The Melody

My name is Max and I’ve lived here in Sakura.Falls for a month now, with my roommate and best friend Lucas. Lucas and I had been friends since we were in first grade and stuck together since then. Lucas was a pure blonde and his hair was all over the place, he always wore the same blue plaid jacket that his father gave him before he passed away. All around he was a pretty good-looking guy, me on the other hand was the exact opposite being a brunette that was always curly. I wore just everyday casual clothing not really caring about the latest trends or if I look hot to the ladies.

Well anyway Lucas had always loved music for as long as I could remember and dragged me to every concert, every musical, performance etc. Everyday since Sunday he has talked about this concert that we’ll be going to. It struck me odd on how excited he was for this one consort, and anytime I asked, “Why are you so excited?” he would only look at me and say, “The consorts is for these Twins and from what I heard they have the best voices imaginable.” I always rolled my eyes at that. They couldn’t be that good if they’re here in Sakura Falls nothing good happens here.

It’s Thursday and the concert is tomorrow and Lucas wants to drive to where it’s supposed to be just so we can make sure we get the right place. It wasn’t a long ride only a few blocks away surprisingly, as we pulled in I realized it was at the old theater. Lucas jumped out of the car and walked by a sign that said, “The SongBird Twins tomorrow at midnight,” The sign showed two female silhouettes and while staring at the sign it gave me an uneasy feeling. “Lucas don’t you think that’s a little late at night?” He laughed and said, “It’s supposed to have a party so I guess they wanted to make them shine,” he laughed at the ‘funny’ joke he made.

I looked up at the building and felt the uneasy feeling again, something was telling me not to come here tomorrow, “Hey Lucas do I have to come with you?” he turned towards me and smirked, “What you chickening out?” I hastily replied, “No I just don’t feel like I should come tomorrow.” He gave me a look saying, “You’re scared are you?” I sighed, “Fine I’ll come,” he fist pumped and said. “You won’t regret it.” maybe I was just being paranoid about all this we never been to a place that we were in danger so why should this be any different, Lucas got back into the car and we went back home and went to bed.

That night I had the weirdest dream. I couldn’t see anything but I heard a voice singing softly. Ding Dong I know you can hear me open up the door I only wanna play a little. As they sung faint laughter started to surface then another voice seem a little deeper than the first. Ding-dong you can’t keep me waiting it’s already too late for you to try to run away. Then both voices glided together. I see you through the window. Our eyes are locked together I can sense your horror. Though I’d like to see it closer. The laughter as they sang got louder and louder till it suffocated the singing. I couldn’t take it I tried to scream but my screams were muffled from the laughter. Then I woke up to Lucas shaking me, “You ok Max you were screaming.” I shook my head yes, “It was only a nightmare don’t worry yourself out ok?” He nodded. For the rest of the day was relatively normal.

After work me and Lucas got ready sense we both get off at 10:00 we had two hours to spare before it hit midnight so we decided to go eat somewhere near by to the theater. Before long it was 12:00 and we had to get to the theater. When we pulled in there was a long line which surprised me seeing that it must be a pretty good concert if there was so many people. We got in line and wait to buy entry once inside we got to a place and waited for it to start. Lucas was smiling like an idiot the time while we were waiting.

“Ladies and Gentlemen we have the honor of showing you this concert so let’s bring out the twins!” when he was done talking two girls walked on stage both of them almost exactly alike except two differences. The one on the left was a dark brunette like their sister I presume and the palest skin imaginable. She wore a purple and black plaid hoodie that looked like it was worn a lot, and some grey long shorts with black shoes. Her sister had the exact opposite style wearing a spiked choker around her neck, a black tank top with a red and black ripped sleeved jacket, she had ripped jeans and black shoes. Those aren’t what caught my attention thou. It was their eyes the one on the left had grey eyes that almost looked like a silver color and her sister’s eyes were a dark crimson color like her jacket. I shivered when I saw them.

