Who am I

No physical pain can hurt me,
Breaks, scratches or cuts.
But the mental pain inside me,
This is all too much.

All the teasing I have suffered,
Over something I can’t control.
The near constant jerky movements,
Oh! How the kids are cruel.

Then the day came that changed it all,
The day life seemed to end.
The crash that took my sister,
My rock, on who I used to depend.

I see her often in my mind,
But not as she was before.
I always see her after the crash,
I can’t take much more.

Back home after the accident,
Why does dad have to be there?
The drunk didn’t even see his daughter,
He’s way too selfish to care.

A violent man, a drunk,
I remember the way he hurt them both.
My mother and my sister,
Never again, I made an oath.

Alone in my room, the pain inside my head,
It’s getting to much to bear.
Am I going mad and seeing things?
Was a man just standing there?

Maybe it’s the medicine?
Things seem out of place.
I swear I saw that man again,
Tall, slim without a face.

My father left, but is back again,
Why does he have to be around?
So stressed I’m biting my fingers,
Til my mother had them bound.

Each night I cry for hours,
All alone here in the dark.
Images I don’t want to see,
Have definitely left their mark.

I stare out of the window,
Looking at nothing at all.
Under the streetlight, he’s there again,
The faceless man so tall.

I’ve started hearing other things,
Mum took me to a shrink.
My head is swirling with many things,
It’s so hard to think.

I keep on having nightmares,
Of Lyra, hurt and in pain.
Or was I awake?
That man was with her again.

Now I’m hearing voices,
Should I do just what they said.
If I follow their instructions,
My father will be dead.

I walked up to the counter,
I chose the biggest knife.
I can’t control the voices,
I was going to take his life.

I started to laugh so hard,
As I walked up to my dad.
I was going to kill him,
And I didn’t feel bad.

He fought me hard,
I cannot lie.
He tried hard to get me off,
But he was going to die.

I drove the blade into his chest,
The final deed was done.
My mother screamed when she saw me,
Now all I could do was run.

Setting a fire behind me, I ran into the woods,
Flames trailing behind me,
I looked back one last time,
But flames were all I could see.

I felt a hand upon my shoulder,
And a ringing in my ears.
Slenderman had found me,
No time for tears.

I am part of his family now,
I feel this is the way it was meant to be.
No teasing anymore,alone but never lonely,
My name… Ticci-Toby.

  • Psynderis

    It was a good story and a great effort, but the rhythm in a couple of the stanzas was slightly off and ruined the flow of the story. That being said, I still think it’s pretty cool. Good job.

  • Ella Clark

    I knew from the first stanza that it was my favorite, Ticci Toby!!