. Her mouth was a little bit more open this time. She did not look like a human being because her smile goes all the way up to her cheeks. I want to wake up so badly but it doesn’t let me wake up, it’s like it is forcing me to keep dreaming. Then suddenly she opened the mouth a little more and something black drips out of her mouth. It looks like some sort of blood and it just falls out of her mouth and until it hits the floor I woke up. My heart is beating like crazy. This is like a real life horror movie but instead is it a dream. I think I want to start drawing a picture of every dream I’ll have about her from now on. I want to figure out if the drawings will tell me something at the end. Afterwards when I finished the drawing of her when she just stood there and blood fell out of her mouth, I hang it on the wall beside the drawing I found outside. There have to be some sort of meaning behind this.

Almost everyday have I gotten more terrifying dreams about her. Her head is upside down while staring at me without blinking, my skin and meat smelting off while I’m watching myself at the mirror and she is standing behind me, my arms suddenly becomes ripped apart and she walks quickly towards me and cuts my tongue off with a scissor, and much more. So many terrifying ways to become tortured or die, gladly all of it were just a dream. When I’m thinking about it. She has no pupils and there is a X instead of a pupil on the drawing I found. Wait.. Have she drawn it?? Nope, no way, it can’t be. She is only in my dreams. No no no why would she draw this f*****g drawing and just leave it there? Did she wait for someone to see it? Maybe she actually waited for me to see it. But how? It almost feels like I could just keep wondering and keep asking myself how those things is possible and what the hell she is. Hold on, what if that’s the meaning? What if she actually wants me to lose my mind and being so confused over this. Maybe this is all a little sick game she wants to play with me. No, she is not allowed to be near my house any longer, I will go lock every doors and windows in this house in case if she tries to come in.

That brief moment I locked the last window I had a feeling someone were watching me from the outside. I looked outside but I couldn’t see anything. I wasn’t that bothered by that feeling someone watching me so I just walked away from the window. I sat down on my couch and wanted to watch some TV. I tried to turn it on but it seemed completely dead, probably because of the storm outside. Oh well it’s getting late so I guess I can just go to bed then instead of watching a TV that won’t work.

I woke up in the middle of the night. The clock was 4am. I was about to go to sleep again and turn around, but I became shocked in silence. One of the drawings is gone. That drawing which is gone used to be in the middle and that was the drawing of the eye I found outside. Weird, I haven’t heard anyone in my room, it’s completely silent.. until I heard a breathe. I didn’t want to turn around and check what it is, but I did anyways. Slowly turning back and there I see someone is sitting right beside my bed and looks right at me. The missing drawing is taped on the person’s face so I can’t see what this person looks like. “Who are you?” I asked and my voice was shivering. “Something you don’t know,” the woman said whispering. My eyes became so tired that it almost felt like my eyes were being forced to be closed, then I ended up closing them.

I woke up sitting on a chair and my arms is tied up with a rope from behind. I looked around and the room I’m in is clearly unfamiliar. This doesn’t look like my bedroom at all. Many scratches on the wall and a few on the floor, drawings hanging on the wall and it seems like this person really likes to draw, a white mask on a table, different bottles on a shelf but can not quite see what is inside them. “Hello?” I shouted, but no response. Where the hell am I? This must be far away from my home. Then the only door in this room opened. “Oh look, you’re awake” the woman said. I was just sitting there in silence staring at her. She have brown messy hair, a gray hoodie which looks old and ruined, same with her black-gray ish pants because of the ripped clothing and all the dirt. She wasn’t wearing any shoes nor socks. She walked towards me and sat down right on front of me. Her eyes are very dark almost black, not able to see if she really has black eyes. She is pretty dark around her eyes, doesn’t look like she have gotten a lot of sleep.

