Wanna Play

I can feel it staring at night from across the room. It’s freshly painted face. Its dark brown hair. I told my wife I sware that I see it move at night. Its her doll but she doesn’t believe me. She just yells at me and tells me I need help or maybe im just seeing things. Well that’s at least what I thought untill that night. So it only makes sense to start from the beginning. So here I go.

It was may 1st when my wife brought. That new doll home. When she walked in with it. I sware I saw it smile at me. My wife told me she found it at a yard sale it was the only thing they were selling. It striked me as odd that it was the only thing they were selling. It didn’t bother my wife at all she loved collecting dolls. My wife showed me the doll and that it played music. Which honestly was creepy as hell but I didn’t tell my wife that. It was late anyway ao my wife and I were off to bed.

Shes a quick sleeper so she fell asleep fast. Thats when I first heard what sounded like footsteps outside my bedroom door. I listened carefully I could hear what sounded like childs laughter come from the outside of the door. It freaked me out so I got out of bed went over to the door I put my head up to the door and listen there was nothing there just silence. So I opened their door and there was nothing there. I was freaked out but I sighed in relief Knowing now that nothing was there and it was just my mind playing games.

I shut my door which made my wife wake up she asked me what I was doing. I told here I thought I heard something. She gave me a kiss then drifted off into her deep sleep. I layed back down in bed closed my eyes and slowly drifted off and that’s when I heard it again. The footsteps this time not in the hallway but in my room. I kept my eyes closed. My wife woke up she had to goto the bathroom so she got up quickly made her way to the bedroom door opened it and made her way down the hallway to the bathroom. What scared me is that I heard another pair of footsteps follow out behind her. I yelled RUN GET OUT OF THE HOUSE SOMEONE IS IN HERE WITH US. Thats when I heard my wife scream.

I jumped out of bed and ran the bathroom ready to fight. Thats when I found my wife’s body warped and mangled in the bathtub I panicked. I felt like I was gonna pass out. I look up on the bathtub wall was written wanna play which I think it was written in my wifes blood. I got up quickly got myself together ran out of the bathroom to the front door but it wouldn’t budge. Thats when I heard it again a small childs laughter. I turned around and that’s when I saw it standing right behind me its face bloody I dash toward it in a fury of rage and anger picked it up threw it then stomped it out which shattered its face.

I ran to my room grabbed my phone dialed 911 I told the person on the line what happened to my wife. I didn’t say anything about the doll because they wouldnt believe me. The police showed up within 5 minutes 3 vehicles pulled up 2 squad cars and an investigation van. The 2 officers got and walked up and knocked on my door I greeted them and let them in I told them everything up to this point without mentioning the doll. I showed them the way to the bathroom. They notified the crime investigation team to come in they were in my house with their equipment almost instantly. They went straight to the bathroom within minuets one of the officers came out with his gun drawn pointed at me told me im under arrest for the murder of my wife.

They found the murder weapon a knife covered in my finger prints and dna. I tied to tell them it wasnt me the doll did it. They didn’t believe me. I was sentenced a life in prison. My first night there when I was I was in bed crying knowing my life is ruined. I closed my eyes to goto sleep that’s when I heard it that now terrifying child like laugh I got up. Looked around and in the darkest corner of my cell I seen her she was standing there motionless smiled and said wanna play

  • Blakey

    Nice grammar.

  • Busy Tuber

    Grammar and spelling mistakes

  • Johnny

    Nice story

  • A Bad Channel 9000

    Kind of cheesy to be honest.

  • Kate Bella

    As opposed to everyone, I thought the story was good, predictable maybe,but it gave a sense of fear as it’s impossible to escape. Honestly i don’t care about grammar, partially cause I s**k at English, partially because it didn’t distract me from what was inside the story. Honestly it’s not an English essay.

    • KKellynicolas1999

      Thank you

  • ShYgUy

    Telling a story in first person is a very hard thing to do. Especially in a short story. You really have to captivate the character, and get inside his head. Describing fear in a way the reader feels that fear is an art form.

    You should start with third person stories, and practice descriptive writing, and then create a plot and go with it.

    The best way to write a story in my opinion is to see it like a movie, and describe every detail as if you are living it. 🙂

  • Myriaggy Guyette


  • Kellynicolad1999

    Thank you i will write more

  • Aly Winder

    *wanna play*? Hehehehehe