Zoe the Doll Maker

The blood was dripping from her sewing needle again.

“I didn’t mean to… I didn’t want to…” she stammered.

The demon inside her twitched.

“He he he… At least I can make a doll to trap your soul!” This twelve year old girl was of witch descent and always loved stuffed animals. Her name… is Zoe… The doll maker as she’s known. She’s murdered countless children who said mean and cruel things about her dolls. The innocence that lies in her soul seems to scream to stop, but no one hears. You see a demon controls her like a puppet. How did she end up like this? Well let me tell you.

Today is show and tell, and Zoe wanted to bring me, her favorite little stuffed bunny Jinx. She was so happy to show off all the little sewing tricks she knew. Of course it wouldn’t be so simple.

“Look Jinx, your finally going to see my miserable school. At least now you can finally see what it’s like to be an actual girl instead of a stuffed toy.” The bus drove up to the stop and she jumped in. It all seemed so new and neat, but I knew trouble would come when I saw all the other kids. We sat near the back but away from the high schoolers. The bus kicked into gear and we were off to what I assumed was hell. I couldn’t have guessed how right I was about this place.

When we finally arrived she seemed to be scared all the sudden. I didn’t know why but I could tell it was from something she saw. For some reason I ended up being shoved into her book bag.

“Hey Zoey ya got any food I skipped breakfast.”

“Umm sorry Nora I don’t…”

“Liar.” She looked at the girl next to her and they both grabbed Zoe’s book bag and unzipped it in a rage.

“What is this?! Hey Nora look at this thing!” said one of the girls holding me up and showing me to the other girl.

“Hey give her back!” shouted Zoe to no avail.

“Aww what’s wrong Zoey ya want your dolly back? Well I guess you’re just gonna have to get it from me!”

I could see the snap in Zoe’s eyes. I wasn’t expecting it to go this way but it did…

She pulled out one of her sewing needles and lunged at the girl and stabbed her right in the back if the neck. I honestly laughed a little on the inside thinking ‘what will that do, but before I knew what was happening I was falling and so was the girl.

“Bailey?” said the one girl. When she didn’t respond I could see the fear in her eyes.

“Zoe did you just kill her?”

“Fun fact Nora… Did you know that if you stab someone in the back of their neck at a tiny spot in the spinal cord, even with a tiny needle, it can kill you?”

Zoe charged at the other girl with another needle and stabbed her in the throat and then in the side if her neck.

“Isn’t it amazing how many pressure points there are in the human body? And to think that with a small needle it could kill two b*****s like you…”

She picked up the bloody sewing needles and put them back in a pouch leaving the bodies and grabbing me quickly.

“Come on Jinx, we don’t want to be late for class.”

Now when she got to class I was surprised that we were early, considering she just killed those girls. I mean I guess they deserve it after all the bullying they’ve done. But then again what do I know, I’m just a stupid stuffed bunny.

After a while of waiting on everyone else class started.

“Alright class who wants to do show and tell first?”

Zoe raised her hand and the teacher nodded.

“This is my stuffed bunny Jinx. I’ve had since I was a little baby. She’s gotten torn so many times that I taught myself how to sew so that I could fix her and any of my other stuffed animals.”

“Wait you still play with toys?!”

“That’s so lame!”

“Sewings for old ladies you stupid freak!”

Tears started to rush to Zoe’s eyes.

“Students those aren’t very nice things to say!”

Before the teacher could say any more Zoe was already out the door and she ran into the bathroom to hide.

As she was crying in the corner cuddling me, a dark figure stepped in front of her.

“You have a dark potential don’t you little one.”

“What?” she said in between sobs.

“You killed those girls from earlier right? Wouldn’t you like revenge on everyone else too? I can help you with that. ”

She simply nodded.

“OK then I just need you to repeat after me, Stitch to stitch give it life, take this soul and make it yours, but to my command. ”

She repeated him and looked back confused.

“What did that do?”

“Nothing yet. Anytime you use this gift I give you, you must say it. ”

“What?” she said still confused.

“You’ll see.” The demon thing said, then it seemed to jump into Zoe which caused her to jump up from fright. She stood there staring blankly in the mirror. She looked down at her hands and then back at the mirror with a frightening grin. That’s when she grabbed me and ran back to the corridor where she killed the girls.

