Closing Time

My name is Mathew Wilson and this is a strange thing that happened to me and my son.

I was at the grocery store with my son, Michael. He asked me to go see the video game section, as always, I said yes, he smiled and left.

About fifteen minutes later I was wondering what he was doing, he usually just checks for new games and comes back, then he tells me he’s going to start saving up his money for it.

I left the construction section of the store and soon made my way where Michael was supposed to be. Getting closer, I noticed my shoulders getting heavier, I felt like I was being stared at even though no one was in my sight.

The gaming isle was empty, no one. To be honest it was freaking me out, I lost my son.

I was speed walking around the store, looking for him, he was nowhere to be seen. I then ran to the front doors hoping that he may have went back to the car. The doors were locked, and it was pitch black outside, when we got here it was two in the afternoon.

I was looking for some one that could help me but I soon noticed, when I was running through the store I didn’t see any one.

I stood still, looking around, if any one was around.

The lights turned off, it was so dark, I couldn’t see anything. I took out my phone and turned on the flashlight. I looked around for a second until I saw the time on my phone. It was 12:14 PM. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was impossible, what was I doing?! Did I black out? I looked back at the time and also noticed that my battery was at eight percent. Great. I made a call to my wife but no one answered, I didn’t have reception.

I thought it wasn’t that bad, I was in a grocery store, I have everything I could ever possibly need, and if my son is still in here I know he’d just be sitting in a corner waiting for me or an adult to help him from the monsters. I always found that funny, where do kids get that idea?

I was trying to find the aisle with the batteries and flashlights, my phone hold on for long, I’ll need a back up.

As I was trying to take a flashlight out of its packaging I heard crying in the distance. I let go of everything and started running through everything, almost breaking my feet as I was stepping over things I didn’t know was there, I had no idea but I couldn’t feel anything, I had to find my son.

I soon reached the noise, it was him! Michael was sitting on the floor, his face burrowed into his knees, surrounded with a pillow fort he had made. I couldn’t have been happier!

I went down to give him a hug but he pushed me away with a loud grunt. I looked down at him, he must’ve been mad at me for not finding him sooner. I was trying to show him it was me, his dad, but he had no intention on looking or speaking with me right now.

I gave him a bit of space, after all, he is a growing little six-year-old…

I was walking around the store, trying to find the flashlight I had stopped on the floor.

I found it and picked it up. I was walking back to Michael until I heard a few steps,  they soon stopped after I had turned my head to look at whoever was coming towards me. I just turned on the flashlight and I was pointing it directly to my face.

“Daddy!” I heard the person say. I was extremely confused as to who this child was, Michael was over by the pillows, who was he? And where’s his father?

The kid started running at me full speed, his tiny legs going all force to come see me, I braced myself for impact. He crashed into me with an “oof” and nuzzled his small head into my stomach. He looked up at me, it’s… it’s Michael?!

I got on my knees very quickly and hugged him, my arms almost going around him twice.

He started sniffling and soon started crying. “Daddy, a guy was running after me with a knife.. I was so scared Daddy!” I was scared too. What kind of sick a*****e runs after a child with a knife?! Although, it may not have been true… after all he is a kid. I told him it’d be okay and that I’ll protect him, he nodded and gave me another small hug.

I started wondering who the other kid was… I started being scared for the poor little guy, I told Michael that we had to go see him and try to ask him about his parents.

We got back to the pillows but nothing was there, the pillows weren’t made into a fort and their wasn’t any child here.

I heard more crying to my right and looked over, down the aisle was the same kid I saw earlier. I started walking towards him, “Hey buddy, do you know where your Mommy and Daddy are? I can help you find them,” I said, trying to sound as nice as possible.

My son started soft giggling like scoff. I looked back at him “What’s wrong bud? You sick?” I asked him. He looked up at me in disbelief.

“Who are you talking to Daddy?”

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