Weird Sound

It was a typical lazy day today, I didn’t do anything, except for laying in my bed and watching series on Netflix. My parents weren’t home, so I could do whatever I wanted to do.

We moved to this house a week ago and the people who lived here before said that this house was built on a graveyard and that there were ghosts in this house… But a teenager like me didn’t gave a damn s**t about that and thought they were joking.

So at night when I wanted to sleep I heard a strange sound… I didn’t know where it was coming from, so I decided to take a look. Because we’ve moved in like a week ago I didn’t knew the house very well, so it was going to be a big adventure.

I was walking through the house, following the sound, and as I went closer by the basement, the sound was getting louder… I didn’t know what it was though, it sounded like someone was singing something it had a very childish voice and it was pretty creepy, I was super frightened, but I couldn’t stop myself from walking towards the basement.

As I was standing in front of the basement door I put my ear on the door, but it sounded like it stopped. Even though it stopped I wanted to go into the basement to check what was going on and if I just imagined the sound and that the sound wasn’t real.

So I opened the door and walked down the stairs I felt a cold breeze… It gave me the chills, but I kept going down the stairs. When I reached the basement floor I saw some kind of satanic ritual on the floor but I saw nobody… I walked through the basement but still didn’t see anything. It felt like I was going crazy, because I couldn’t find anything except for that weird ritual. It was very dark in the basement, so I decided to put on the flashlight on my mobile phone, I turned it on and then… I saw a shadow in the corner of the room, it was walking towards me, the shadow looked like a little child, it wasn’t a real shadow but the child looked very dark and blurry and it was making that weird sound again, I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to run back up the stairs, lock myself into my room and call my parents or the police. But it was to late… It smiled at me and then… It grabbed my neck.

Next thing I know is waking op in the hospital. My parents were standing next to me and told me that they found me laying in de basement, unconscious, full of scars and blood… I didn’t know what else happend…

Now a few years later, in another house, I’m still thinking about that day and what exactly happened. The only thing I know is that I’ve should’ve listened to the people who lived there before us and that I shouldn’t went into the basement.