Yesterday I woke up around four a.m, after that I was tossing and turning until about six in the morning. Now this may sound boring but bear with me for a little bit. Now around five I was actually about to sleep but then something weird happened.

You see I could swear that this were actually different people but I doubt it. Let’s do this by the sequence of how it occurred. I was just getting some shut eye when I could have sworn someone got on my bed and started saying that they didn’t want to wake up at seven almost pleading to sleep until afternoon but right on the bed, a playful kind of thing. The only reason I woke up was because I was starting to get annoyed but, like in horror movies no one was there. I was able to sleep quickly after that but, it didn’t get better.

You see, the next part is seriously weird, I was sleeping again then the next thing I knew, I felt like someone started whispering, “love me.” Over and over, but the messed up thing was, that unlike the first part, this voice was pretty far away when it began, and not like repeatedly at first, but then it was, like an echo but the tone of voice stayed the same. When I woke up it was like they were right there next to my ear whispering in my bed over and over again. Even as I awoke I could here their voice, it was my voice, like I was trying to mess with someone but no one was there. No one was talking to me, and yet it was my voice, type sleep talking it was me but I don’t even understand why.

  • IronMosquito

    This also made no sense. Please stop plaguing this app with your stories.

    • angie valerio

      This is actually happened to me, and yes. Even though it makes no sense it happen so obviously I wanted to share my experience since it was creepy 🙂

      • IronMosquito

        This isn’t even creepy because of the little amount of sense it makes. I don’t care if this happened to you, it was stupid and I don’t believe it actually happened.