You are Not Alone Here

We all know that feeling when you hear sounds coming from your house and think someone or something is in.

I live alone and woke up to a quiet snapping sound coming from outside. So of course I went to check what that is. A motion detector I have, was going on and off.

I felt uncomfortable. So I went to check what is going on.

I looked at the window, nothing. I slowly opened the door, because that is where the snapping came from. It came closer, louder. I opened the door. I looked everywhere, nothing. When I were walking back to the door, I saw a light in the corner of my eye. When I looked to the light, it went off.

I heard a whisper behind me, “You are not alone here.”

I quickly turned, I saw…

I saw my deceased parents, sitting on chairs.

Behind them, was a long man, wearing a black suit. It had a wired baseball bat. It started… beating them with the baseball bat. They were just smiling to me. I ran.

I hear loud whispers saying, “You are not alone here. You never will be.”