My Friend Timmy

When I was growing up my parents took good care of me and always wanted the best for me, as many parents do. Sometimes I would go off and play with Imaginary friends because no one wanted to be my friend. I was the weird kid who didn’t like what everyone else liked and got bullied too much to see the good in the other kids. Late one evening I was playing with my made up friends in my room when I heard a small tap on my window.

I looked at my window and after some time just thought I was hearing things till I heard the tap again, this time it was violent. I jumped back and looked at my window to see just black on the other side. I walked up to my window got my face real close to the glass to see if anything was there. Fear built up in my body as I saw a face slowly show itself in the light.

The face was of a boy who looked around my age but with three scars across his face. I screamed for my parents and ran as quick as I could out of the room. The next day at school my mom introduced me to the new kid that just moved in right next to us, when I saw the kid’s face my heart sank and everything got quiet. It was the boy I saw from last night, he grabbed me and ran me to the bathroom where he punched my stomach and whispered in my ear “No one hears about me.”

The next day was show and tell and I brought my ants to show. Timmy sat on the other side of the room and turned his whole body towards me and just stared at me during the class, He never moved a muscle. The teacher picked me to go up next and as I walked up Timmy’s body followed me. I tried to speak but I couldn’t get a word out because fear had consumed me, Timmy’s eyes destroyed my will to have joy.

The teacher sat me down and said it was okay to be nervous, I wish I would have told her then. Timmy’s turn came up and he slowly walked up still staring at me. He didn’t break eye sight when he said, “Scars on my face are from a vicious animal attack at least that’s what my mom says, I know my dad did this to me because I wouldn’t show,” the teacher sat him down quickly. I looked down and closed my eyes and I just kept repeating, “He’s not real, he’s not real,” and opened my eyes, I looked over to find a giant smile on Timmy’s face that scared me beyond belief.

I became Timmy’s friend because we lived so close to each other and most of the time was forced to play. He was very… sadistic, He would capture birds then cut their stomachs and let them go when they freaked out. He told me the birds were going to suffer then die, I should have told somebody but it still haunts me. The older we got the more crazy he would get, he would go after dogs and cats then eventually a kid from our school.

We would hide the bodies in places no one would suspect and to be honest I’m still torn to admit we were very good at it. I watched as my fellow students would cry and mourn over their lost friend, I cried every night I went to bed. One day we walked around a carnival and Timmy saw something that filled his heart with joy. A clown tried to make kids laugh but only got them to cry and run away then Timmy ran up to him “How’d you do that?” he asked.

I ran off to college when I got the chance and got away from my only friend, the only person who would want to be around me. I started living life and got very happy in those years finally getting to see what I was missing. I became a doctor to help people and try to make up for all those years I turned my back on them. I settled down and had a family and all of my past life seemed to be forgotten, I never told anyone about my past. I just moved into a nice new house and decided to look out the window late one night, my heart stopped as I saw a clown on the other side of the street point at me and lift up a sign that read “My friend”.

  • Neela Nelson

    And? What happened? He saw the clown and then what?
    It’s a short story with no ending.

  • Irrelevant

    This is really great!

  • Aly Greg

    the ending was a real bad news–Timmy never wanted to leave his only friend..