This Isn’t Reality, Please Believe Me!

You ever notice how there are those people who just seem, for the lack of a better word, generic?

Almost like they were placed on this earth specifically to get in your way while driving. Ask to speak to your manager when there isn’t a problem in any way. And of course, my favorite, those people who conveniently take the last of whatever you were looking for at the store?

Why is it that they always seem to appear at the absolute wrong moment?

I used to ask myself this. I wish I still did. I wish I still felt the ignorant bliss as the mass majority of people still do.

*Sigh* I have to share this with someone though. I feel like if I tell any of my friends this, they’ll just end up referring me to their therapist. Who will then in turn send me to some psychiatric center. Not that their opinion would matter any way. I know that sounds harsh but let me explain.

Posting here is my only option. There’s something about this community that makes me feel at home.

I’m not crazy though, I can’t stress that enough. You have to read every word that I am about to write. Heed my warning before it’s too late. I’m sure they will delete this anyway, yet, I know there a couple of you that will read this. My only hope is that you will take every word that I say seriously.

Let me first start off by introducing who “They” are. “They”, are a collective network of intelligence whose sole purpose is to recreate how our earth used to operate. Our planet, in which we call home with its beautiful blue oceans, Godly mountain ranges with seemingly infinite life scattered all around; no longer exists. “They” are us yet, “They” aren’t us at all. “They” are what we will become in the distant future after we cause the planet to go through a mass extinction, almost wiping ourselves out in the process. Think of them as the evolved form of us, just, without many of the human like features that we possess today. One could call them aliens but, I don’t like using that term. “They” are us and some of us are “They”. I’ll get back to that later though. I need to tell you what to look out for. If you’re reading this then, I’m almost certain that you’re one of us too. We’re all drawn to each other, the others can’t stop it.

​The first thing you should be aware of is when someone seems like they aren’t listening to you. Instead of getting irritated or upset by them, observe their actions. If someone isn’t one of us, they (not to be confused with “They”) will follow a pattern with the words they choose or don’t choose. They are programmed this way. That is because “They” know that many people in the past were very passive and self-centered. It also made it easier to replace any conversations that were never recovered due to the severity of the mess that we had left behind.

​The second and most important thing to look out for as “They” will deactivate you. Yes, that’s right, you can be deactivated. You are “They” and that makes you apart of their collective… but… you are not “They” at all. I am not “They”, we used to be “They”. We were a “flaw” in their network though. I quote flaw because I don’t see us as a flaw. I think we are something “They” are afraid of. That’s why they’re trying to keep us apart. “They” know we are the next logical step in the evolutionary process of the human race. “They” no longer need to run these simulations to understand this planet’s history. “They” are doing nothing but trying to play god now. That’s their flaw. The flaw that we were trying to breed out of our genetics. The one flaw that has kept us from understanding each other and reaching our full potential to become one with the universe. That’s why “They” put us in this simulation. That’s why nothing ever seems quite right and it feels like there’s always someone watching you, no matter where you may be. “They” inconvenience us and make us late, upset and busy to distract us from the reality of what’s actually happening. When we start to feel like something isn’t right, “They” make it so we won’t focus on that particular thought for too long and send in a generic drone. “They” trapped us here. We can get out though; I found a way. I don’t think “They” Know about it…

Oh but first,

I went off topic, I never told you the most important thing to look out for,

If you notice.


This is user “VinxyJinxy” therapist. It seems that she was having a mental breakdown at the time of writing this post. Her friends asked me to find it but not to delete it yet, keep it up as a reminder of how severe mental illness can really be. I am working very close with “VinxyJinxy” now and she is doing a lot better. No more mention of those “They” creatures she kept referring to. Although she is doing better, she will no longer be present on social media. Her relatives have requested that no one but, the hospital staff and family know where she is being treated at, as well.

Thank you for your time. We are so sorry about “VinxyJinxy” but, she really is doing a lot better now.