Broken Tape

Okay, so about 8 years ago, when I was 12, I had this show. I loved it so much. I think it was called, “Lingering Larry”. One day, my mom thought I needed to grow up, since it was a show for babies. She put the tapes in a box, she called it the naughty box. If I touched it, I was naughty and would be put into a corner, and I didn’t want that. So I never watched it again, well, flash forward.

I’m 20 now. I’m finishing up college and I’m looking through boxes, attempting to find my old laptop to recover an email. I had a file on there, it told me my email password. I found a box labeled “naughty box” and my eyes lit up with nostalgia.


She came down, “If it’s not that laptop-” she gasped, “it’s your old show, well, as long as you don’t act like how you used to with it.”

I replied, with a somewhat ecstatic voice, “Yea, I would always go crazy with that show, huh?” I opened up that box. The box stared at me, and I gladly stared back. I opened up the box, and realized something; the tape was a mess. Luckily, however, I am handy with this kind of stuff. As I grew up with VHS, and we were too poor to afford to rebuild shows, so my father taught me how to fix it, of course only in parental supervision. So I was able to fix it, however, it was broken in such a strange way, I mean, it looked like someone purposely broke it, although, what do I know? I’m not a damn detective.

After fixing it, I took out my old VHS from another box, “Oh yea, hehe I remember,” I said when I saw the Pikachu VHS (it’s a real thing, look it up). So I took it out, and forced the tape in, and watched, “Oh, it was a puppet show, huh,” I said, clearly disappointed. It was a strange puppet, like, it was a wool, furry, string puppet, neat, huh? The background looked like a forest.

“Wow, that’s a really well designed forest, or is that not wool?”

“Hello, kids! Are you ready to learn?” A bunch of kids on the show start screaming, but it wasn’t the joyful ‘Yeaa’, it was more of a terrified scream. One you would make during a horror game.

“They did not have a very good director if they thought THAT was good. Well, I can’t change the script so, gotta deal with it.” The wooly puppet was right front center. It wasn’t a wooly looking guy, it looked like skin, probably some kind of rubber that was made to look real. He was blueish whitish.

“Come on kids, let’s go to the magical house. Oh boy, I hope Stan is there.” The show does a jump cut, it was sloppy and you could see the puppeteer drop the wooden… thing? It was like, brownish reddish, it looked expensive.

“AAAALRIGHT KIDS, WE’RE HERE. Oh no, Stanley isn’t here. I wonder where he is,” a yell from the basement is heard, it was like, a deep deep voice, kinda sounded like Reaper from Overwatch.

“Oh boy, come on. He’s down here,” said Larry, in a very excited manner. The puppet went down the stairs, revealing that it wasn’t the puppet being put right in front of the camera with the room in the background, but rather it was just a green screen kind of deal, but when it went down stairs, they put down the green screen thing and just went to doing. The puppet in the foreground, and room in the background. Does this make any sense? Like, not a picture, the actual room. Anyway, Stan was in the back, in a chair, facing a wall, opposite the camera.

“Home on, look at this,” the puppet and a bunch of kids run over to see whatever Stan wanted to show them, a little girl, around 9 years of age, patted Stan the back from behind, “You need a blanket, you’re freezing.”

She went in front of him to look him in the face, and she yells, and pushes the chair over, revealing a man. He looked chubby and was wearing a cooking apron, one you would see in a restaurant. He was dead, he was pale, and his ribcage was ripped open. The puppet started to laugh. As water was poured on all of them, and an open, live wire, is shown, held by a red string, a pair of scissors right next to it, the puppet says, “I shall linger for the rest of your lives. Your lives I shall take, and your life will be no more. I’m lingering Larry.” The red string holding the wire up, was cut, and it drops, and electrocuted all these kids. Lingering Larry laughs and the tape ejects itself, completely broken. I reach out to grab it, and it shocked me. “Ow, my finger, f**k,” a voice from behind me, giggle slightly.

Author’s Note: Well, how was it? It was my first pasta and honestly, it probably sucked, I’m sorry.

  • Catto_Golden

    Reminds me of the one about the hand puppet that burned a bunch of kids for a cult. I personally enjoyed it

  • Nicole Lenz

    I enjoyed it 🙂

  • Izzy Vilimas

    This is REALLY good. You should do more like this

  • SmP

    The story was actually pretty decent, especially for the first time. I liked it. However, if you want a feedback, you should work on the language. Some sentences were hard to make sense of and the reading experience itself wasn’t much immersive. Most fiction (including pasta) readers like to feel pulled into the story, the language can help with that. And since the best way to learn how to write is to write, keep it up!

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    This was your first pasta? Well, fantastic job. Well-written, if not completely unique, but it’s hard to be unique when writing a pasta about children’s shows. That’s a minefield, right there, and you just waltzed right through without any problem.
    I’m excited to see any other work you’ve done! You should be proud of this, it’s wonderful.