Why I Don’t Go into Mirror Mazes Anymore

It was just a normal day, i was just finishing up work and was ready for the weekend, I was excited because my nephews were coming to town for a trip too the amusement park. It wasn’t very big, or popluar at all, the main mascots were just a walking dog and cat. It had all the regular games like throw the ball at the milk jugs, hit the target with water guns, and guessing weight and age. But the one thing that I always loved was the mirror maze, it was so fun to go in with my nephews and split up and get lost and have to call “marco polo” back and forth until we found each other. We never found the end of it, but we still had a great time. I went to bed early that night so i could get and go pick up my 10 year old nephews, my sister, and that horrible drunk that ruined my sisters life by beating her and abusing her, she never admits it but i can see the bruises and the fear in her eyes whenever she looks at him. What always made me feel good though, is when i would make him think someone took his bag when i put it by the vending machines at the airport. We all piled into my van and i took them to go get their rented car. We all met back at my house for burgers and hot dogs begore we left for the park. Once well all finished, we got our cameras, dinner money, and I got a little extra money incase my nephews and I ran out of tickets and had to get more. I drove my van, and they took their rented Kia to the park. We all met back up at the front of the park, we all got our tickets, and split up. I was with my nephews and my sister was with thay slob she calls a husband. My nephews, jack and kevin, wanted to to play the “shoot the water gun at the target” game, so I let them, and they almost wasted all their tickets on that game before i stopped them. We went and played some more games before we went to the mirror maze. Once we had just enough tickets to go into the mirror maze, all three of us rushed over before realizing. No one was at the mirror maze. Normally there is a big line to get in, but not this time. We weren’t too worried about it, we ran over and gave the guy working there the last of our tickets and he let us in. We split up and looked for the end, while I was completely lost, jack yelled “I think im close to the end!” That made me sad. I wanted all three of us to be together when we found the end, so i yelled ” keepimg talking, but don’t move! I will find kevin and we will meet up with you!” So he kept talking about his favorite video games as i looked for kevin. It seems like foever passed and i still haven’t found either of them when i heard my sister yell “boys! Your father says its time to go!” As they pleaded for 10 more minutes, I tried to find them so i could get them out. My sister eventually got them to come out, even tought the park didn’t close for another 45 minutes, i still was inside looking for the way out. I gave up and yelled “go home without me, I will take my van, i will be alright!”. I wandered around for what seemed like an hour when i heard ” attention visitors, the park is now closed. Please leave through the closet exit. Thank you and come again.” Oh no, i thought. Im going to be stuck in here. Then the lights shut off “great” I softly hufted. Then i heard foot steps, enough to be two people, and i heard someone say “what do you think you were doing? You can’t just try to leave the suit. I own you, you sack of s**t. I pay your bills and you pull this f*****g s**t? This is the last time” it went quite, i heard struggling. What seemed to be foever ended with a gunshot which was much louder because I’m in a room with a lot of walls. I must have hit a wall because i heard running footsteps getting closer
when I turned a couple corners and saw the end. It was a stairway up, it lead to a platform with a slide down. I heard the footstes running up the stairway so I quickly slid dow and ran out of the park. I made it to my van, unlocked it, and drove quickly home. I walked in my house only to find my sister being beaten by her husband, my nephews were already fast asleep, he looks at me and says “go upstairs now.” I went upstairs and grabbed my 12 guage and loaded it. As i walked back downstairs i heard my sister pleading him to stop l, but he didn’t, so i aimed my gun at him. He turned around and had 9mm pistol. He pointed it at me and yelled ” mind your own buisness kid, after all, i own her” “she still has rights” I said firmly, then we heard little footsteps. When i looked it was jack and kevin, they saw me, they saw me point my gun at their dad, they saw their mom beaten, and bruised. They ran back into the guest bedroom crying “boys! I didn’t mean it! I wasn’t ever going to shoot your dad!” I yelled feeling terrible ” I knew you didnt have the balls too, all you ever do is play” he said as he turned and shot my sister, i quickly unloaded three shells out of anger . He fell. As he hit the ground memories of my sister flooded back to me, but now she is gone. I quickly got the bodies and dumped them into a pond, not too far from where i live, and went home. I checked on my nephews and they were asleep, thank god, i went to bed and we went back to the amusment park the next day. But we didn’t play amy games we went straight to the mirror maze and we didmt split up, we stayed together. I took them to the farthest corner of maze and got the 9mm that i slid under the fence into the park and grabbed it before going in, and told them to close their eyes and count to 100 “It’s a game” i said before i quickly shot both of them and quickly fled. After that day there had been reports of people being harrased by two small children in the maze. So after that day, I don’t go into mirror mazes anymore

  • Amber Izer

    This story leaves so many questions. Why would he hide the bodies when it was self defence? Why would he kill the kids? It was daylight and lots of people were around. How did he not get caught? What happened with the murder he witnessed at the maze the night before? With the exception of a few grammar errors, this story wasn’t bad. Keep trying. You will do better next time.

    • MC.duck

      Its is just a theory but I think the murder he witnessed the night before was him murdering those kids

  • Jon R

    I think for me, the story had no discernible parts, it was very “this happened, then this, then I did that”, it was a bit of a jumble to be honest. A lack of layout and distinct lack of spellcheck made this very difficult to read. Also, there wasn’t anything particularly scary or creepy throughout, except for the very last line, it seemed very tacked on.