That Thing

My name is Toko Yu-Myo. My mother Tuto Yu-Myo died when I was five. My father he… he was killed by that-that thing. We were out camping in 1999 (I was around 13 at the time). He went to go get wood and told me to stay there. I stayed there for about 2 minutes then went into the woods looking for my father.

I could hear a static sound it rang in my ears. I fell on to the ground as the static got louder. I got back up trying to make it to my father. He was so close to me yet, he didn’t see me. Something shot around my leg pulling me up into the sky. I kept screaming for my father to help me but, he couldn’t hear me. Soon I was face to face with a “man”. He was tall with a suit and tie. His face was pure white. He pulled me closer and static filled my ears but louder. I could hear words through the static.

His face twisted and cracked as if bones were breaking. His face twisted until a smile was finally on his face. His teeth were sharp and bloody and his voice was deep and loud. He started to stroke my face while I cried. His hands were cold and clammy. He gave me a new shirt and shoes. I stopped crying as his face started twisting again. Now I could see his eyes. His eyes were soft and doughy.

His hand started stroking my face again. His hands were warm and loving. I didn’t understand. He set me down and gave me the shirt and shoes. He walked off and didn’t say goodbye. I got dressed into the shirt and shoes. I then noticed the static came back as I was picked up again. He cleaned his teeth and around his mouth and eyes. He gave me a kiss and told me to look for my father.

My face started to hurt but I had to find my father. I screamed in pain as my face began to twist and I could feel thousands of sharp teeth poke through my gums. My skin was now a gray color . I was crying and my dad found me. I looked up at him with pure anger. He didn’t help me when I screamed for him. I could hear the static again. My hands were cold and clammy with long claws. Dear God what was I? Was I truly a monster?

My father readied his gun and aimed it at me. I ran around him then I saw him. The tall man! I ran to the Slenderman. The static stopped when I was next to him. Others came out of the bushes and trees. A man with a cut smile and white skin, a girl with a clock eye, a dog with a smile and red fur, a clown that only wore black and white!

“Ah this is the girl you were talking about?” said a creature still in the bushes

The man didn’t answer.

The thing leeped out of the bushes. It looked human like and like a naked dog at the same time. The thing sprang towards my father. The thing readied its claws and I jumped out too. We both tore him to shreds. The Slenderman clapped his hands and smiled. The man with the cut smile laughed so did the clown.

“Ah my name is the Rake.”

I looked at him in awe as I followed them into a hole. Their beds were made of straw and the tables were made of logs, the bathrooms were outside. A teen came out with blood on her face and in her hair.

“Hey slend.” The girl said

“There is a new addition to the family! Make her feel ‘at home’,”the Slenderman screamed.

Well now you know my story. Now I must kill you. It’s the rules.

  • Tania

    Damn, I love the Creepypasta Family

  • Swotsy

    Well, you sure used a lot of adjectives. Seemed like I was being told how creepy it is, rather than discovering how creepy it Is on my own.

  • Elizabeth

    Umm maybe it’s just me , but it sounds like ummm you are making your own family , I mean don’t get me wrong the plot is pretty good and I like it , I was just curious if that is what you’re really doing x3