The Man Who Wasn’t There

There is a man in my hall smoking an unfiltered camel and watching me!

He will eat my brain

The baby down the hall is crying but I know it’s a demon from Hell

They let me out they said im not crazy

I killed the paper boy he is in my bathtub

Listen if we don’t escape the aliens will take our brains

The doctors say I’m all better now…

Today the world will end I have not seen the sun in thirty years

They put food out my door they say it is shut in outreach but its drugged!

There is a man outside my door smoking an unfiltered camel. I wouldn’t let him in

(this note was found by me when I delivered pizza in San Diego in 2003 in an apartment building. I could see the man watching me while I drove off…)

  • OldMrSoup


  • LordFlyingBajr

    Short, interesting, creepy

  • Tristan Manning

    I like this.