Vinelands Delsea Drive Ghost

I don’t think anyone believed me, when i told them this story. Im gonna go by the alias Lone Wolf for fear of ridicule. It was Halloween either 2007 or 2008 and i was stoked! Me and my highschool stoner buddies were down with the wicked clowns (Juggalos). Here in Jersey we participate in a night of fun before halloween called mischief night. Some of you may be familiar with these Jersyian festivities some of you may not. In other words im just trying to set the tempo for how much us Jersyians well, at least my buddies love halloween. All day and after school me and my best friend (Coloumbine) who introduced me to the Juggalo wicked clown family, decided after school we would smoke up ,and listen to all hallowicked themed songs, get amped you know, and paint our faces. He did his own face being a very capable talented artist, i was like “damn dude my turn mofaku”. So Coloumbine begins to paint my face. Mind you im f*****g stoned out of my mind, and prettyyyy high i feel the strokes of his fingers lining my eyes, and i start to become short of breath, last thing i remember is Coloumbine saying, “hey dude your breathing like really heavy”. “Do you need a seat or water? Then Bam! In the blink of an eye he’s now over top of me, smacking me lightly in my face, with a worried look on his face, and saying “bro you dropped like a sack of potatoes out of nowhere”. Pretty shellshocked not ever experiencing losing consciousness before, I notice it’s now getting close to 12 midnight, and halloweens almost over. I tell my homie “hey man sorry about that, you know passing out earlier, and i dont know what happened”. He reassured me everything is fine, and that if it happens again i should seek out help, he thinks maybe the face paint could’ve caused some type of reaction, and made me pass out. Logically accepting that, i get ready to put my shoes on and bounce out the door. He says “yo bro heres some smoke for later, you know before halloween is over. Have some to yourself”. He hands me some good stuff green-and-all, and says “enjoy”. Noticing im broke like always, i asked Coloumbine for a dollar, so i can get a blunt, not having any bongs, or anything of my own, being an awesome homie he gives me 2. Mind you the walk im about to take is almost 2 miles, at least one mile is straight darkness, and Delsea Drive is at least 1 mile of nice buisness lights, street lights, etc being one of the main roads in Vineland. So off with me out the door Coloumbine bids me farewell, painted face and all. I begin my walk, and im feeling like a badass, walking around the dark road to get to Delsea Drive, with my face painted black and white, knowing any car that passes me is probaly filled with someone who is either, amused by my face painting antics, or uncomfortable im thinking myself pretty awesome. Then i finally get to Delsea Drive, and i get my blunt. Halfway home now, i have at least half a mile left, and im thinking to myself i can cut through shoprite to make it home faster, or i can walk straight down Delsea until i get to landis, to be a dickhead to all the traffic tryna get on the highway, and try to make people feel uncomfortable with my face painting, since it’s well over midnight now, and you know WITCHING HOURS. So i decided to be a douche. Before i even hit Delsea and Landis i manage to see four kids at the corner of my eye at least 50 feet ahead of me on the opposite side of the street, which.. is at least 15 feet wide. The first thing i think is how did i not see these kids, when i was getting my blunt?Everything is on the same strip, unless they’ve been playing in abandoned factories all over the outskirts of Delsea. I make logic of everything that i don’t understand, and my logical explanation was uhh… i don’t know. I would’ve seen if they came from the side somewhere, it was kind of a blink-of-an eye thing through your peripheral so fast. Now im like ok, who is letting their kids out this late trick or treating, everyone knows Vinelands trick or treat hours end as soon as it gets dark, due to all the s**t in the past with children-hurting-pieces-of-s**t or pervs. So im looking pretty hard now, i mustve looked like a creep the way i was staring so adamantly as to figure out their age, and my conclusion is out of the two girls one is at least my age, 16 to 17 or maybe 15, and the other girl is most likely 7 to 8. Then the two boys, same deal, one is 16 to 17 maybe 15, and the little one is at least 7 to 8. Their costumes were pretty cool, i mean well tacky, but they stuck to their gimmick, one girl was dressed as miss frankenstein or some s**t, and the little girl was a princess, how cute. Then the boys, one was a football player, and the little one was like a doctor, or something. Eventually my eyes wandered off looking at the lights all stoned. Then i immediately put my eyes back to the kids because, they have really slowed down and they are now across the street from the same spot im at, and miss frankenstein yells across the street, “hey we like your Face what are you” i say “im a juggalo happy hallowicked mofakus”. I start laughing, i then say “isn’t it too late for you guys to be out right now”, everyone is pretty silent ,then the girl just gives me this blank stare as we are walking, and starts to laugh. To myself, i say okayyy. She then says “your face is really awesome, do you want to play with us at the cemetary up the street, that’s where we are headed”. If you ever seen anime when the exclamation icon arises on top of someones head, or metal gear solid when you got someones attention, yeahhh thats kinda what happened with me. I was alarmed to hear that, and all my senses kind of went into total adrenaline mode, i then kind of got protective, and most of all scared. Immediately i had this uneasy feeling in my gut after she said that, me and all my nervousness had to reply, i wasnt gonna be rude even if i was a bit baffled, i said “nope im good, im gonna go home, and smoke a blunt” the girl didn’t say nothing back, so i was like ok then. I look up at a flickering streetlight, and start to think who lets their kids out this late. As i go to look for the kids since their destination is the cemetary, i start to notice they’ve been walking really fast, because in that 1-2 seconds of looking at the flickering streetlight, they’ve managed to get at least 5 mins away from the cemetary. We were at 20 mins distance last time i checked! I’m no genius, but 15 mins of walking in 2 seconds hmmmmm…. I then rub my eyes, because i can’t believe these kids have managed to basically f*****g teleport, and i missed it, but now after tryna make sense of my eyes (rubbing my eyes) they dissapeared. At this point i was at Sears right before Landis and Delsea i was now 5 mins away from the cemetary and i didnt see the kids nowhere. I decided to just take my a*s home, and save the weed for the next day, i had enough! Till this day i don’t know if me passing out in coloumbines bathroom caused me to hallucinate, or imagine things as an after affect, but i know i walked two miles completely fine, so i could’nt have right? What do you think, my audience?