My Story Part 4

I stared at the ceiling all night thinking. “What am I doing?” I whispered as I closed my eye. “Raven did you say something?” Eyeless Jack asked turning over in my direction. “No…I didn’t say anything Eyeless Jack….” I answered back as I started to doze off. “Okay…” Eyeless Jack said as he started to doze off too.

I woke up before Eyeless Jack did, I looked at the time and it was time for breakfast already. “Eyeless Jack!! Get up!!”I yelled at him to get up. “Raven….don’t yell please, I’m up okay…” Eyeless Jack said as he rolled out of bed and stood up.

We went down stairs to find Ben playing a game, Toby outside cleaning his hatchet and Jeff getting his breakfast in the kitchen. “Raven I’ll get you some cereal and just sit down on the couch…” Eyeless Jack said smiling and running into the kitchen.

“Hey Ben, what’s up?” I asked Ben. “Hey, just playing a game.” Ben said with a intense face. “You have a very tense face, you should take a break for a few minutes Ben.” I told him. “Yeah I probably should thank you for telling me Raven!” Ben said as he paused the game and ate some food.

“Raven here’s your cereal!” Eyeless Jack said smiling as he sat down next to me. “Thank you Eyeless Jack.” I asked him as I started to eat. “No problem, do you want toto go back to that part of the forest we we’re at yesterday?” He said smiling before he started to eat.”Sure!” I said smiling as I started to eat my cereal.

Eyeless Jack and I packed up and ran back to the mysterious forest with a crystal blue river, that gave a mysterious feel and made most people curious about what’s on the other side of the crystal blue river….Eyeless Jack got caught by that feeling and started walking towards the other side stepping on the bridge. “Eyeless Jack!!” I said running in front of him making him stop. “Raven?” He asked still in a little trance. “Please don’t go over there! Please, I don’t want to lose anyone else…” I told him as I started to cry. “Raven? Are you okay?! What happened?!” Eyeless Jack said worried as he looked me in the eye. “Please don’t go over in the Dark Forest…..I lost to many people to that forest already!” I said still crying. “R-raven….Don’t worry, I’ll never go over there in my life unless…nevermind but I’ll never go over there.” Eyeless Jack said as he hugged me tight. I feel so bad right now, crying in front of my….my crush. “I’m sorry Eyeless Jack…for crying.” I said. “It’s fine….We should head back.” He said reaching for my hand. “I…want to stay a while, but you can head back I’ll be there in a hour. “Okay, please be back before dark or we will go searching for you…bye Raven.” Eyeless Jack said as he walked away. “Phew, he’s gone.” I said. “So, you have done well Raven. But why have you given them your name?” ??? Said in question. “Oh! Shadow, I didn’t see you there. I have given them my name so I can gain access to their trust so it can be easier to destroy them….” I said getting quiet at the end of my sentence because I felt the other from the Mansion watching as they listened in. “Hmm? Why’d you get quiet at the end of your sentence, Raven?” Shadow said as he took a step closer. “I…I just did that because I wanted to!” I said stepping backwards. “Are you scared of me….Raven?” Shadow said smiling as he took another step closer to me. “Shadow stop!” I said raising my voice a little. “I don’t think you should talk to your lord like that! But now that you have….Guards! Take her ‘friends’ out of the bushes!” Shadow said taking another step closer to me. “Stay back!” I yelled at him as I took out my Silver Blade. “Okay then, let’s fight!” Shadow said as he tried to wack me away but I sliced his hand. “HAHAHA! You are such an idiot!” Shadow said as he wack me so hard I went back and hit a tree. “AH!…” I yelp with no power what so ever.”R-raven!” Eyeless Jack yelled in worry. “Shut up idiot, he’ll kill you and everyone else, and I’ll be left there to watch.” I said in his head which made him confused for a moment. “Fufufu! What have you found Shadow?” A female voice said as she stepped out of the Darkness. “Who are you…?” Ben asked carefully. “Who am I? Well, who are you?” She asked walking up next to Shadow. “Their just little play things darling! That one is Toby, that one his Jeff and that one is Ben. Ben is the one who asked you the question.” Shadow explained. “Uh-oh! Their cute little things! And Ben! My name is Infinity Rose, but please do call me Infinity!” Infinity said smiling while kissing Ben’s hand that left a Dark mark. (A Dark mark is a spell that spreads throughout the body and within 3 days they will die.) “Oh, thank you for doing that darling! You just made my life easier!” Shadow said smiling and laughing. “Oh, it was nothing Shadow!” Infinity said smiling and laughing as she walked back into the darkness. “Stay back!” Slender man somehow yelled and grabbed Ben, Toby, Jeff and Eyeless Jack. “Huh?! Hey!!” Shadow yelled as he tried to chase after Slenderman but he started to burn once he stepped foot on the other side of the bridge. “That’s…your only we-weakness….” I said weakly. “Slender! Raven she’s still–!” Eyeless Jack said to Slender but got cut off by Toby. “She betrayed us Jack!! She was on that guy’s side!” Toby said arguing with Eyeless Jack. “She told me to run, so I ran to the Mansion to get you guy’s!! She saved me!!” Eyeless Jack almost screamed but instead of starting a fight he broke down and started to cry black goop. “Jack….I-I’m sorry, I should of thought before I acted…” Toby said bending down and helping Eyeless Jack up. “Slender, what’s your decision..?” Jeff asked carefully. “I have decided that we’ll……”