Goodbye Cruel World

Goodbye cruel world,

Goodbye war and fighting. So many dead bodies loads of innocent lie slain, whatever happened to peace on earth?

Goodbye racism and sexism everybody is meant to be equal and being different shouldn’t matter. The colour of your skin or what genitalia you have shouldn’t determine how you are treated.

Goodbye politics and Religion. So many arguments about both. Everybody has different opinions and beliefs. Why not just agree to disagree. Why make such a huge fuss?

Goodbye hunger and poverty why are there so many living without basic human needs? Food, clean water, sanitation, a house especially when there are so many rich people buying stupid unnecessary things. Why don’t you each buy a house and food for some of the struggling?

Goodbye footballers and celebrities being paid much more than soldiers and nurses. Why do some people get paid a lot more to play a nurse/soldier on the tv than an actual nurse/soldier gets?

Goodbye homophobia and transphobia. How hard is it to understand that people love who they love and people want to be who they want to be?

Goodbye social media. People posting what they had for dinner or pics of half naked people getting more likes than soldiers and people who do good for this world.

Goodbye judgement. People are always judging others for many reasons, disability, their size, colour, lifestyle, people are so judgemental why so critical of everyone else’s flaws. Is it because of your own insecurities?

There are so many more reasons I’m leaving this world but I have to leave now. My time is up. 6 months ago I was sent from my home planet to scout around and look for “intelligent” life on another planet. Well I’m off to tell my leaders that Earth does not have intelligent life after all. Goodbye cruel human world, I won’t be back again EVER.

  • Puddin Tane

    Except, maybe to destroy it!

  • Mylifestory

    Its just the matter of looks and money man.