Within The Forest

As the night was filled with Horror and screams there was a girl who started the new beginning of the end. It will be full of no homes but one and the whole world will be a battle field full of creepy pastas and one girl who wasn’t one made it all happen so let’s begin the new beginning.

The portal was opening now the creepy pastas could come into are world “Yes I did it I finally set them into the world of destruction with millions of people and I will illuminate those who fail their tasks!” said Alexis “I need to start with eyeless Jack, wait only a few got in damn the portal must of had a glitch I need to turn it off quickly!” Said Alexis as she ran to the lever and turned off the portal “Few, so it’s just slender man, eyeless Jack, Jeff the killer, and wait is that pikachu how the hell did he get in here great so I guess he will be a challenge now where did eyeless Jack go!” Said Alexis while pulling her mask back over her mouth. As Alexis scouted the area she pointed her electrical bow that was made with gold and with explosive arrows and blades, and her two mashedies made out of gold sharper than obsidian they were on her back and her silky black ripped wings matched with her black dress and her black heel boots “their you are now let’s just see where you go to kill!” Said Alexis in a whisper “Ahhhhh!” Said a woman “How did he get here! Alexis help!!” Said mia “Mia I told you not to come!And Taylor I told you not to dress up as Jeff the killer!” Said Alexis in anger “Sorry babe did I blow my cover I just wanted to scare Mia to teach her not to go into this dimension!” Said Taylor “Whatever just get her up here!” Said Alexis “Fine!” Said Taylor “Why is pickacu here!” Said Mia “Picka come here!” Yelled Mia at her pet (witch is pickachu “picka Chuuuuu!” Said Picka “Oh just get up here!” Said Mia “Shhhhh your gonna blow my concentration!” Said Alexis. As Alexis pointed her explosive arrow at the television and she entered the game and she was pushed inside the water by eyeless Jack “You can’t kill me you idiot!” Screamed Alexis as she was breathing under water and she flew up in the air and threw her mashetie at eyeless Jack and his whole body split in two! “That should take care of you next!” Said Alexis jumping out of the TV “that was easy!” Said Alexis to Mia and Taylor “Wow so did he spawn into your army?” Said Taylor “Ya he did but the surgeon is taking care of him cause he was split in to by these beautiful masheties!” said Alexis with a big smile “That’s sick!” said Taylor with a smile “Slender man has 20 kills so he is next!” said alexis. As she was flying through the air she finally found him “Hey slender are you looking for your dead girlfriend cause I have a little secret!” said Alexis “I killed her so come and try to kill me!” said Alexis “SNAP CRACK THUD” Alexis dropped to the ground and flew back up “SMACK FLING BANG” she tried to blow him up “WACK TWIST THUD” slender man through her with his tenticles on his back Alexis got up “WOOSH SLIIIIIICE CRACK DRIP DRIP THUD” she cut his tentacles and his head off “Few now that was a challenge now that is over who is next!” said Alexis “WOOSH FLING THUD” “Jeff The Killer nice try but cha kinda missed but don’t worry I’ll put my bow down and we will fight with mashetties!” Said Alexis dropping her bow and grabbing both of her mashetties and giving Jeff back his “let’s begin shall we!” Said Alexis “WOOSH CRACK” their mashetties both hit trees and “SMACK CRACK BAMG” she lost her mashetties and Jeff jumped on top of her with a mashettie up to her throught “I think you missed!” Said Jeff with a smile “Ugh get off!” Said Alexis struggling to get up “Get off her!” Yelled Taylor with his black hair and his tared wings swishing in the Cold whispering wind “So it’s you again I thought I killed you!” Said Jeff “What do you mean!” Said Alexis “Your army used to be mine so I killed Taylor cause he betrayed my army then my best army recrute took over because I never returned!” Said Jeff “I didn’t think you would come back!” Said… Alexis “That’s OK I’ll just take my army back and I’ll lock you up!” Said Jeff “You better not touch her!” Said Taylor “I may do whatever now I’ll kill her so she could pop up in the jail sell!” Said Jeff as he stabbed her in the ribs and let her suffer “That sun of a b!tch damn that hurt!” Said Alexis “How could you hurt her!” Said Taylor “I choose her future you don’t do you!” Said Jeff with a smile “Babe are you alright!” Said Taylor “Does it look like I’m alright!” Said Alexis trembling as she walks “SWOOSH ZING” Mia used her healing powers to heal Alexis   “Thanks!” said Alexis “I want a rematch Jeff!” said Alexis as she picked up her mashetties and her bow “Let’s fight!” said Jeff “BANG BOOM SLASH CHING BANG ZING BAM” .They we’re fighting for hours and Alexis was on the ground and Jeff grabbed her arm and he dragged her with him “Come get her when you can fight me and beat me!” said jeff. “Now you are mine so let’s erase your memories and keep it to where we we’re at when we both owned the army as a couple!” said Jeff “That was to long ago plz don’t I live a greater life now!” said Alexis “Here just take this it will erase your memorie to back 100 years ago when we ruled!” said Jeff making her swallow it.

