Just Clowning Around

Okay, look. I’m only doing this because its been haunting me ever since. My name is Tony, and what I’ve experienced was a nightmare. But that’s probably going too fast, so lets start from the beginning…

I graduated from UCLA with a 4-year college degree. I bought a house and lived in it for at least a year. And as an adult I started working, but I couldn’t find any good jobs. So i went online, to see if there were any good ones there. I found a well paying late night job of being a janitor, paying at least $1,000. Obviously I took the job, because it was $1,000 for “working” late. The next day I went where they told me to arrive at. I then regretted getting hired, because Kyle, the main manager/boss, instantly hired me before I even said a single word. This bothered me because he mentioned that I “didn’t need any special skills, as long as I can handle the night”. Handle the night? What the f**k was he talking about?

Once it was my shift I did the usual. Clean, throw away trash, sh*t like that. Then, near 4:56, I heard a strange noise. I tried to find the source but nothing. So I ignored it. I should have quit my job. I heard giggles, laughter, crashing. I was scared as hell knowing no one else was in the building, and if they were, they wouldn’t be allowed here. So I quickly did my job.

Couple hours later, I heard a music box playing. It was faded and scratchy. I figured that someone was playing a prank with “the new guy”. I called out to them,”Who’s there?” No response, just the music box. I yelled even louder, “WHO’S THERE? SHOW YOURSELF!” I should have ran away then.

A dark shadow appeared out of nowhere. It was tall and slim, unable to see how it looked like because it hid in the shadows. But what I could see were dimly glowing, shaping into a smiley type face. I couldn’t move. Its face was a disturbing smiling, an insane smiling. I stared into his eyes, and he stared at mine. I slowly backed away not leaving the eyes of the figure. I tripped on the mop that I had dropped and landed on my back. When I looked up, the figure was gone. So I ran as fast like I could like a child running to the room after turning off the lights. When I reached outside, I realized my shift ended a couple of minutes ago. I was relieved.

The next day I did research on the building. And sure enough, I found what I was looking for. The building was built in 1984 over some type of amusement park. I searched up the name of the park and went cold when the page loaded. There were murders that had happened with no more information. I couldn’t help but stare at the words:

•”About 5 murdered children, 3 young one, 2 teens, found DEAD and beheaded at the all famous Bellingdale Amusement Park. Locals reported several images of the murderer who…”

What is going on!? Is this all real!? Was what I saw last night a spirit!? Does the business know about this!? Is this what Kyle was talking about, “able to handle the night”!?

All these questions ran through my head. I took a quick hot shower, then went to bed for a quick nap, trying to forget all this. But as usual, I had a nightmare. I was in a dark room with nothing in sight, no lights, no objects. Just me and the dark space.

I woke up finding out that I was late for work. I rushed to work, but questioned even returning to the building.

When the shifts were over I stood at the the front, checking if EVERYONE has checked out. And fortunately, they all did. So this night would be better then! I worked on for 3 hours when I heard an echoed chuckle across the hall. I turned on my flashlight quickly and aimed it at the source. What I saw made me want… to… scream. The figure was no longer a shadow, but a tall and slim clown, like those people on stilts, or whatever there called. But I could tell he had no stilts. It wad laying on the wall like some sort of doll. It was worn out and destroyed, black and white, with a insane mask. And I found out that it wasn’t human, because there was a type of smog coming out of where hands or feet should be. And at the back I saw two men hanging on the ceiling with ropes, dripping blood. And with that blood, there were words behind the clown, made with blood:


I couldn’t move at all. I dropped my flashlight, rolling and moving the light. And when the light hit the large clown doll once again, it was gone. And blood spelled out:


