You Know

You know that feeling, you’re awake but… you’re consciously sleeping. You start to blink, but your body refuses and you unwillingly hesitate. You tense up for a bone chilling shriek of fear but nothing escapes your stilled lips. You feel yourself cry, a bit of breeze on your freezing cheeks, but nothing runs from your eyes. You feel like a mannequin but at least they’re unliving.

You feel tortured. But that’s when you see it. The inhumane creature in the corner of your room. It’s like… a person but their face is some fake version of CGI. A smile from ear to ear, and the absolutely chilling tilt of the head. They have no clothes.

A naked person in the corner. You press yourself to scream again. You can’t breath.. scream, you beg yourself. Scream! Again, a tense mindspace. You realize what’s happening and realize you need to calm down before you give yourself a headache.

Did that thing move? It’s now on the end of your bed instead of the corner next to it. Finally, you wiggle your fingers. You keep trying to scream as the thing reaches for you. You shoot up, continuing to scream until your throat feels like glass. It disappears and your parents run in with the same CGI smile.

  • Ghost

    Hello interesting writing it’s not really story only good one of those symptoms some people have when they are terrified when they sleep and are half awake and they only see something terrifying and they can’t move your grammar is great but your story is not really a story keep writing best wishes -Ghost

    • Sierraa

      sleep paralysis is what it’s called

  • Sierraa

    Pretty similar to the story Sleep Paralysis

  • Sana alsilwi

    I really didn’t like this it was kind of rushed plzz next time make a little more sense at the end