Dear Sisters

There once was a wealthy family. The man of the house was the CEO of well-known business. His wife was a fashion designer. They had many maids and butlers working in one of their many huge fabulous mansions. However, there was one maid that got the husband’s eye.

She was young. Her skin was a rosy-pale color. Her hair was long and was a light blonde color which she always had done up in a neat bun so she could work without it getting in the way of her eyes that were violet purple.

The young maid knew of the husband’s infidelity and knew of the wife’s jealousy whenever he would sleep with other women. She even knew that some of the many girls were willing, and other times, they weren’t. She never trusted him and would try her best to avoid him.

Unfortunately, one day, he had her cornered in one of the rooms. When he started to run his hand down her back, she tried to call for help, but he covered her mouth. When he was done with his horrible deed, the young maid cried on the bed. She was in pain, and she felt disgusted with herself.

The husband told the old maid that had worked for the family for a long time to clean up and not to tell anyone, or he would have her fired. The old maid comforted the young girl as she cried, her uniform was ripped up, and her legs were covered in blood.

Weeks became months as the young maid soon learned she was pregnant with twins. She was in fear of being fired and was assaulted. She tried to hide it but she couldn’t anymore, it was getting harder. Soon the husband found out about the pregnancy, and it was his child not knowing it was twins. He had the maid locked away in the guest house.

Only a few were allowed to go to clean and to check on the young maid. Day by day, the young maid’s stomach grew, so did her depression. She thought about ending her life, but she couldn’t do that to her unborn children, but her will to keep going was fading away daily.

The night the twins were born, the young maid screamed in pain to the point she was heard from the house. The wife got irritated with all of the commotions. She and other maids went to the guest house to see what was going on. When they enter the guest house, the young maid lied on the floor of the living room screaming and crying. The husband was there watching as she suffered. The wife had the others help the young maid just to shut her up. They got to work telling her to breathe, and to keep calm.

When the first child was born, it was a little girl. She cried and cried. The husband still thought it was just one, but when the one maid yelled that there was another coming, he was furious. The second was another little girl. She wasn’t crying like her sister but was looking around. Her eyes dropped on the husband and wife. Something felt off with this one.

The young maid smiled at her little girls asking to hold them. The maid that sat by the young maid’s side gave her the babies to hold, both girls cooed and smiled at their mother who felt happy for once.

But the happiness soon ended when the wife told the other maids to get rid of them and that the young maid will have to get back to work tomorrow if she wishes to keep her job and she needed to keep her mouth shut! No one should know that a maid had b*****d children and that they were the daughters of her rich husband!

Just as the husband was about to take the girls away, the young maid cried and held onto them begging for him to let her keep them, that she won’t tell anyone, just let her keep them. The little girls started to cry. The husband was trying so hard to rip them out of her arms.

“They’re your daughters! How can you do this to them!” she screamed.

The husband’s anger grew! When he ripped the girls out of her hands, he kicked the young maid in the face making her fall back.

“These demons aren’t mine, you w***e!” he yelled over the crying girls and their mother.

Blood started to come out of the young maid’s nose. The wife glared at the young mother as she cried with her daughters. The other maids didn’t know what to do but lowed their heads. “You caused this mess, so fix it!” the wife snapped at her unfaithful husband, who gave the old maid the babies.

“Leave them somewhere, give them to someone on the street, kill them! I don’t care! Just get them the hell away from here!” he told the old maid then he told the others to leave, they did as instructed. The young maid started to beg and plead to the old maid to give the girls back to her.

The husband stood over her as she stared up at him in fear. The wife followed the other maids outside, but she came back in holding something. She gave her husband a brick, glaring at him then at the young maid. The husband held the brick up just as the young maid’s eyes widen…

She screamed louder when he started to beat her with it. The twins began to cry more in the old maid’s arms who couldn’t bring herself to get rid of them, so she hid them in her small home.

The twins grew up healthy and well, both were identical twins, both had long white hair, and both had purple eyes just like their mother. To tell them apart, the old maid had the one who she named Ivy, wear purple dresses and the other who she named Iris, wear blue dresses. She raised the girls in secrecy because she knew the husband and wife would kill them like they had killed the poor girls’ mother.

The girls asked her about their mother. She always told them that she was a kind and caring girl who loved them very much. She told Ivy that her mother loved to draw as she did, and she told Iris that she got the quietness from her mother. Both girls enjoyed listening to stories about the woman that gave them life, but when they asked the old maid what happen to their mother, she wouldn’t say a word.

When the twins turned nine, the old maid couldn’t keep them locked away. They wanted to go out and explore, but the maid knew of the danger. The home they lived in was close to the mansion so she would only let them go out at night and when no one was at the mansion. But they had to stay in the forest that was behind their small home. The girls would play hide-and-go-seek, and tag in the dark, they didn’t mind they thought it was fun. They were still a secret, only a few knew of their existence.

When the twins turned twelve, Iris pushed to know what happened to their mother. The old maid who was sick and dying she finally told them. She sighed before speaking she took Iris’s hand as Ivy sat beside the bed crying. A few other maids stood away, looking down at the floor as the old maid told the girls what happened. Ivy cried more as Iris glared down at her feet.

“Grandma…” Ivy spoke up lightly, “I made you something. It’s a drawing.” The old maid smiled weakly, but Ivy wouldn’t show it until the other maids left because it was a secret. She held the drawing up it was both girls standing beside each other Ivy was crying and Iris was smiling and was carrying a knife.

“Why are you crying dear? And why is Iris holding that?” the old maid asked weakly. Iris glared at her sister who started to explain.

