The Walls

I never really had the best sleep pattern. I always was one to stay up late, gaming or just browsing through various social medias. I began to notice every hour past 11pm in my apartment at exactly the 13 minute mark there would be a loud knock on the walls near me. It didn’t matter if I was in the living room or kitchen, it would happen right behind my head. You see, I just recently moved into this apartment even though it was against my best friends wishes him saying,

“Alex, it’s giving me bad vibes! We can’t!”

He was such a drama king sometimes. He refused to sleep here after what happened last week. While he and I were playing Call of Duty there was an unusually loud knock behind us. We both quickly turned around and he screamed. I’ve never heard Quincy scream.

“That’s it dude I’m not staying here! I’m going to go stay with my sister, that’s not normal!” he shouted grabbing his jacket.

Trust me, I was freaked out too but nothing’s hurt me. There was a hole in the wall whereas if someone had punched it. Quincy left that night and the knocks continued and became louder the more I didn’t pay attention to them. So here we are, a week or so later. I wanted to know what causes the knocks so I decided to find out. When a knock behind me occurred, I turned and went directly to where it happened and put my ear to the wall. I heard breathing, heavy breathing. I stepped away. What the hell is that!? I heard another knock behind me and turned and saw it nearly went through the wall. Another knock in the other direction happened and I took my eyes off the first one.

Bad mistake.

I looked back and saw what was causing the knocking. There before me stood a creature like I’ve never seen before. It had no eyes, stringy grey hair, scaly black skin and long black claws. It tapped its claws on its feet on the ground and made a knock. Was it trying to see where I was? The others knocked as well but I didn’t move. It growled in anger since it wasn’t able to find me. It tried moving but the others went to it thinking it was me.

They began to growl at each other, all 3 of them. I slowly creeped towards the door. Then they stopped and so did I. So we all stayed there until 4am arose and they disappeared. I waved my hand to test it, they were gone. I learned a lot after that. These creatures were called Wanderdamns, they live in walls, they knock waiting to hear you move so they can key in on you since they have no sight, only hearing. They don’t attack when you’re asleep, usually. If you snore, you’re easy prey. They love eating eyes, thinking it’ll give them sight. Whatever you do though with Wanderdamns, do not let them get out of the walls. And remember, they love pretty eyes.

  • Whitney Paige Moulton

    Oh I like it!

  • Tate’yana Knight

    Loved this story but I think you should give more details on how he discovered what the monsters are, and just a question, if the monsters can’t see, how do they love pretty eyes?