One year later

“Hmm where am I babe are you there!” said Alexis “yes I’m right here!” said Jeff “I’m glad your back I thought you would never come back.” said Alexis “I told you I would never leave you your my little devil!” said Jeff leaning in to kiss her “I know but did you kill………Taylor.” said Alexis “Not yet but I will today!” said Jeff with a smile “Then go kill him now or I will!” said Alexis “Than you can go kill him but first doll take your mask so he won’t suspect you.” said Jeff. Alexis jumped out of the window and hit the white snow with her black heel boots and flew up to see where he would be “WOOSH FLING” “Babe I think your looking for Jeff right?” said Taylor throwing a knife and missing on purpose “No I’m looking for…… YOU!” said Alexis giving him a glare “What did Jeff do to you it’s like you act like how you we’re way back then!?” said Taylor “What do you mean me and Jeff own the army together and he fought you a week ago!” said Alexis “I didn’t think he would go that far to throw your memories that far back in time!?” said Taylor “What are you talking about!” said Alexis “You see he gave you a pill that throws your memories 100 years back and Ya that’s not good.” said Taylor “So is he still my husband?” said Alexis “Wait he was your husband how did that happen!?” said Taylor “we’ve been married for 2 million years when I was twenty he put a spell on me to where I would never die or age so I stayed like this and them he had an acaccident and he died but than he returned but in my dimension.” said Alexis “I’m sorry but I can’t let you go I still love you so make a choice now!” said Taylor And then Jeff apeared “Make a choice who do you feel more love with!” yelled Jeff “I….. I…..I don’t……….I don’t know OK!” yelled Alexis “Jane come on I know you love me.” said Jeff “What did you just call me!” said Alexis “I said Jane baby that’s your name!” said Jeff “That’s not her name.” said Taylor  “My name is not Jane it’s Alexis!” said Alexis glaring at Jeff and floating closer to Taylor “No babe plz it was just a simple mistake come on I killed everyone just to protect you!” said Jeff “Or did you just do it to protect your self huh!” yelled Alexis “No plz I won’t kill or hurt you again!” said Jeff “I know I’m dead you don’t have to remind me but I got a spell to make me alive again so you cant say I’m dead!” said Alexis as she flew over to Taylor’s arms and clutched him tightly “WOOSH FLING THUD” “Alexis!!!” yelled Taylor swooping down to catch her “How could you try to kill her!” yelled Taylor “She’s supposed to die can’t you see she’s the reason for are exsistance she decides are death she’s a goddess she owns everyone she can stop are heart beat if she wants to OK so we need to kill her!” yelled Jeff “I don’t care I love her so if she wants my heart to stop beating she must have a good reason cause I love her!” yelled Taylor “Thank you.” whispered Alexis as Taylor smiled back at her “Just let me get rid of him first.” said Alexis turning around. As she rips the knife out her back at she drops it on the ground “SNAP CRACK CRACK SLIP DRIP DRIP THUD” Alexis ripped him in half by letting the mashettie break in half and she didn’t touch him at all “So… so do you do that often you know snap people in half by dropping their weapons and m making them break in half first!” Questioned Taylor ” sometimes if they piss me off.”  sad Alexis. And AZ the night went Buy she wondered if she made the right choice. So she sat around four years wondering if anything would change but nothing did. So she decided to not marry Taylor instead she sliced him in half and she’s not lonely Within… The…. Forest!

The end!!!!

  • wawe

    Ppl aint too interested in this kind of pastas ya know… try to come up with something different and exiting…I think you have the potential to do it…so do so…I look forward too stories that will be scary and mysterious, therefore more suitable for this kind of place on the internet…you should know what I mean. Good luck!

  • Simon

    This…This was terrible. Complete and other jibberish…

  • Warped2Level8

    I think I get what you were doing here…and in a weird way, I liked it. A bit tough to follow, but that may be the point.
    Kudos for putting it out there!

  • Nadibeballin Ballin

    It was ok it really didn’t make sense tho sorry

  • cutekityplays

    It sounds like it’s rhyming