The Café

“Wait up Kate!” My best friend Melissa called out as we ran across the sidewalk together. “Haha slowpoke!” I called back. We slowed down to a stop when we got to the new café on the street corner. There were a few people walking in and out. “It looks pretty cool” I stated as I got my breath back. Melissa agreed and we walked up to the front door. We pushed the thin glass and stepped inside. There were quite a few people sitting down at tables and lining up at the counter. At the counter stood a tall woman with her hair slicked back into a braid and wearing a peach and green uniform. Behind her was a door that must have led into the kitchen.  Inside of the glass counter were cupcakes and sweets. Me and Melissa were instantly in love with the sweets. We stepped in line and luckily the person in front of us just left. Before I could open my mouth there was a loud and strange sound coming from the back door. The lady turned around for a quick glance but she turned back and gave us an icy glare. “What was that?” I asked the lady. “Order” she replied back in a mean and nasty tone. Melissa turned and looked at me with a shocked face. “I uhh can we get two chocolate doughnuts?” I asked with a slightly hoarse and scared voice. She put two chocolate doughnuts in a plastic bag while not taking her sight off of us. She reaches her hand out in front of her and I gave her seven dollars. She dropped the bag in front of us. Just as Melissa picked up the bag the same noise came from the back room. This time the lady didn’t turn around she just demanded us to hurry off because we’re holding up the line. She kept her icy gaze on us until we sat down. “What was that about?” I asked Melissa. “I have no idea but she’s very intimidating.” She replied with a shiver. I turned back around to look at the lady  She was young, maybe 18, 17? I’m not sure. She had a light tan and brown hair and eyes. She had grease stains on the left side of her apron and ketchup on her chest. It took me a couple seconds to realise there was something oozing out of the bottom of the back door. It was a maroon sort of colour and looked slimy. “Uhh we need to see whats in that room.” I said as I stared at the back door. “Have you lost your mind?!” She whisper shouted at me.What could I say, I’m just a curious girl. I waited for the right moment. It was when the lady went to take an order to a table at the back. I quickly pulled Melissa’s sleeve and dragged her along with me. I tried to be as quick and sneaky as possible. I pushed open the door and ran in. I stepped on something slippery and gooey. Melissa and I fell face first into the slimy liquid. We were about to scream but then we remembered we were supposed to not be found. I kneeled and rubbed my face to try and get the goo off. We were both totally covered in it. I wiped my eyes and looked around the room. The floor was covered in the slime along with the walls. And then I looked straight ahead. There was a human shaped figure rapidly crawling toward us in the purple slime. Every inch of it was covered in the goo. Before I knew it Melissa and I were screaming and trying to pull open the door. We were locked inside and terrified. The creature was coming closer. The flickering lights just made the experience even more terrifying.  We both started crying and banging as hard as we could on the door. The slime was up to our hips and the creature was about two metres away. It seemes as though nobody outside could hear a thing. I was about to scream as loud as I could when I was suddenly pulled down into the slime. I felt two hands wrapped around my ankle pulling me deeper and deeper into the maroon liquid. I couldn’t breath at all. The slime against my face felt as cold as ice. I tried to heave myself out but it was too late. I was too far down. I couldn’t feel the floor. It was if there wasn’t one at all. I just kept going deeper and deeper.

To be continued

Just to let anybody know, this isn’t a story I just had to split this story into two parts.

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