Kaspor – Part 2

Author’s Note: Hey guys, so this is part two of the Kaspor creepypasta. I just wanted to let you guys know that this part is more of a get to know the characters a bit and less scary more descriptive, but the next parts after this one will be very scary, very creepy, and very very pasta 😛 anyway I also have another announcement, the planned number of parts for this is officially 5 and each one from now on I will take a few months to think about some things and work on other projects and then begin work on the next part, another thing I should say is that Kaspor is also a creature in the horror game me and my friend are working on, but he is a hallucination in it and not a dream, since its an alternate reality I kind of want to connect the storylines but there is no guarantee I will be able to, that’s all I wanted to say for now, so go ahead and enjoy Kaspor part 2 which is largely description and story based.

My name is Morris Reven, I am a 16 year old boy who has experienced a living hell. A cat creature from my nightmares came to life and killed my grandfather. I don’t know how it happened, I haven’t seen it for a few months now, I am back in high school like normal. I already have a part time job as a game designer since I am pretty skilled at coding, and I was able to obtain my own small apartment just a few blocks away from my parent’s house despite my age.

My life seemed to take a pretty good turn ever since the cat disappeared again, yet even though I say it has disappeared, deep down, I have a feeling that it is still watching me from somewhere, I decided to give a name to the creature. I call it “Kaspor” I don’t know why I chose that name, it just felt like it fit perfectly. I have just woken up, and am getting ready for school. Today is the beginning of my senior year, I skipped a grade because all the stuff I would have learned in the grade/could have learned I had already learned.

After I am done getting ready, I walk to school like I always do. The walk took 10 minutes, and was uneventful, as usual. Once I get to my first class and after a few minutes of listening to the teacher I pass out because I was up late last night working. I almost piss myself due to what I have appeared in my old house again, this time though, I “awakened” to see Kaspor leaning over me looking me directly in the face with a big grin showing his sharp teeth, Kaspor laughs and says, “You shouldn’t have fallen asleep, remember, this was YOUR mistake, this is on YOU.”

Kaspor then disappears and I am shaken awake by my friend Sam sitting next to me, he asks me if I’m getting enough sleep and I just nod and say that I’m fine and its nothing to worry about. The rest of the day continues like normal, nothing out of the ordinary, and I go upon my daily routine after I get home and then go to sleep after a while. I have a normal dream with no sign of Kaspor, which makes me feel pleased yet for some reason, I also feel a bit uneasy at the same time. The next day, I am sitting next to Sam in class, when the power cuts out.

A few seconds later a girl is heard screaming at the top of her lungs, followed by multiple other screams, thus marking the beginning of a g******n massacre. The power attempts to go back on but most of the lights in the room burst like some clique horror movie about ghosts, and the ones that survived start to flicker. Our teacher tells us to follow her to see what’s going on because she either doesn’t trust us in the classroom alone, or she wants to make sure we are by her side so she knows we are safe.

But I’m smarter than that and I know that if I go out into the hallway right now, I probably won’t come back ever again. I then see everyone else getting up and following our teacher out, Sam gets up and starts to follow her as well, as if he trusts her completely thinking that he is safe with her. I grab his arm and then he turns around to me and says, “What’s wrong, come on we got to go with the teacher, something’s up we have to stick by her otherwise we might be in danger.”

I pull him closer to me and shake my head before saying quietly “Hellllll no, do you want to die?” Sam looks at me frightened before saying, “W-What do you mean, how do you know if we will die or not just by going into the hallway?” I then notice that the teacher is now opening the door and going outside with the rest of the kids following closely behind her aside from me and Sam. I say to Sam, “Shhhh, once they are all outside close that door and just watch and wait, you will be glad you didn’t go outside this damn classroom like them.”

Sam sighs and then says, “Alright, I will do it, but if you’re messing wi-” I cut him off and say slightly irritated but still quiet, “Why would I mess with you at a time like this, just go up there and close the door behind them, and do it quietly too!” Sam says, “Okay, okay, I get it already, jeez.” Sam walks up to the door and after everyone exits the classroom he closes it gently behind them not making any noise as a result, he then turns to me and whispers, “Okay, what now?”

