Ghost – Chapter 1: In the Beginning

I have a name but I don’t wish to speak of it but for now call me Ghost I’m a teenage girl. Everyone calls me that and for good reason.

It all started when I moved to a new town. Forks, Washington was a sleepy town always cloudy, rainy, and foggy at times. There’s a forest nearby and a trail that leads to the mountains. We were driving down the road to our new home.

“Sweety are you excited?” said my mom, “your going to love it here oh look! your new high school.” She pointed to my left and I saw it. What once been a hospital is now John F. Kennedy High School. It was ok looking with three floors and big front double doors and windows that lined the surface brick wall.

I sigh, “I liked my old school better.”

My mom sighs, “I know it’s hard but you’ll adjust soon and hopefully I get added a lot more,” she smiled at me but uncertainly. We used to live in Houston, Texas my mom worked at a Hotel but was paid 164 every week but it wasn’t enough to pay for everything and soon we had to move here in this sleepy town so we can start over. We hoped that we can make something out of it.

I try to stay positive but its hard to leave everything behind. All you ever known fading away. I continue to look through the car in silence ignoring my moms worried gaze. After a few more minutes we make it to our house. It was normal looking in a way decent which gave me a spark of hope. Maybe it won’t be bad after all I thought. We got our things and brought them inside. The walls were white with gray carpet and to my surprise new furniture was there.

“Mom this isn’t ours,” I looked over to her she smiled at me.

“Think of it as a blessing,” she winked at me I smiled. Mom put a hand on my shoulder, “Welcome to our new home.” I couldn’t help but feel a little hopeful that maybe… just maybe… it won’t go down in hell that maybe… everything will be all right. I looked out the back window and I saw the forest we had a wide yard and there was a fence that separated the yard and the forest then suddenly I saw something move in the trees it was a flash of white and what looked like… bloodstains.

  • The_Shadow

    Hey guys this is my first story si i hope you enjoyed it tell me what need to improve

    Thabk you😊

  • Puddin Tane

    Punctuation, grammar, and spelling. I take it English isn’t your native language. Slow down, take your time, it isn’t a competition. Enjoy what your doing.

    • The_Shadow

      I’m American but I see what you are trying to say and will improve my spelling its just I type so fast 😥

      • Puddin Tane

        Try writing a draft first and go from there. Youll be able to see mistakes and reword it as you go along. The key is to slow down.

      • Puddin Tane

        The key is to s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n.! I notice I, too, do that. But you must make a habit of going back to check what you wrote/typed to see if there are errors. I made one in what I just typed but caught it and was able to correct it. You may leave words out as well as misspell words, which will throw a sentence completely off. You really have to watch for that. Any help I can offer just ask. I’ll try not to be too harsh. And I’ll try to keep an open mind. Good luck.

        • The_Shadow

          Thank you I’ll keep that in mind😁