I felt very uncomfortable near them like they were bad news but I figured it was because I’ve never heard of these so-called SongBird twins. “H-hello everybody I’m Emily Shimada,” said the one on the left, a lot of people cheered after hearing her name then the other one spoke, “He-ya ladies I’m Yula Shimada pleased to meet you~”she gave a flirtatious wink to the girls and got a lot of cheers from the crowd. “And we are the SongBird Twins!” they said in unison Emily giving a peace sign while Yula crosses her arms and makes her hands into a rock sign sticks her tongue out. “Let’s start!” they started to sing series of songs while people drank and danced. Lucas tapped my shoulder saying he had to go to the bathroom and I nodded and continued to watch but I felt uneasy again their voices sound so familiar but I couldn’t place my finger on it. After the concert finished they gave a bow and went back stage I look around and realized Lucas wasn’t with me, “He must already went back to the car.” I walked out of the building and realized the car is gone, “Dang it he most of forgotten me guess I’ll have to walk home.”

I started to walk towards our houses direction then decided to try to find a shortcut through the alleyways, I walked and walked till I heard something, what was it? After trying to decipher what it was it was music the music from my dream. Out of fear I ran trying to shake off the music then I stopped dead in my tracks the music stopped. It was dark in the alleyways but I can faintly see two pairs of lights, wait, not lights eyes. One pair silver one pair crimson. Then the smell hit me and I almost gagged. It was a metallic smell mixed with something rotten. Then I heard something drop and it rolled right in front of me. I froze in terror at what it was,It was Lucas’s head. I threw up after that.

“Aw our plaything broke,” it followed with a light giggle. “Y-yeah dear sister but I think we f-found a new one,” I heard slow footsteps head my direction and I ran then the music started up again followed by the figures laughs. “You can’t run little toy~” I ran as fast as I could taking sharps lefts and rights then I heard soft singing. Ding Dong I know you can hear me open up the door I only wanna play a little. Hearing that I ran the opposite to were I heard the sing from but it seemed like it was all around me. My legs begged me to stop, but I wouldn’t, not till I was safe. Ding dong you can’t keep me waiting it’s already too late for you to try and run away. It sounded like it was from in front of me so I changed direction again. I kept running till I had to skid to a stop.

Dead End.

I heard a pair of footsteps behind me and I turned around I could see them fully now. It was the Twins from the concert except they were covered in blood. I see you through the window. Our eyes are locked together I can sense your horror. Though I’d like to see it closer. They stopped a few feet in front of me, “Such a shame I figured you would have lasted longer,” Yula said almost sounding actually sad. Emily nodded, “T-the fun isn’t over yet sis,” When she said that she pulled out a knife and walked up to me, then kicked me to the ground. “Your right sister let’s play a game,” Emily looked at Yula and smiled, “What’s the game called Y-Yula?” Yula laughed insanely, “It called how my cuts does it take for him to die,” Emily giggled. “I like the sound o-of this game,” Yula walked right by Emily and grabbed her own knife and used it to cut of my shirt. Then the presided to cut me it hurt so much, “P-please stop,” I said in a quivering voice. “I d-don’t want to die,” they stopped cutting. “Aw I guess we have to stop Emily,” Emily lifted me up, “R-right you can go now.” I started to walk away then a sharp pain hit my back making me fall. “Oh sis look at him he actually thought we let him go!” they giggled in unison. “Thou I’m getting quit board,” I heard foot steps walk behind me then she pulled out the knife she threw at me. “Nighty night~” she stabbed me in the heart and my vision slowly faded to black the last thing I heard was, “Aww s-sis you broke another o-one.”

  • sʇʇod xɐɯ

    max is my name too woooah

  • Puddin Tane

    Needs serious work. Incomplete or combined sentences, punctuation, and I didn’t even finish reading it. As much as this wants to be a good story, it’s hurting.