When It Breeds: Part 1

Journal entry: date: June 5th, 1919

The story I’m about to tell you is far from fiction. Hell, it’s hard to believe it myself if I haven’t seen it with my own eyes. It all began normal just like any other day. It was a perfect summer and I was out on my evening stroll. I would go to the park just like any other evening. You can call it my daily routine, just like any other routine. As I was wandering through the park minding my own business, I heard a woman scream. So without hesitation, I ran to see what happened. About the time I got to the source of the scream, it was too late. There before my eyes laid a fair maiden brutally murdered in cold blood.

She’s laid there with her mouth gaped open and her eyes rolled in the back of her head. Her chest was ripped open with blood and intestines filled out everywhere. Who would do this? I had thought to myself who would commit such a brutal act broad daylight. Thoughts were running through my head trying to process what I have seen.

That concentration was broken when I heard a noise coming from the bushes nearby. But I thought nothing of it. At first, my only thoughts were to get to the nearest police call box and contact the authorities of a brutal murder that occurred.

As I made it to the police call box and managed to get ahold of the authorities, I told them what had happened and what I have seen. They immediately made it to the park shortly after I had given my statement to the head police officer and detective. The police officer that was writing things down was a portly fellow with a handlebar mustache and appear to be slightly unkempt. And next to him was the detective who appeared well-mannered and more kept than his police partner beside him. I give them anything and everything that I can think of and tell them I heard rustling in the bushes next to the body and thought it was just an animal but they wrote that down and thank me for my statement.

And then, they told me to go home and get some rest and if they had any more questions, they would look me up. As I got home, I collapsed into my chair trying to get the thoughts of the brutally murdered woman out of my mind thinking who or what could do such a thing to a person. And that’s when I heard another scream coming from my neighbor’s house and that’s when I jump to my feet. I ran outside and over to my neighbor’s who would just a foot away from me.

As I got into their yard and ran to the front door, I immediately start banging on the door trying to get someone to answer. And that’s when I heard another scream coming with inside the house so I ran the door down with my shoulder.

When I finally got in, I looked around the house find my neighbor. And that’s when I found his body in his study ripped open, just like the woman in the park, mutilated beyond belief. His body laid back in his chair with his blood and intestines littering the floor. His lifeless eyes stare at the ceiling with a permanent look of fear on his face. I couldn’t believe what was happening; two bodies in one day. This just had to be a nightmare and I would wake up from at any moment but sadly it wasn’t. It was mind breaking reality.

Before I was about to break down, my mind and wits have come back to me. I quickly ran to the phone out in the sitting room and immediately call the authorities. As quickly as I called them, they had arrived, but this time instead of taking my statement right there, they asked me to come to the station. I went from being a witness to a suspect in too brutal murderers.

So as I sat there in the interrogation room waiting for something to happen, an officer finally came in and told me I was free to go. I asked him what happened, why was I discharged, and he’d give me an answer to my question.

Officer: “Well sir, we got another call from someone saying someone else has been murdered, so it couldn’t have been you. We’re letting you go, but we will still be sending a police e****t to watch you at your home.”

I let out a breath of relief knowing that I was innocent of all charges. But I’m still wondering who or what was causing these killings. So as I got home that evening, I didn’t rest at all. When I got home, I stayed up all night figuring out who or what’s causing these murders. The next morning I went on an investigation to gather clues.

I went hours nonstop trying to gather information. Clues and witnesses to every investigation. And so far, the murders that happened in my town were not the only ones I found out. Apparently, the same chilling style went further back. Before I was even born. I thought to myself this couldn’t be the same person. If it was, they must be over hundreds of thousands of years old. But I digress a little. There’s no way someone or something that old still is alive.

Or could it? Well, I am going to stop writing here. It’s still research and I think I’m getting close to solving these murders. But this is where I will sign off for now until my next journal entry. Farewell for now.


  • Love2Bscared

    That was an amazingly great story!! I can’t wait for part 2!! 5 stars!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