Vanessa The Baby Thief of Teenaged Girls

Long ago in Romania 1928 there was a girl named Vanessa Romania.

Vanessa was your average teen who only wanted love that her father was never able to give her because he disappeared after Vanessa mother (Eleanor) and he had got into an argument. (The neighbors recall hearing Ms.Romania say she wish he would disappear and after the door slammed there were screams, not normal screams either, Ms. Eleanor thought nothing of it but in the morning awoken to scratches and lots of blood in the living room. Ms. Eleanor was the only suspect do to the lack of evidence.) Vanessa learned about the birds and the trees and was with every boy looking for love to replace the empty hole in her heart. Everyone in the town knew and she was shamed and called horrible things such as sluts, whores, hoes, and prostitutes. It got even worse when Vanessa became pregnant and didn’t know who the father was . She tried to tell her mother but Ms. Eleanor couldn’t care less for the fact such shame was brought to her family name. Vanessa vowed to do her very best to raise her child with out letting her past haunt the child. One day as Vanessa was walking home and a couple of girls thought it would be fun to taunt and mess with Vanessa they called her the usual names. But Vanessa showed no reaction, they then began hitting Vanessa in her stomach repeatedly. One girl then picked up a stick and hit Vanessa across her head causing her to lose consciousness. The girls took turns kicking her unconscious body then spat on her and walk away. Three days later Vanessa was found and awoken in a strange cabin she seen a blanket that was bloody. She slowly unwrapped the blanket and seen her 16th week miscarried baby. Vanessa just screamed and cried she was un functional for 2 months. She was in really bad state of depression and killed herself she vowed to haunt every teenaged girl whose pregnant and cause them to have a miscarriage. She takes the kids from the soon to be parents to replace her child.