Lulu’s Story

Hi I’m Lulu and this is my story.

September, 8 2018

I was a new kid at the private high school. I am 13. At first these older girls came over to talk to me.

“You better be careful. I heard this school is haunted. From the girl we made commit suicide.”

I decided not to pay attention to them. That was until I went into the bathrooms. I looked in the bathrooms. All of the stalls were in use. I heard a girl’s voice say “Red or blue paper.” I decided it was just the girl thinking about art class which was very soon. But then I heard a blood curdling scream and the girl in the stall dropped down to the ground with a slit in her neck. I ran over to the stall and saw a teen looking figure standing with a knife in hand. I saw her hair and body type.

“She was the school’s prettiest girl. The older girls made her commit suicide by bullying her because all the hot guys liked her.”

I recall from the news paper. We had the rest of the week off. Since it was only Monday I had a long time to wait. I told the girls what I had seen, they laughed at me. When I got home that day, I went online and looked up “creepypasta” hit search. I got many results. But when I found what her name was I was surprised it was Aka Manto the pretty and rich girl. Then I thought, ‘Wouldn’t that mean she committed suicide in the bathroom. But why there?’ Oh well.

I continued looking until I saw part of the paper that wasn’t there when they killed the girl. It said, “Aka Manto’s last words were ‘every 2 months I will get revenge on the girls who did this to me which are any girls in the age span of 13-18’ then her last breath left her body.” Oh wow. It also said, “No one has ever seen the spirit before. Unless they were the victim or with Slenderman or with Zalgo.” I thought in my head, ‘But I’m not with Slenderman or what was his name Zalgo? Oh well.’ My mom had called me downstairs to dinner.

September, 14 2018

We’re back in school today. We had some inspectors come and they said they found nothing other than a note that said she was one of them in a crimson color ink. Or was it the victim’s blood. Today after final period, the older girls — Emma, Kristy, Kathryn and Ella — walked over to me.

“So you said you could ‘see’ the girl we bullied. Hah you must be demonic. You hear that girls, another victim of our bullying,” Kathryn said with a smirk. All the girls nod.

“RIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG,” went the bell and they were headed to the school busses.

“Hey are you ok?” a mysterious woman asked. I turn around.

“A-a-aka M-m-manto!?” I sputter helplessly.

“Good because you won’t after this,” she laughed evilly. I was paralyzed by the noise she was making. I turn around and I see her screeching a chant. I faint.

September, 25 2018

“Mom, Dad?! Where are you? I can’t see you guys. Help me MOM DAD PLEASE *sputter* MOM! DAD! PLE-please.” I try to cry but I can’t. I feel a liquid come out of my eyes. I go to rub my eyes. Wait where are they?

“NURSE!” I screeched. The door to my room opens.

“Hello young child. I am sorry that Aka Manto left you this way. I asked her to recruit you,” she reported that you could see her and you weren’t her victim. See that means you Lulu Pearl are part of my gang.

5 years later…

“SLENDYMAN! Where are you!” I call helplessly hanging from a tree by my foot.


Suddenly I feel a sharp slice and I feel a sharp pain in my stomach. I was hunting for eyes to fill my empty sockets. Stupid Aka Manto I…

Everything went black.

1 week later

Investigators found Lulu Pearls’s body underneath a willow tree cut in half. Her stomach up is on the ground while her hips down is hung in the tree still.

Author’s Note: That was my creepypasta story about Lulu the girl without eyes.