I Don’t Know How Long I Have Left!

I don’t know how long I have left so I’m writing this in the hope that who ever finds this will tell my tale and never make the same mistake as I did. It all started when I left my music class, yes I was a majoring in music at a reputable college. My hope was to become a music teacher, music always brought out the best in me so I wanted to do that for my Future Students.

It was autumn, the year had gone by relatively quick and the college campus rapidly became a graveyard for dying tree leaves. The temperature this time of year begins to drop around here hence the fluffy winter coat I was wearing, I had my hood over my head and the cords pulled tight so I couldn’t see much. I was making my way to my prized possession, my car. I worked throughout the summer for two years in high school to buy this beast.

As I approached my car I could see two black well polished leather shoes and the bottom to some smooth black trousers step in front of the car door.

I lifted my head and scanned my eyes up to see a tall slender man in a pin striped suit. He was wearing a Fedora hat and his beard was styled in a way to suggest he was a 1920’s con man.

Before I could say a word he called me by my name and proceeded to tell me about all my hopes and dreams. How did this strange man know all about my hopes and desires! I stopped him and asked him to tell me who the F**k he was. The man just laughed at me and offered me a deal. He said I would get everything I wanted if I didn’t drive home that night as no matter what route I would take home in that car I would be killed.

I laughed it off at first… oh I wish I could just see him one more time. If I could just have the chance to ask him some questions. He got angry with me and told me I am due to die no matter what and he wanted my soul. He made himself very clear about wanting my soul but he needed to corrupt it. I heard a loud noise behind me and with the strange man screaming at me it startled me. I darted my head around and back at the old man, he was gone!

I thought for a moment if I had imagined it all until I saw the Fedora hat on the passenger seat in my car. I shook it off and jumped into my car and took off home to see my girlfriend. She was 8 months pregnant at the time and the thoughts of me being a father overwhelmed the negative b******t the strange man had tried to push on me.

I was nearly home when it happened, 3 cars ahead of me had a collision which caused me to crash straight into the back of them snapping my neck instantly. That was the first time it happened, I remember hearing my neck snap and still being conscious for a short time before I opened my eyes and I was back at my car again with the black Fedora hat sat on the passenger seat again.

I was confused. I wasn’t sure if I had just dreamt it happening. I shook it off again thinking the old man has truly freaked me out. I jumped back into my car and headed for home. It wasn’t even two minutes before a huge truck slammed into the side of me killing my instantly. This happened several times, each time I’d wake up next to my car.

This time however I woke up in my car, I was just about to start it. I stopped myself when I remembered the old man say if I didn’t drive home in the car! Thinking I was getting one over on him I jumped out of my car and began to run home to my girlfriend. She was heavily pregnant and I was sure she was worried. My phone was lighting up all the time with messages from her. No matter how many times I replied she never acknowledged any messages I sent her. These are some of the messages she sent. Of course I couldn’t add them all. There were 100’s

“Where are you?”

“You’re late Mr.”

“Come on James! I’m pregnant here and you’re just ignoring me.”

“A single message would be fine.”

“James I’m worried it’s been over 24¬†hours where are you?”

“James I’ve called the police, it’s been 3 days now.”

“James please… please James tell me you are okay.”

The last message I received was,

“James! The police have told me you are more than likely dead. I’m so sorry. It’s been over a month now and I’m having your baby now this will be the last message I send. I love you James.”

I sent 100’s of messages and tried to call and nothing. No answer. No replies. I ran home and turned the corner and I was struck by lightning. The pain was excruciating and went on for minutes before I woke up in my car again.

This time I drove my car to the train station and boarded a train to the nearest station to my home and child. I’m on the train now trying to work out how to trick the devil. Yes that’s right. I worked it out. the man, whose polished shoes first took my glance, the one who wanted my soul was the devil! And I had laughed in his face and pissed him off. Now I pay the consequences. I’m sat in a carriage with one other person in an attempt no one else will get hurt by my curse.

I’m writing this all and leaving it on this train. Please if you find this. Please find Sarah Lizzy Taylor she would have gave birth at kings hospital. Please tell her I love her and I will try to find a way home. I’m not to sure how long I have left because there is only one other person in the carriage with me and I can’t make out who he is… however I can see he’s wearing a black Fedora hat!