Roses are red, violets, are blue, have you ever had the feeling, someone’s watching you?

From above, from below, I can assure you, you’re not alone. He laughs, he weeps, he always creeps. Around the one he calls the “sheep.” He tends to them, watching their life, only to then, end it all with a knife.

He has no eyes, he has no face, yet he’s always watching, keeping a steady pace. He’s slender and skinny, he’s like a twig, but it won’t be long, ’til he wears your face like a wig. He’s dressed in black, he won’t hold back, he’ll bend your bones, ’til they go crack.

He shows no mercy, to those he bares, plead, beg, cry, he doesn’t care.

If you’ve read this far, it’s almost too late, there’s almost no escape from your untimely fate. He’ll peel off your face, he’ll bring you hell. He’s always there, he always dwells, but please don’t scream, he loves it when you yell.

He looks like the one, he’s recently killed, don’t be the next soul, he’ll soon undoubtedly claim.

There is a way, to keep your breath, escape this hell, this painful death. Knock on your door, 24 times, and sing your favorite nursery rhymes. If you don’t hear a thing, you’ve escaped your fate, your untimely demise, has been given to your closest mate.

Be it your wife, your husband, your child, tell them it’s time, to chant their own rhyme. They cannot run, they cannot hide, as the man is always inside their mind. Tell them to sing before it’s too late, do it now, before they reach death’s gate.

Roses are red, violets, are blue, I’ve sang my rhyme, I’ve transferred it to you. It’s time for you to make a choice, will you let him rejoice, will you show your voice? C’mon now your time’s almost up, don’t worry, it won’t be the worst of your crimes.

Knock, Knock,

Who’s there?

The man with the roses,

Oops, he’s here. Make up your mind, you don’t need to be kind. Do it NOW, before the show ends, he’s getting impatient. Do it now, or take your bow…