Poem: Dystopia

Days go by without fail

Weeks go by and I’m ready to bail

None of us feel happy, too much depression

But some of us are still fighting against oppression

Hate and war in everyday life

Kids holding onto each other, huddled together with no light

The path we go… the people we try to save…

What’s the point? We all end up in graves

Society is quickly crumbling

The ground beneath us rumbling

People around me stumbling

So many words… it’s all just incoherent mumbling

The end is near

Everyone but me screaming in fear

The ground around me sinking

I walk on without thinking

  • Clarissa

    This hit me on a personal level. It’s so true and very relatable.

  • Puddin Tane

    That was well thought out. You seem to have a knack for this. Can we look forward to another one?

  • Jed

    2/5 It’s elegant and foreboding, but it’s not saying anything groundbreaking or original.