And so I did, running as fast as fast as I could go. I didn’t even bother entering my car. I kept running straight, almost getting run over by cars. When I arrived home, I unlocked the door, opened it, then slammed it closed when I was inside. I turned to find my whole house was trashed, blood spelling out ¤RUN…¤ or ¤LETS PLAY…¤ or ¤HIDE Ń SEEK…¤. I screamed and ran outside, tripping on a hose, running to my neighbors house, Jenny and her husband, Steve. Luckily they weren’t asleep, just watching some movie. When they saw me barge in, clothes torn, sweaty, scratched, on the verge of tears, they were shocked. Jenny called the police and Steve tried to calm me down. The police didn’t take long to arrive. I told them what happened, and they seemed scared, just trying to hide it. I told them about my house being trashed, and so they entered. I stayed at Jenny’s place trying to pull myself together. When I calmed down, I looked outside, finding the officers walking towards their police cars, with tears. But they didn’t go in the cars. Instead they formed a circle-like group, putting their guns on the other ones head. I screamed and Jenny and Steve ran to the window, just in time before the police shot each other, all dead. I was scared and ran to my house again. To see what they found, and sure enough, it was all tidy. No mess. No blood. Just me and the clown devil. Head tilted. Standing. Holding little circus balls. Black and white. Steve stabbed on the ground… Jenny hanging in the kitchen, which I did them a personal favor. Then I spoke to Tony, the janitor…


And that ends my story. I hope you enjoyed this, I know I have… 🙂 And remember, I’m always watching… I’m watching you now as a matter of fact… I see you reading this… So just turn around… Enough clowning around, lets play..¤


~¤Charles The Rag doll  Clown¤

Always Smile 🙂


•Authors Note: This is my first story, so I still don’t understand much of what to do and what are the guidelines and stuff like that. The story was based on something that I dreamed, in a black and white room trapped with Charles, the clown mentioned in the story. His voice is a bit distorted, or however you spell it. And he tells me, “¤Bring Me To Your World…¤”, and he treated me as a friend. I wouldn’t call it much of a nightmare, but it did scare me for a while. Anyways, I apologize in advance for any mistakes and errors in this story. 🙁

  • Bryan Nelson

    So… The ending. You said “I did them a favor” was that him the whole time killing these people? I’m unsure of the ending. I was a bit confused

    • BloodFang

      Sorry for the confusion. Yes the ending was a bit odd but it was Charles The entire time telling the story. Don’t be mad or annoyed of this story. FIRST TIME!

      • Bryan Nelson

        You’re good man. Just wanted clarification. The 🙂

  • Fiver

    The pacing of the piece is particularly poor. While there are many things left to be fixed with this piece the biggest issue is definitely the pacing. There is no tension or build up. There is no detail or development. Everything is just thrown at the reader in a rush to get the details down. It ends up a bit confusing at the end as well.

    • BloodFang

      Jeez dude. Calm down, this was a first. Of course there are flaws because I’m not perfect. What about you? Using “advanced” wording to make yourself sound smart and important. All you need now is a FANCY SUIT to finish your “important” appearance. Of course the ending is confusing. I ran out of ideas then. FIRST TIME DUDE! “The pacing of the piece is particularly pope. Theres no build up for the reader”. Like I care of what others think of this.

      Is that a good suggestion to you?

      • Ellpa Elgae

        No offense, but even if it’s your first story, you should at least take a little longer and maybe write a rough draft first so you have a solid idea. I agree that the pacing was wrong, too. Also, if you don’t care what other people think of your story, then I don’t know why you even bother reading the comments. Strange world. Kinda ignorant at times too.

        • BloodFang

          My apologies then.

      • Fiver

        I wrote a simplistic comment on a single problem out of the many present in your story. I used informal diction, not “advanced wording”. This is your first piece and thus likely to be the worse you ever write. You should be most open to feedback here as it is the easiest place to grow and develop as a writer from. It takes time so I made note of only a single issue for you to work with. If you don’t want feedback then don’t share your writing.
        Also no, I’m not by any means perfect, but I do know how to pace my writing, develop characters, build tension, carry out a cohesive plot that makes sense, utilize my vocabulary for better images and flow, and take criticism.

  • BloodFang

    I apologize for the many flaws in this. This was my first CreepyPasta so yeah. Don t judge me. I started running out of ideas throughout the story so… yeah.. Also the emojis were accidentally put there. I used “:” and “)” but it came out as emojis… Oh also.