Under The Skin

It was like any normal day in my life.

I was off from work that day and decided I’d take a stroll around the city for the day. Didn’t know what I was going to do, let alone where I was heading. There was a surging pit in my stomach as if something was going to happen within a few moments, hours from now, within the time span of today. Don’t know when, what, or even why; something out of the ordinary, amist the street, people scrambling away from… I don’t know what.

Should I feel fear? Curiosity?


Massive vehicles, like containment trucks, came barreling down the street. Cornering all of us off from going anywhere further from that radius. White cloaked beings exited the vehicles striding towards the panicking people. Confusion mixed with panic swirled in my faint head as one of these people came closer to me. I was in such shock I didn’t notice this person grabbed me. Struggling to fight back, I tried to loosen the hold this person had on me. With no luck as they injected me with a possible sedative, I don’t remember what happened.

I was woken up with a few aggressive shakes, being thrown in a line of other frightened people. They questioned and exclaimed;

“What is this?”

“What’s going on!?”

“Where’s my wife?”

“Please let me go, I have a family. Kids!”

All these white suited people had for answers was heavy breathing behind their marks. I didn’t know what to do. What to say.

One by one; down the line they took large needles to our arms, injecting, god knows what, into our veins. From what I could see, as they shoved this needle into my arm, it looked like s****y margarita mix. I could feel it making its way into my blood stream. A rush went to my head. They continued to shove us, the chosen, into containment in the back of one of their trucks. They kept us separated and locked behind clear plastic or glass. Heavy duty s**t. I quivered in my area, curling up onto the floor. Watching others do the same across the way.

I could feel something from inside me. It felt like an itch. Scratching had no effect. There was no relief. Nothing could stop this creepy crawling feeling. It was right under my skin. It won’t stop.

Oh god. IT WON’T STOP.

I looked down to see my skin shifting and expanding ever so slightly. What the f**k did they do to us?!
I saw the same effects happening to everyone else but… the woman in front of me… changed. Her skin became bloated. She, then, became something else. She wasn’t the same panicking, crying, shivering weak woman that she was a few minutes ago. Her expression showed such anger. She looked like a savage. As if she was a starving homeless person on bath salts. She looked at me, banging against the wall. Screaming. I heard everyone screaming. Changing. Trying to escape.

I must have blacked out. No knowledge on what happened next. I remember waking up on the side of the street. My clothes were mangled. I looked around not knowing where everything went, what happened in between, I didn’t care. I ran.

I found my way to find some family and friends also in a frenzy of panic and confusion. They looked a bit banged up. They were very relieved I was okay and found them. Our reunion was interrupted with a chase. We bolted down the block to try and find a hidden place.


I woke up. It was all a f*****g dream.

  • Sarita Tinsley King


  • Pria Roy Choudhury

    The writer tried to b edgy but failed completely