“I’m crying because the man and woman who hurt mommy are standing in front of us, they’re scared of us. Iris is holding that knife because she’s going to kill them!” The old maid couldn’t say anything she was speechless.

“We already knew what happened to our mommy, the dark man in the forest told us. We just wanted you to tell us, so we knew it was true. Iris didn’t want me to show you the picture, but you said you loved my drawings! So, when the man and woman are gone, I’m going to use their blood to draw you red roses! Your favorite flowers!” again, the old maid couldn’t speak.

“We’re going to get revenge!” Ivy giggled as Iris smiled, looking at her sister, the old maid started to cough up blood. Ivy called the others for help. She left the room to find them. Iris stared down at the dying woman who stared back.

Iris’s eyes were cold and dim. She leaned down close to the old woman’s ear. “You should have gotten rid of us like you were ordered to do. Now they’re all going to die. Their blood is on your hands. Have fun taking that to your grave,” she whispered in her ear.

When Ivy and the other maids came in, it was too late the old maid was dead. Iris stood up slowly, still looking down at the body of the woman who would’ve gotten in the way of their plans. That same night the girls disappeared.

After six weeks, the old maid’s death and the girls were forgotten. Everything was back to normal. The husband stood in his office, drinking scotch to celebrate another violation for another maid. All was quiet. The moon was full and high in the night sky. Before he could sit down, his wife stormed into his office. Her face said it all. As they started to argue, they didn’t hear what was going on downstairs. One by one, the unlucky few that worked that night were killed.

“He bleeds a lot for a skinny man,” Ivy said as she used her finger to paint a cat in blood, “hey! Can we get a kitty!” Iris stood up, smiling. She was holding a bloody knife, “Mom’s favorite animal? Yes! We’ll name her… uh, Angel! Mom’s an angel you know that right?” Ivy giggled as she nodded. They heard a scream behind them. A maid was frozen in fear. Iris smiled more cocking her head to the side, “Before we get a kitty we need to continue our fun!” Before the maid could run, Ivy grabbed her dress, pulling her back as Iris stabbed her neck, with blood on their hands both girls started to giggle.

Holding hands as they went upstairs, the husband and wife were still arguing. A butler who was about to go downstairs because of the screams, saw the girls coming towards him. He asked them, “What do you two think you’re doing here?” But when they got closer, they grinned at him. He turned to run away. Iris throws the knife which stuck out of his head but somehow, he still ran to the husband’s office pushing the door open. The husband and wife glared at him, he dropped to the floor dead, right in front of them. Seeing the knife in his head, they backed away. The two girls started to hum as they came down the hall.

Iris kneeled down, taking the knife out of his head, which made a wet and weird cracking sound. Ivy wanted to cry when she saw the man and woman. Before the husband and wife could do anything, Ivy and Iris moved in fast. Ivy had the wife screaming as she started to stab her face with a pen as Iris stood on the husband’s chest looking down at him. When the wife’s body went limp and stopped moving, Ivy stood over him too.

When the police showed up to the mansion the next morning, some couldn’t stomach the gruesome massacre that awaited for them. Bodies and body parts were thrown around. Blood was all over. Nothing was untouched by it, some places there was even had drawings of stick figures, animals, and flowers all in blood. When they went to the office, they found the wife hanging on the wall, pens and pencils were stabbed into her.

The husband wasn’t found until they went outside, he was hanging in a tree his face was smashed in by a bloody brick that was under him. His fingers and toes were missing but were found inside his stomach. It took them three years until they called it off because they couldn’t find who did it.

And what happened to the girls? Well, no one knows because no one even knew they existed, and the ones who did? Are now dead!


“I like it when you tell me the story, Iris. I always forget some parts!” Ivy giggles as she pets the family’s dog who wagged its tail and licked the blood off her hands. Iris just got done pulling the knife out of the father’s eye. She looks out the window as the moon shined down on them. “We should go, Master’s waiting,” Iris said, wiping the knife off on her dress. Ivy smiles at the dog as she waves goodbye to it.

As they left the house, they held each other’s hand heading towards the forest black and red mist waits for them. “Do you think mom would have killed herself if she didn’t call for him?” Ivy asks.

Thinking for a minute, Iris held Ivy’s hand tightly then spoke, “Yes, she would have, and we wouldn’t be here. Master saved us,” Ivy looks up at the moon with a smile, “I wish, we could have met mom.” Iris didn’t say anything.

Ivy giggles before letting go of Iris’s hand. She ran ahead towards their Master. She started to jump up and down, laughing when she was beside him. Iris took her time the night felt calm and gentle. When she got closer to her sister and her Master, she stopped and stared up at him. Ivy stood beside her, still smiling.

Facing their Master, both put their right hand over their chest and bowed for him. “Master Zalgo.” Both girls spoke as one.

  • JaneTheReader

    Overall, it was an interesting read, however at points the grammar was quite poor and occasionally I had to pause to decipher the sentences and punctuation was missing. I also feel that the ending was rushed, and that more time should’ve been invested into the story. I liked the twins’ motive to kill, though- an original motive, as far as I’m concerned. Keep writing, and you’ll improve.

    • Uneasefeline

      Thanks for your feedback ^_^ I did fix the stuff I could, and for the ending, I’m not sure how to change it…My friend that helped me come up with a few things, isn’t sure either…

  • Thats_some_crappy_pasta

    I was thinking the EXACT thing that jane was

  • Angel

    Another great piece of work!!! I see you are a Zalgo fan??? 😉