Yesterday August 17th at 10:00p.m.

Yesterday, August 17th at about 10 at night. My family was awoken to two people yelling at each other, I decided to look out the window and I saw three people and three trucks, one of them looked towards the house, pulled out a gun, and shot into the air. The flash was bright enough to see him, but it was too short to exactly make him out though. But if my vision fooled me, I know that I saw that the guy had no bottom jaw. He then started walking towards the house, I said,

“Dad, that one guy is missing his bottom jaw.”

He said that was impossible but he saw it too he said. My mom came out to see what was going on, but we told her to go back to bed. Then we looked out and saw the guy standing there, one of his eyes are black and the other eye was white. Then there was a knock on the door, we ran to the bedroom as he smashed the door in, the guy had no ears, and was wearing a cartoon character mask.

We locked the bedroom door and kept silent, after 30 minutes, my dad grabbed a shotgun and went out, one minute went by, then two, and then ten. Eventually he came back, unharmed, but then the third guy came into the room, he had no eyes, he started to swing an iron bar at us, but as soon as we went out the hall, my vision went black.

I came to, I was on the couch tied down, they looked at us the one with no ears had no mask on, but he also didn’t have a face. They didn’t speak all they did was stare, one had an iron bar and started beating me up with it.

After about thirty minutes of torture I heard sirens. Police sirens. The one with no eyes turned towards the door and walked out of the house the others followed. They sat out front in the arresting position. The police arrested them while one of the police officers took me to the hospital. The officer later came back and told me that my mom and dad are okay and getting the house fixed. The officer also told me that the three guys got loose and ran from the car. He said he couldn’t identify two of them, but he identified the one with no jaw, he said he was a psychopath named Johnson Ray.

I searched up his name and figured out that he was born on July, 4th, 1922, with his brothers Noah Ray and Jackson Ray. They were killed in 1942. As I clicked on the page that’s about them to learn more. I got a call from a number that I don’t know. I thought it was one of my neighbors so I picked it up and someone said, “Hello again. We only started the fun, look out your hospital window.”