“Hmmm.. You are staring at me a lot. Why is that?” she asked. I didn’t respond. “Really? You seriously is just going to sit there silent and never answer me?” she said. I wanted to get away from her as fast as possible. Like why would I trust a stranger which ties me up on a chair. She only tied up my hands and not my feet so I kicked her face. I was able to kick her hard enough that she fell on the floor. “*sigh* I knew I should tie up your feet too,” she said while lying on the floor. She’s getting up on her feet. “Okay, what should I do with you? Fix your hair? Fix your face?… You know what, I’ll do both,” she said. She went to her table and found a scissor. “Wha-what are you doing?” I asked scared. “Hm? Did I just hear you talk? Well that took some time,” she said. Come on, stop being so scared all the time. “Hey, I asked you a question!” I shouted. “Don’t you shout at me!” she answered. Then she walked towards me and grabbed my hair. “This is what happens with people wearing ponytails,” she said and cuts off my ponytail. “My hair!” I said freaked out. “Mmm doesn’t look good enough,” she said and kept cutting my hair. “Please, stop touching my hair,” I said. “Neh I don’t think I will, but I’m finished with your hair anyways,” she said. “Why are you doing this to me?” I asked. “Why I am doing this? I’m doing it for my master,” she answered and went back to the table. “A master? Who is your master?” I asked. “Hahaha you really think I will tell you who my master is? He is a faceless tall humanoid, it’s pretty obvious that you have no idea what I am talking about,” she answered and comes back with a small knife. A faceless tall humanoid? She is correct that I have no idea what she is talking about, I don’t think I have heard about this person either and how can someone be faceless I wonder. She held the small knife close up to my face and stroke the knife on my cheeks. I could feel my hands is starting to sweat of fear. Then she forced my mouth to open with hear hands and said “Open your mouth wide open!” She puts the knife inside my mouth and start to carve a smile on my cheeks. I was screaming of pain, she did it slowly and painful. “Haha look at yourself! You are forever smiling!” she said. It was blood all over my clothes and I could feel blood dripping from my mouth. “Now tell me, do you remember that woman looking creature you saw? Do you remember?” she asked. “How did you know?” I said. “Damn, you still haven’t figured it out. LOOK at me! Nothing suspicious? Nothing familiar? What about your father? Where did he go? Why did he suddenly leave you all alone after your mother passed away 20 years ago?” she said. I sat there in shock. “Is-is that really you? Are you the f****d up creature that haunts my dreams?!” I said. “There we go! Now you remember!” she said. “That’s not possible. How have you barely changed after 20 years? How do you still look like a young woman?” I asked. “Oh man this is just funny right now. I haven’t haunted you in 20 years! F*****g hilarious! I am not even that old. Sounds like someone have lost their mind already,” she said. “But now, I want you to scream like a mother f****r, okay?” She quickly stabs my right eye with her small knife. I clearly did scream from it, she did get the scream she wanted to hear. “I want to die… Please just be done with it already,” I said and starting to cough up a little blood. “I’m not gonna let you die, not yet,” she said. She stabbed on my shoulder two times.

She starts smiling. Looking at her grin shows me it really is her. Her smile is up to her cheeks just like what I remembered. What the hell is she? I have never seen someone smile that big. What the f**k her teeth is suddenly sharper. “Look into my eyes silly,” she said. “Here you got your answer, yes my eyes is actually purple which won’t be an easy thing to explain how that is possible, but is easy said I’m not a human being but I’m something you can not explain.” She suddenly licks the blood on my face. I’m crying and badly wants this to be over. She stops licking and goes to the table. Comes back with a hammer and needles. I just kept crying, I didn’t wanna talk any longer. She started sewing my mouth open, I was no longer able to close my mouth properly. Tied me loose and pushed me out of the chair. This must be the end of me, this must be it. While I’m lying on the ground she sits on top of me and takes her hammer. I’m just feeling my teeth falling and goes down my throat while she is hitting my teeth with her hammer. She goes off me, grabs one of my legs and drags me through the floor all the way outside. It almost looks like I’m in a desolation, no wonder this place is unknown for me.