Killer Jaz and Eyeless Jack – Part 4

We walk through the door and Ben comes up to me,  and stares at me. “Come on Ben stop scaring Jaz.” Jack says knowing that he’s near me. “Jack he’s not scaring me he’s just in my personal space. Ben I’ll on tell I this once. F**K O F F! Got me?” I say smiling ready to fight Ben.  Jack comes up to me and hugs me from behind. Ben leaves and Jack slowly pushes me to the couch. I turn to face him. I fall back onto the couch and he falls on top of me. I smile and kiss him,  he kisses me back. We start to make out till Ticci Toby walked in and said, “Get a room u two!” He laughed then I got up and looked at him. “H-hey Ticci Toby.” I say nervous on meeting him the I twitched and his eyes went wide. I then clicked and said, “mother f****r,” He smiled and hugged me. “I finally have someone like me that has tourettes.” He said crying a little. Eyeless jack wanted Ticci Toby to be with me. Jack looked at me then smiled. I smiled back. Jack left us alone and went outside. I was kinda confused on what was going on because I loved eyeless Jack. Toby looked at me with a smirk. I pushed him away and went to find Jack.

I found Jack sitting on the steps. “I can smell a hot pretty girl behind me right now. “He said with a low voice. I came up and hugged him from behind. ” Jaz u belong with Ticci Toby not me.” I looked at him with shock. I didn’t like Ticci Toby I love eyeless Jack. “Jack I love u. I have read ur story more then once.” I said stepping back wanting to cry. Jack could feel that I was about to cry. Then he jumped up and hugged me. “I’m sorry Jaz. I told Ticci Toby that if I found u that I would give u to him. I’m truly sorry. I promised him that I would. ” Jack said kissing my lips one last time.

I pushed him away and went inside in tears. Toby looked at me concerned. I ran to my new room and slammed the door behind me. Toby went outside to talk to Jack. “What’s wrong with Jaz?” Jack stood up and looked at Toby then said, “She loves me, but I told her that I promised u that if I found her that she would be urs not mine. ” Toby looked at Jack with sad eyes. Then Toby goes inside and knocks on my door. “W-who is it? ” I say sobbing. “It’s me Toby. Can I please come in?” He says still knocking on my door. I get up and let him in looking at him. “U alright?? I heard what happened and I’m so sorry.” He says with open arms. I fall into his arms crying and sobbing. “I’m right here Jaz. I’ll be here for you. Okay?” He pulls my head up when he said okay. (Sorry that this didn’t get posted)

  • Izzy Walker

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