Venus’s Toy Box

A kind gentle soul, shy and loving  those are the words you would use describing Venus. When venus was 11 that’s when she stopped growing she had such beautiful pale skin such the color you would see on a doll. dark brown hair, light brown eyes. Venus loved dressing in Loli dresses she always was seen in her black one saying it was her lucky charm.

Although she stopped growing her toy box never did! Her toy box was so big it could fit Venus and her favorite bear. tommy Tim He was half the size of Venus he was a basic teddy bear but not to Venus. He was light brown and he had a bow tie.

Venus didn’t have much friends to play her games with her but tommy Tim always played with her. Her father Roy never cared much about Venus or her games only thing he cared for was a 6 pack beer and TV. Sam Venus’s mother moved out when she was 7 making it 6 years ago

Venus was playing with her toys down stairs for that was the only place she could play in the house. She had her toy box and her bed making it her little play room. looking past how creepy the down stairs was, she was if not the most satisfied a person could get! Let’s play cops in robbers I’ll be the cop and you’re the robber tommy tim! Be careful but the robber always has a weapon so you can have these, Venus handed tommy Tim a bom and a knife a gun an axe and some rope. they were plastic things you would expect to see for a Halloween costume. I’ll count! Venus counted to five 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5- before she could get to ten she heard a voice. hey Venus what game are you playing and who are you talking too? Looking up she saw her dad she gave off a confused look wondering why her dad was down stairs? He was clearly drunk but he never goes down stairs when he’s drunk processing this through her mind she gave a scattered answer I-i w-was and you see so i-i and..

Looking down Roy saw tommy Tim oh talking to your bear right? What’s his name again Jacky tom reaching for Venus’s bear Venus was quick to grab him first! Its tommy Tim Venus said with a forceful grip on her bear. Roy had this look Venus never saw before he started to grind his teeth together, your fast you grabbed that bear before me he gave off a laugh. now tommy Tim right? What is he a boy Venus nodded, well didn’t I tell you not to talk to boys Roy raised his voice I give you a house toys and you disobeyed me.. Venus started to shake. Venus’s dad got on his Nee’s he said calmly, I won’t hurt you but I will have to punish you. all you have to do is take off your clothes or this bear will have to pay for you being a naughty girl, Whats it going to be venus. venus looked up to see her dad holding tommy Tim by his head, tommy Tim already had a rip in his head from the day she got him. TAKE OFF YOUR G******N CLOTHES YOU LITTLE B***H! Daddy please don’t hurt him venus said hoping he would listen.

To late! Venus saw the head of tommy Tim ripped off. She started to cry, She headed for the stairs hoping to get out of the reach of her dad, doing so she got kicked to the wall. Now Venus you act like you were raised in a barn, thought i told you not to run in the house Roy picked Venus up throwing her to the wall again started to kick and kick Venus over and over again. he picked Venus up again, Venus was too weak to try to run all she could do was look at tommy Tim’s head asking him to help her. HELP TOMMY HELP ME! But little did she know Tommy Tim’s headless body would be the last thing she saw. Her eyes were stabbed with her own fathers fingers venus gave off a scream.

I can’t have you running away now can i Roy said with still a calm voice. venus kept screaming in pain. Your mom left me my own WIFE saying she couldn’t live with me she couldn’t take it any more. Even with her out of the picture i still loved you venus i gave you toys everything you needed and you give me nothing following that Roy said it one last time so l’ll punish you right than and there he broke Venus’s neck.

Venus woke up in her toy box but she was looking over her dead body all Venus thought was how dirty she felt seeing what her dad did to her when she was dead… The thoughts kept coming, what if I were to stab my dad what if I cut him up what if i blow him up what if… I published him she started to cry suddenly she began to laugh she couldn’t stop. She felt different, she felt like she could do anything now.. She could kill people and that’s the thing she craved the most. She cut out the remains of her eyes she put doll eyes in one Red the other blue she felt weird she could still see from eyes that were only glass.

Let’s go tommy Tim venus said to her once loving bear to one that looked like a whole new different bear its self. The head once ripped from his body was on like it never happened his once brown color turned to red. the things that tommy tim once held they weren’t plastic any more. Venus let out a smile and a laugh lets play punishment!

  • Blake

    Alright story. But it was hard to understand because of lack of punctuation.

  • Haylee

    I have read all three of your stories. Honestly it makes me question if you are/were abused. The stories all have a sense of sadness to them, always some sort of abuse by the parents and/or bullies. But I enjoy reading these! Please, you must continue writing!