Wireless Human

I was a 21-year-old student at the time. I lived in a small house with my high school friend. Our house wasn’t a masterpiece but we were happy with it.

We were coming home at midnight from a small party of one our close friends. We were very tired so we agreed to have a few snacks and watch something. My roommate said that he really wanted microwave popcorn, but we didn’t have any left. He said that he would go to the 24/7 shop about 15 minutes from the house we had. I didn’t want him to go, but it was stupid to argue over popcorn so I was cool with it.

I opened the TV and was going to search for “Watch movies online free” since I always do it to get on a site we use often. But I noticed that when I tapped W a sentence came up. “Wireless Human”. I was going to write the other letters but I saw the word “Human” and stopped.

It was searched before, probably by my friend. But why would my friend search for “Wireless Human”? Why would anyone search for “Wireless Human”?

I hate myself for asking these questions.

I searched the words and it gave me the weirdest Google Search page. There were over 70 sites and each had a number but with the same name “wirelesshuman/number.net”.

There was a different site that had the name “gowirelesshuman”. I clicked it since it was the only different site and had my curiosity. When I opened it, There was a white figure probably 1.5 times as me standing in front of a TV with a guy sleeping on a couch behind it. There was a wireless symbol on the TV which I could see from the metallic body of the white thing.

It moved. The damn photo moved. It changed into the unconscious face of the man in the couch. It jumped from the photo to wirelesshuman/1.net to wirelesshuman/14.net one by one.

I was shocked by the man. I waited for the site to open. It was a clean dark site with a media player. It was a video of a house with a few lights on. No…that was our house. I couldn’t do anything but watch where the camera would go. It was filmed at a very good height. Almost as big as the height of the room.

I rushed to the bathroom locked the door and called my friend.

Damn it… he didn’t get his phone. I could hear the phone ringing from downstairs. Someone or something answered the phone. After a few seconds of silence I put the phone closer to my ear to hear someone.

I heard the worst noise. You know that noise you hear when the speakers let out a very high-pitched noise? I heard it in me. Not in the phone but inside me. It slowly got more intense and high-pitched. It was unbearable. Darkness…

My friend was knocking on the bathroom door. I had passed out on the floor. I opened the door and saw him with some drinks and popcorn.

I remembered what happened and told the past hour to him. He said that the TV wasn’t even on when he came and that I must’ve been dreaming because I might’ve fell a sleep from the drinks we had.

I was very uncomfortable with the events I had just experienced, so I wanted to believe my friend. We watched a movie and went to sleep. I woke up in a backyard. I had a need for something that I knew was near me. It was strange. It’s like being hungry or thirsty but a bit different. It’s something like our resistance for surviving.

I weirdly and slowly walked to the house, there was a scream coming from upstairs. I ran to the backdoor and tried to open it. The screams were getting worse so I broke a part of the door and rushed upstairs. The screams were like someone being chased by a wild animal. I went upstairs and opened the door. I saw a small woman looking at me in fear. She was choking in fear when she saw me. She wasn’t small, I was tall. She passed out.

I woke up next day earlier than my friend. I felt like I ran every second of last night. I didn’t go anywhere that day. I said that I was sick for every responsibility I had. I remembered the dream perfectly which was weird because I always forget my dreams before breakfast. I remembered my “dream” better than remembering what I had for lunch yesterday.

I should check the sites. Yeah I should check all of those sites. It can’t be a dream. “Wireless Human”.

After seeing the text I didn’t want to search it but the only thing I could do was searching for the sites. After seeing that mans face and that thing coming my house It was hard going back.


Nothing. Not even a single site with both words together. Nothing in images. Just some wireless symbols. I knew what happened to me was real but I couldn’t find evidence. This was either a dream. Or it was a secret experiment on humans.

It doesn’t matter what it was. Just don’t go to “gowirelesshuman” or a site like that.

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    This is poorly written trash.