There were police men and a few teachers looking at the two dead girls in shock. When they heard Zoe running they turned around expecting it to be the murderer.

“What are you doing out of class?” said one of the teachers.

“My teacher wanted me to ask the art teacher something.”

It wasn’t the most clever excuse but I mean it would work for now.

“Why are there so many police men?” she asked trying to sound innocent.

“Just get back to class please. ”

She walked up to them anyway. When she saw the two girls lying there lifelessly without a trace of blood almost made he smile. To think she could kill without a single trace was almost a dream.

“What happened to them?” Zoe asked wondering if they even knew.

“You don’t need to be here just get back to class and don’t tell anyone what you saw. We don’t want anyone to get scared.”

“Are they dead?”

“It’s okay honey, they’re in a better place. Now just please go.”

“What if they’re not in a better place?”

Everyone looked at her in shock. Zoe just looked down and walked over to the bodies. She pulled out a sewing knife and cut open my stomach which would hurt if I could feel pain. She then recited the chant that the demon told her to.

“Stitch to stitch give it life, take their souls and make it yours, but to my command,” she then put her hand over one girl’s heart.

“Kid what the hell do you think you’re doing, and why do you have a knife at school?!”

Zoe looked up at them and sighed.

“I make dolls mister. This is part of my job.”

She then put the knife away and pulled out the needle with blood stained on it and ran a single small grey string through it. That’s when she did something I didn’t expect. She stabbed the needle through her hand and though the heart of the girl.

“Your now my puppet, Nora.”

She lifted her hand let the string fall through the hole in her hand. The teachers gasped and stepped back and the police reached for something of defense. She pulled the needle out of the girl’s heart and sewed me back up with it. When she was done she pushed the needle in and left it instead of finishing the seam.

“All done.” Zoe said holding me up in the air. “Jinx, try to move.” I did as she said and… I could move…

I tilted my head to show confusion, but she just smiled.

“I see what you mean now Mr. Demon! He he he…”

The police stepped towards us and she turned around and smiled a grim smile.

“Relax I didn’t kill her just now, I mean she was already dead, but I borrowed her soul. Now I’m going to go back to class so I can do show and tell. Bye!”

She ran past the teachers and police and back to class.

“I would like to finish my show and tell now!” she shouted.

Everyone looked up at her and most rolled their eyes.

“This is my dolly Jinx and she is the first one of my dolls to possess a soul.”

She set me down on a desk and I stood up. Most of the students were amazed and confused. But there was this one who shrugged and said, “Yeah right. It’s just a stupid animatronic.”

I walked over to him and hopped onto his desk. When I saw a pencil I decided to play along in this game of puppets. So as you can guess I stabbed him with the pencil straight through the heart. Most of the class screamed and jumped up.

“What the hell did your stupid doll do?!”

“She only did what she thought was necessary. I guess no matter what I do I’ll never be good enough for this world… And that makes me a monster. But at least I won’t be lonely. Once I kill all of you, all my stuffed animals will have souls, and I will have more friends than you ever could!”

And with that the demon’s aura started to flow around her. She was so quick and swift no one had a chance. After she collected all their souls on the sewing thread the picked me up and we walked out the door and into the woods. It was almost like she was being guided down a path by someone. As luck would have it a tall man in a black suit and no face showed her a cabin with thousands of old sewing materials for her dolls. So from now on if your ever lost in the woods or a little girl ends up on your door step, and she asks if you like her dolls say yes. And if she asks if you want one say yes please. And when she gives you one say it was made with so much love. For that will make her smile, and if you don’t make her smile I will kill you for making her cry, and then she will use your soul to make more ‘friends’. And by the way after she’s gone you better take care of that stuffed animal she gave you,  and treat it with love. If you don’t then it will kill you all the same. So just remember my warning, for you might be next…

  • Jacqueline Williams

    It was a good story, it just feels like it is missing something but I don’t know what….hmmm

  • Laurel

    It was super good, especially the creepy twist at the end that warns you you might be next ^^ <3

  • ThatForcedSmileBehindYou

    It was interesting to say the least I’m wording this like that not because it’s bad it’s awesome by my standards it’s just that it has some confusconfusing parts with the grammar otherwise it’s good 4.2 out of 5

    Also did you draw the picture it looks nice.