I then put my arms behind my back and on my head knowing what’s going to happen next, but there’s nothing I can do about it since they wouldn’t believe me anyway even if I told them. I then say, “Shh, don’t make any sounds, cover your mouth right now, and just watch from the small window on the door.” A few seconds later screams are heard from right outside the door and the sound of liquid splattering is also heard. Sam’s eyes widen as he resists the urge to scream, and then his face gets paler than it was once the screams went off as he apparently notices something.

I then notice what he sees as well, THE KASPOR THAT KILLED THEM IS NOW STARING RIGHT AT THE WINDOW WITH A HUGE GRIN! I almost shout but keep my voice down knowing that we don’t want the third instance to find us here otherwise we’re screwed. I say quietly but still sternly and urgently, “QUICK LOCK THE DAMN DOOR, YOU DON’T WANT THAT THING GETTING IN HERE, TRUST ME, NOW THAT MY SUSPICIONS ARE CONFIRMED WE GOTTA GET DOWN TO THE BOILER ROOM!”

Now that I know Kaspor is once again in the real world somehow, I know I have to kill him, and the best way to kill all three at once, is to blow this school sky high, there is no chance of any survivors being in the rest of the school right now, after all they don’t know how to deal with Kaspor or what the rules of the second or third are.

I have been preparing for this day for a while, I prepared areas that I can use to kill Kaspor if I ever needed to again, in places where I spend most of my day at, so I have a secret tunnel leading to the boiler room under the tiles on the floor beneath my desk. I tell Sam to follow me and he does, on our way there I decided to explain to him everything about Kaspor and my experience with it. He is terrified yet astonished at the same time that such a thing exists, but he has no choice but to believe it after what he just saw.

Sam says to me, “So, from what I understand, since it came back, and it took so damn long to do so, doesn’t that mean it can’t be gotten rid of for good by killing it, as that only prolongs it coming back, and since it took 11 years to come back, we can assume that’s how long it takes to recover or something.” I say “Huh, yeah I guess you’re right, but if killing it doesn’t get rid of it then what can, that is, if there is any way at all?”

Sam then says, “Well, maybe we should work together over the next 11 years and try to study as much as we can on the supernatural and stuff like that, maybe we can find someway to get rid of it for good, you have your own apartment right, then can I move in with you, that way we can get to know each other better and work together much more easily, after all I want to move out of my parents house by now anyway.” I respond, “That should work, alright let’s do that, after we are done here we will go meet each others parents and talk this over.”

After that we arrive at the boiler room and I adjust the setting so that it will become too unstable and overheated after 40 seconds, I then say to Sam, “RUNNN, FOLLOW ME, I KNOW THE WAY OUT OF HERE I HAVE PRACTICED THIS A S**T TON OF TIMES, WE GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE BEFORE THIS PLACE BLOWS!” We then start running and I turn around to see all three of the cats following behind us at a pretty damn quick pace.

I then say, “UH OH, THAT’S NOT GOOD, BUT NOT TO WORRY, WE’RE ALRIGHT, I GRABBED SOMETHING I HID BEHIND THE BOILER!” I pull out some glass shards and smash them across the ground, making all three cats fall due to the sudden cuts on their feet. We then continue running and manage to make it outside and to a safe distance just before the boiler exploded, the entire school then blows up and bursts into flames as we both shout in relief. “F**K YEAH, TAKE THAT YOU DAMN FELINES!”

Then Sam turns to me and says, “But how did the school explode that much, surely the boiler couldn’t do all of that damage?” I then say, “Oh, yeah, I was REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLY g******n paranoid, and made a crap ton of tunnels that had some gasoline and a few sticks of homemade dynamite in them under the school, it was set up so it would only go off once I tamper with the boiler like I just did.” Sam says, “Damn, talk about overkill, but I can see why you would want to make sure they are dead.”

I then look at him and say, “Well Sam, I guess we should go have that chat with our parents about us living together, oh and I don’t care if you do or not, but you should probably get a job as well if you can, or I can put in some good words to my boss to see if he is willing to take you in as a coder.” After we are done talking a piece of bloody paper flies over to us out of the burning school, I pick up the paper and read what it says

“Greg Felinus dies in mugging, his cat was with him and was found to be dead as well with multiple bruises on it, it seems it was beaten to death by the robber after trying to protect its owner Greg.”

We both stare at the paper for a moment and then say out loud, “DID WE JUST FIND OUR FIRST CLUE ALREADY!?”