Patchwork Origins 2: The Flesh Market

Patchwork Origins 2: Flesh Market

In this world as it seems isn’t what it looks like to be for the human eyes to see. This world is more than it seems, an underground black market that buys organs for anything depending on the trade for its transactions. Patchwork went on the quest to go there to earn money for a living since his parents are deceased and his brother escaped from the proxy incident… he has nothing but his home.

Patchwork got a taste of madness… and he wanted more

Patchwork in his first contract he had to enjoy the bloodthirst and empowerment of his kill for the first time. But though, it is not his first time, before becoming a proxy he was just a contract killer but before that just a serial killer and before that just a petty thief.

He first killed when he was being bullied, he stalked his prey like a patient wild animal would until the most precise time to attack. He tasted bloodlust for the first time, now he wanted more so he started to kill innocent people too. Though, he lives alone in his house and after a week of a killing spree without being caught because was too smart to get away… he thought he needed money, he thought he needed the supplies for food and water, electricity and internet, and such.

Since his parents were taken by his master the Slenderman, he lives alone and Slenderman was ignorant enough about his situation not to provide any resources to live.

Patchwork went to his old classmate back from highschool for help, he’s the only person he can trust. That person is just an average teenager who’s addicted to video games and hacking. He hacks for money but wouldn’t kill for it but Patchwork would. This average male teenager is known to be the alias of “Viruz” which he calls himself that. Patchwork asked for information on how to get money but of course Viruz knows that Patchwork is a killer, a natural born stoned cold killer. So he does some researching in the deep web where it is… of course DEEP where the secret of the mysteries of the surface web lies into the dark deep websites of the internet.

It says that nearby this area has a trading market. A black market, of course. This market is where they trade body parts just to give them anything they want depending on what they want, they already have what you need.

Patchwork was given the information and password how to get inside, it is “FL3SH” and supposed to be handwritten with your signature in it. Patchwork badly needs to eat, or at least eat a corn chip at the moment.

“Don’t you wanna eat in my place first before you go? You need that energy.”

“No, I got it. Thanks again old bestfriend.”

Patchwork left…

He followed the map he was given which was poorly drawn by Viruz. He goes down the stairs of a ghosttown of an alleyway and knocked on the metal door. An eye opened on the door with a small hole.


“F. L. 3. S. H! Here it has my signature in it too.”

“Get in.”

Patchwork went inside as the man from the door unlocked it and locked it again as he went inside.

“Welcome, make yourself at home.” He smiled at Patchwork

“Are you kidding me? This place is amazing! All these blood and gore, so morbid it’s very gruesome I gotta say.”

“No one ever find this place very dazzling from other folks who come here.”

“Well I’m impressed by it, farewell, I’m going to find someone who I can talk to so I can trade organs or any body parts for money.”

“Let me e****t you there, friend.”

He escorted me to go to a butcher who wears a head mask of a pig chopping off human flesh. Ironic isn’t it?

“Oh, new blood, who is this.”

“You will like him, I promise you. He’s excited to make business with you.”

“What’s your name kid?”

“I don’t remember but they call me Patchwork.”

“Alright, Patchwork. What do you have right now?”

“I have nothing yet. But I’m asking you first what I can give you, or what body parts to give you in exchange for money.”

“Our currency here is not money but to trade with something else, such as expensive devices, gaming consoles, phones, weapons, guns, knives, or anything you need but it depends on the body part.”

“I’ll just sell those items as a merchant to the pawn shops.”

“You’re smart kid, go, and get me what I need.”

I left being escorted back to the door to the outside world while being dazzled by the corpses and butchers with blood on their faces and it smells like death, I love it. While on the way the man of the door was nice to me, very nice. He wears an overcoat and a fedora.

I went outside of the flesh market and went to the outside world.

So Patchwork waited for night in his house playing Manhunt 2 in his old PS2 all day until 3 AM comes. After that he went outside with his butcher knife and this time he’s going to do something crazy. He went out to where fraternity gangs are at. He holds an intimating butcher knife and smiled crazily at the gangsters. They thought he was a freak but actually is insane, he wanted to fight them. The gang made fun of him roasting him and that even fuels his hatred in his heart even more than he already has.

He fought the gang killing everyone except for one left who was down on the ground alive and breathing. Patchwork got on top of him and chopped off his fingers one by one as he drools in so much bloodlust. He took the fingers and put them in his sling bag.

At dawn he went back to the Flesh market.

“Oh! It’s you again! That was fast.”

“Well, I’m one hell of a killer aren’t I?”

He opened the door, closed it as I go in and then escorted me to my last dealer.

“Here’s 10 fingers.”

“I’m impressed, under a day you finally got me what I need. Here are 10 phones that you can sell to the pawn shops.”

“Thank you, it was nice doing business with you.”

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    This wasn’t written too well… Lots of parts, including the very first sentence, were written ambiguously bad. There were some weird parts like when you accidentally switched to first person… Just, make sure you proofread your work before posting.