Face to Face

It was a strange night, around 10:00p.m. and the moon was almost full. The moon seemed to illuminate everything. Much brighter than it should have been. It was very odd for the sky to be this bright at this time of night. The wind was cold and strong, it had just finished raining. I live in the woods with my father in a single wide trailer, simple, peaceful.

I was riding my ATV around the driveway and saw something out of the corner of my eye, taking a double take from first thinking it was just the flag poll, I was wrong. A figure as tall as the flag pole in a black dark robe, slender, very slender. All I seen was the robe, but I tried to convince myself it was just a shadow until it turned to look at me. A skeletal face was staring at me with no eyes. I sat there in horror, not sure if I should run or stay still. I eventually made up my mind to make a run for it so I drove as fast as I could home. I didn’t tell my dad because he’d think I was crazy.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw. What was it? It couldn’t be real, could it? I must really be going crazy.

I went back outside after about 30 minutes because I couldn’t stand it anymore, walking down our long driveway that was highly illuminated by this strange moon.

I look back to the place I first saw it but it wasn’t there. I must have been seeing things. I sigh and shrug, turning to go back home when I find its right behind me.

I’m frozen in fear as I look at this skeletal face, no eyes but seeming to stare into my soul. “What do you want?” I finally have the nerve to speak. “Your soul.” It responds, this low raspy voice, so deep it seemed to make my chest rattle. I’m shaking, quivering, on the edge of tears. “Why? Why me?” I can feel my legs growing weak. It tilts his head and responds “because your soul has been tainted. You are one of the evil ones”

I have no idea what it’s talking about, so I ask, “what do you mean?” Then suddenly my sight it taken from me, I start screaming because all I can see is pitch black, then..then a familiar face in the darkness, a girl, a girl from my school. I hear it speak again. “You remember her. The girl you were so horrible to, you abused her mentally. She killed herself this afternoon because of what you did. Now you must die too.”

I can feel my heart sink at those words. Did she really do that? Was I really that horrible? Am I…am I really going to die?

I’m sobbing by this point, still blinded by darkness but now I see her..she’s alone, with a knife..she’s crying, she slit her throat and I’m made to watch as she bleeds to death. It speaks again “this is your fault. You took the last bit of hope she had.” I start screaming “I didn’t mean to! I didn’t know!”

“Too late.”

Now..nothing but darkness, only darkness, only silence. I feel my chest getting tight as the breath leaves my body. I’m dying.


[Official police report]: “female, age of 16, found outside home by father, rib cage broken open, lungs torn out and laid beside the body. No current suspects.”


Think before you speak to someone. A simple smile could save their life… and yours.

  • PoisonedTwitch

    10/10 great story,My friend said its kinda messed up but not as much as me,is that a complement? I don’t know,anyways,great story,I like it

  • Ellie Holt

    4/5 stars. Good concept, but the punctuation was a bit off. You could go further with this if you wanted, too.