Pasta War: No Hope (7)

“Losing your family is an extremely hard thing to deal with. Trust me, I know. I also know that I am a third of the way from getting those hearts. That’s right, I found one last night. The thing in my wall was a heart. Now, onto today’s event…”

I got out of bed like yesterday, but I had changed. I was told that a mirror shows you who you really are, oppose to who you think you are. I walked into the bathroom and wash my cold hands, looking in the mirror. I saw… I saw… Zalgo!

I spun around and searched all around, but there was no one. However, I did find a red crayon in the hall when I walked out. I picked it up and snapped it before dropping it. I then walked downstairs to talk to Jack, nobody was down there.

“Jack,” I yelled. “Jeff! Slenderman!”

Then something covered my mouth and pinned me to a wall. Before I knew it, I was sat and tied down to a chair. I was hit and knocked out…
When I awoke, there was someone standing in front of me.

“Hello,” said a tall man. He was in a black cloak and had pale skin with sunken eyes and a wide smile. “I am-”

“Shadow lurker,” I said. “My mind told me.”

“Yes, I am here to-”

“Bring me to Zalgo, right? Well then, take me to him!”

“Oh, I am right here…” His voice deepened and his body twisted and morphed into a smaller Zalgo. “I am here to obtain that heart.”

“But you can’t escape, you’re in the Pit. You’re still in Hell. How?”

“You’re forgetting that the mind is not reality. Feel the suffering of my sons and minions.”

I had been lifted into the air and dropped on the ground with the wave of Zalgo’s finger. He smiled and gravity had been getting stronger on my body. I was stuck on the ground, my organs were aching and I was in agony. Zalgo then let me up and questioned me.

“Where is that heart at?! Where?”

When I didn’t respond, he began changing gravity and throwing me around. I passed out, but… I opened my eyes to awake on my bed, in a cold sweat. I got up and ran to the kitchen, where I saw someone dressed in black and white. It was Laughing Jack, just looking at the clock.

“When did you get here,” I said with a nervous voice. I never really didn’t like clowns.

He turned around and started laughing. “Oh, you’re a lucky one. Woo ha ha ha ha… yes, aren’t you lucky,” said Jack.

“H-how is that,” I said.

Laughing Jack continued to laugh. “Oh, I would play a fun game with you… yes, but Slenderman won’t let me,” said Jack.

I walked out of the house and pulled the map out of my pocket, I had kept it there. I made my way to the cemetery, thinking. I had killed my wife and children, I have nothing else to live for… nothing. But I couldn’t kill myself… No, I want revenge. I finally made it and I began looking around. I found a blank grave, it was not filled in. I opened the casket and found a body. It was the body of shadow lurker, holding a the black heart. I grabbed it and ran as fast as I could go.

Then something stopped me, it was shadow lurker. I swung my fist at him and he stared into my eyes. I felt nauseous and dizzy. The sky above me began to rain and it turned black. I attempted to fight him, swinging my fists. I missed ever shot and he landed every one of his. I fell to the ground and for once, I greeted death. He jabbed his hand through my chest and I took my last breath…

“Hello,” my voice echoed. I was in a black tunnel with two ends, one of light and one of fire. My wife and child were standing at the light, they had an angered look. I walked towards them.

“Hunny, kids,” I said. “I’m sorry.”

My children began laughing and crying, while my wife spoke to me. “There is no forgiveness, feel the wrath of god.”

I was blinded by the light and black tendrils pulled me into the flames of Hell. I passed out from pain and awoke in a large castle made of a strange black rock. Zalgo stood in front of me,”hello.”

“What happened?! What did you do?!”

“My friend killed you and stole the heart, he just needs the other two.”

“I need to go back… Now!”

“Ha ha ha… I’ll let you out if you can escape. It is said that if you are the chosen one, you will be lifted by the hellish flames. That person can get to the roof of my palace and will be lifted as it crumbles. Cool right?”

“Well, I’m leaving. I am leaving right now,” I said.

“No you’re not,” said Zalgo. He snapped his fingers and I had appeared in a cell. The bars were made of solid flames and the walls were black rock.

I tried to escape, but I could not. I am stuck… I have no hope…

  • Jordan Smith

    That was amazing I can’t believe he died and his kids and wife we’re mad at him he had to do it

    • Amon

      It is sad, but he had to go to Hell in order for him to meet Z’algatoth. It is not the end though!

  • Whitney Paige Moulton

    Keep em coming