Koiliá tis Levántas – Greek Series

Please note that by acquiring this particular greek you will be unable to speak for the remaining moons to come. If you understand completely then follow precisely what this instruction says, so that he won’t come for you. Before continuing on please bring one match and one half of a cigarette.

Go to the nearest street at the darkest of night and scream at the top of your lungs: “I have not eaten, not sated, still virgin in her eyes.” A worn-out taxi will come to pick you up. Once you enter the taxi do not look outside the windows as the images shown will pity your sanity for what it has in store. Do not look at the driver in-fact just close your eyes.

You will begin to notice that there is no destination for you are already at the destination. Think of nothing, pitch black emptiness, then speak nothing more but “Hades has sent me do you have what I seek?”. If he had sensed your greed, then you have lost the destination and there will never be one. However, if your mind is of virgin then you need not worry for the driver has sensed your worth.

The driver will then signal you once it’s safe to open your eyes. You then transported to a familiar looking alley and in your hands, a package. Open it in the darkest of places where no mortal eyes could peek. Finally blindfold yourself to prevent any sort of vision and begin the opening of the package. Do not let anyone, including yourself, see the contents of the package or you will be deemed unworthy and be sent to the darkest places of Tartarus.

Once you open the contents you will be greeted with a kind and young voice. Should it be the voice of a women then you’re in luck. However, if the voice that greeted you is a man then he is already here and the driver gave you the wrong package. The girl will tempt you to open your blindfold however you must resist your temptations. Converse with the girl for 3 hours and 3 hours only. Do not let there be silence in the conversation or the voice will disappear leaving you alone in the darkness. Once you reached the required time, open your blindfold. The package is gone and you will be drenched in blood. You will also have a huge scar in your guts. She is now a part of you, treat her well lest she engulfs you from the inside.

He made the first liver using the remains of a dead daemon and the soul of a young virgin girl. He named it Koiliá tis Levántas or Belly of the Lavender in your language. The possessor of the lavender has the power wield the weaponry that the daemons themselves use. The possessor may also converse with the lavender and make bonds. May it serve you well to search for the other 9

Credit: Arale R. Subrata